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  1. Lol. I love fanboys. Listen. I've been playing Eve,(on and off, but still) since 2005. I love Eve, but, no matter how many of you run screaming to it's defense, it's the past. Yes, it's doing ok now. And, if they do what I suggest(Eve 2.0) it could easily surpass DU/SC etc. But stop acting like anyone who DARES to offer CCP/Eve criticism is uninformed
  2. You basically accused us of saying things neither of us said. I understand Eve mechanics just fine. I never said Eve was dead, just that the MODEL Eve currently is using is dead. We're moving on from it. We are, and I hope CCP steps up. But we have DU/SC/ED plus whatever is in the pipeline from other devs, so, it's fine if they don't step up. Good times for gamers
  3. Long-time(though not current) Eve player here. Don't forget that, unlike DU, SC, and, to an extent, ED, Eve ships have no interiors. You point and click to fly, mostly, with some manual acceleration control. So, things are much simpler, which is why they could even THINK of attempting a fleetfight with 6k players. Now, here in DU, there's much more going on, so we won't see fleets that large. Probably ever. Thing is, we won't have to. when dealing with ships with interiors, multicrew, etc, even a 25v25 fleet action will give you the same feeling, and will be MUCH more visually impressive. So, we'll get that experience..and having said THAT, DU has the benefit of better tech and a ground-up approach that supports this kind of thing. And it only gets better from here. This was not available to CCP when they started. They're in a bind. My (unsolicited) advice to CCP: Time for EVE 2.0. A game that matches what SC,DU,ED are doing, and attempts to surpass it, because, we are not going back to the current EVE model. It's dead.
  4. Underground facility, secret location. I want a batcave, and I shall have it
  5. I sincerely wish I'd funded Novaquark instead of funding CIG, real talk. Will happily buy a supporter pack as soon as they come out.
  6. Agree with "hard but not too hard". Actually the devs should run a contest..whichever player can build a space worthy ship and land it on another planet WITHOUT DYING IN A FIRE first..should get a rare BP or something.
  7. o7 Eve bittervet here. I don't think DU will turn into Eve. I'm sure NQ is aware of what could happen, and they'll put in appropriate tools to stop it. Now..that doesn't mean that some people (*cough goons *cough) won't try to grief. But players should also have tools to make them regret it
  8. I just created my account, saying hi, will read all the stickies before I post any questions, thanks
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