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  1. Hey @Anubis-1 und @vertex, ich habe eure Beiträge mal aus dem Sammelthread herausgelöst und einen eigenen Thread daraus erstellt, da wir hier noch kein Thema zum AGG haben und es so auch besser von anderen gefunden wird. So vermeiden wir auch im Sammelthread off Topic zu gehen Sanfte Grüße Mondlicht
  2. @Dubble welcome to the forums - glad to see the guest status vanish. By private message I refer to the private message system here on the forums. I'll send you one to discover it and ask any other non-thread related questions you might have on the forum software, moderation or other stuff aimed at me directly There have been some answers regarding EULA interpretation as regarding the out of game/character experience. Maybe you want to share your take on this - does it make sense to you or would a change to better reflect this improve the situation?
  3. Hallo Noveans, da ich hier ein paar Leute sehe, welche Server Updates aus Discord ins Forum holen (zuletzt @Helrym, danke dafür) oder den Server Status anfragen, greife ich hiermit vorübergehend der Entwicklung vor und möchte einen angepinnten Thread zur Verfügung stellen, welchen ihr zum Übernehmen der Meldungen des #announcements Channel im Discord nutzen und so anderen Spielern helfen könnt. Diskussionen, Off-Topic Kommentare und doppelte Meldungen werde ich hier regelmäßig ausblenden, damit sich der Status "Neuer Kommentar!" für diesen Thread möglichst immer nur auf einen neuen Status bezieht. Eine Übersetzung der Statusmeldungen ins Deutsche ist dabei völlig optional - könnt ihr machen, muss aber niemand. Einfach die Discord Nachrichten im folgenden Format kopieren und mit Ctrl+Shift+V (Shift entfernt dabei die Formatierung) hier als Zitat einfügen: Falls sich einige von euch euch dazu entscheiden mitzuhelfen, möchte ich alle anderen herzlich dazu einladen ab und an mal auf das Herzchen zu klicken, um die Helfer motiviert zu halten Danke, viel Spaß und mit sanften Grüßen Mondlicht
  4. Indeed, I think I do follow the guidelines, rules and at least always try to correctly grasp their intent and act accordingly. However, I don't consult NQ on most decisions I make - if I did they could do the moderation themselves as I would just be a relay and not helping at all. Do you follow the rules and accept their intentions too tho? Regular members/players are required to follow the rules and not act against the provider's intent just as well, hence I don't feel like that's a valid argument for or against anything. Your statement almost reads as if you'd imply that this separates me from regular members and by that it could mean you don't consider yourself bound by the rules in place. If that's the case it would not be a wise thing to say to a moderator who is the main instance of achieving the opposite in order to keep this forum a place where everyone feels empowered to have an open and friendly discussion. The last part of the previous sentence is a direct quote from the first statement in the forum rules and part of the intent that you seem to question. Again a violation of our forum rules - see section V, which I explicitly pointed to in my previous comment. Actually there's a chance that my previous as well as this comment might be seen as acting against company guidelines, rules and intent - I did not request authorization to do this in public and it's usually not how things are done, so if you like to take your chances with section V: now would be a good time. However, since you keep spamming your agenda across several threads (yet again, spamming as well as something close to cross-posting also being violations of section III) I've decided to take this public stance and maybe help others to understand how my decisions are made and things are handled by me, basically giving you the tools to have me spanked or even taken out in case I'm wrong. After all communication is one of the most criticized things and I'm doing my part in what I feel is best to take this community's wishes into account. I don't really need to provide proof in public and I've given you the chance to dispute this in private by sending you a direct message to which you didn't reply. But since I'm already out here I will honor your request and just point at your message from which I'm quoting as most relevant proof in this context. This thread's topic is "Mistakes made in the Code of Conduct" and disputing moderation got nothing to do with that - it is 100% off topic and not only in violation of the forum rules section V, as said above, but section III point 1 as well. The same is true for the comment you made before that (edit: the one you made 18 hours ago, not the first of the next double-post). To remind you of its content: among other non-constructive things you offered your personal guarantee that this thread will be locked (which so far is up to me) and you provided a list of alleged preferences regarding entities that I doubt you know well enough to know their preferences - all of which doesn't have anything to do with the optimization of the "Code of Conduct" and therefore is considered off topic by me. So yes, usually I follow the forum rules by the letter, tho right now I'm pretty much in open waters myself. If you disagree with my interpretation of the rules, the actions I take or my decision to make an exception here, please see section V. If you disagree with the rules in place you can make a new thread (as the topic starter did regarding the "Code of Conduct" on this thread, which you repeatedly tried to hijack for your own agenda) and provide a constructive statement about how you think the rules should be improved. If you fail to do this within the rules in place you become subject to moderation, as is evident by the situation we are in right now. If however you refuse to follow the forum rules I'd ask you to refrain from posting in the first place, otherwise I'll have you seen out. My "threats" ain't subtle at all, I just keep it polite and rational while trying to stay neutral regarding involved opinions as long as they're expressed properly. Still, I'm just human too and sometimes try to help by giving my personal take on things, never knowing exactly if I got it right or if NQ fully approves since distribution of responsibilities is rather strict and I'm not involved in matters outside of forum moderation. Yes, the way I know them I actually do. The decision to do this here in public is all up to me and that is probably the reason why the forum rules section V exists. Moderators are there to help ease the weight on CMs' shoulders and it's always possible that a moderator makes a mistake - after all I'm just interpreting guidelines, rules and intent myself and again, being human, it is not guaranteed that I'm without any flaw - or any other member, moderator or employee for that matter. I feel rather sorry that you seem to rule out objectivity on NQ's side regarding section V and I'm not sure how I could possibly change that assertion of yours or find an organizational structure to suggest that ensures that players are represented on the evaluation of such a report. Actually since I am just a player and volunteer on the moderator role, I basically consider myself being part of that representation of the player base. If you take the fact, that I might have been chosen for having the well-being of the community and this project at heart, as reason not to trust me for being a "henchman", I admit I don't know how to help with that issue. In that case all I can refer to are the forum rules that clearly state to "abide by moderators and Novaquark employee’s instructions" and I'm instructing you to follow the rules as I laid them out, or take this incident to forum@novaquark.com as advised in section V. This project is a joint effort which started with a Kickstarter campaign and there are many members in this community who are really awesome in helping this project along by being constructive and even if they disagree they raise their voices in a polite and courteous manner, either here on the forums or they approach our Community Managers directly. Sadly none of this I stumbled upon on your history so far, which I presume will get you removed from the member roster eventually. As said above my "threats" aren't that subtle at all - I've addressed you two times in threads as well as sent you a private message. You're right in one regard - I'm here to uphold and enforce the rules of this forum, which are publicly available and linked by me quite often. If something about moderation is unclear everyone is welcome to approach me directly to inquire about it - for example if a thread vanishes and they don't know why. I don't see it as censorship since I don't have any reason to hide something because of opposition. I hide individual threads based on the initial post's conformity with the forum rules. Same goes for individual comments in the stream and sometimes some comments that refer to a hidden comment vanish too - and if there are too many violations on a thread that's still valuable or counts towards contemporary history, I lock the thread if I feel everything has been said and/or the rule violations outweigh its constructive value. Please take note that this is my final statement on this thread. I've let myself be dragged into this off-topic dispute based on a gut call since you don't seem to respond to the direct approach. In my opinion I've just laid the situation out exhaustively and don't intend to let this excursion proceed to further carry this thread off-topic. You're welcome to continue this in private or report me directly if you like, but I will hide any further deviation from this thread's original topic. @dumpeet your comment just came in - please consider yourself addressed by this as well. To everyone who came here to pursue the original topic and has been annoyed by this excursion: my apologies. I'll do my best to make sure that there won't be any further distractions from the topic at hand Sincerely Mondlicht ps In case anyone wonders why I didn't address the "PPS" made by carijay766: that's because it wasn't there by the time of my reply. While you're editing there should be a notification when others reply to a thread - please don't make significant changes to your posting's contents after other members already replied, as this will make the following comments appear in a different context.
  5. Hey @carijay766 Locking threads is a moderator's decision and in most cases not made by NQ. We do this when members fail to keep it civil, friendly and constructive. Example: if this thread would be locked, your comment would be on the list of reasons for that lock - it's completely off-topic and can be considered trolling and flaming. Please respect the original author's intent for the thread, which is to help improve things - not to spit at your host's feet. Furthermore please refrain from proclaiming about our, the moderators team's, or NQ's preferences. I for one love pizza, moonlight and friendly discussions. Not only is your comment in violation with our Forum Rules, the statements it contains are wrong too. Since I just @mentioned you in one of the other two recently locked threads, where your comments were one of the many reasons I locked those, I begin to wonder about your motivation to partake in this community. If it's merely to troll and flame I'd strongly suggest you to reconsider. Respect the rules, turn the aggression down and politeness and constructivity up. Thanks. In case you want to dispute how moderation is done: take a look at the forum rules as they contain a paragraph at the end about where to send such reports. @Guest Dubble As there has been enough off-topic I want to add something of value: Reading this I'd think that Starfire maybe meant that you could send a private message to one of our Community Managers like @NQ-Naerais. Since forum members can't really solve this here (and I can't send private messages to guests) in fact yes, I considered to just give this statement and lock right away, since the path this would take given current situation was rather obvious - but I thought it could just as well become a topic where members get constructive and come up with suggestions on how to improve the paragraphs you address or add more observations about where documents are lacking in a positive and constructive way. Maybe a bit optimistic, I admit, but you know they say hope dies last Mellow greetings Mondlicht ps @blazemonger your post came in while I was still typing. Thanks for taking it back on topic - my words above clearly didn't take your comment into account. Hope paid off
  6. Hey folks, thank you all for your input. There's nothing wrong with having a debate, but the fronts have hardened and I don't think the opposing sides will come to an agreement any time soon. To not let it be lost in the stream I'll link the follow-up statement by @NQ-Naerais one more time for others to find and after that I'm going to lock this thread. As I see it this settles the matter. There have been complaints in the past that the rules are not being enforced properly and I've seen many fights about rule interpretation too. I even entered those discussions on occasion and shared my personal point of view - especially regarding the advice to take a "better safe than sorry" stance - and those comments of mine have been on top of official clarifications and announcements. That we have two strongly opposing sides in this argument is not new and didn't come with the Market 15 incident. I hope that as things become clearer and more streamlined, most of you will find a way to get comfortable with the rules in place. Let's move on, continue to enjoy the game and build Dual Universe. Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  7. Hey folks, I've just been a bit trigger happy and hid the nice words about moderation being trigger happy and staff's life quality insults. Just as a reminder: if people want to report me or any other moderator and do so here on the forums, it's rather apparent they haven't read the rules or forgot about them. Regarding the attack by @carijay766 on @Moosegun as well as the following engagement I've decided to close this thread since it's too much trouble to clean up and apart from pointless fighting I don't think there's anything of value here anyways. In case you disagree: please see above. Sincerely Mondlicht
  8. @Cytoxx thanks to you too for the edit and you're welcome. As mentioned above: feel free to contact me directly next time. But having this here (in this case) ain't too bad since I got here rather early for a change, so it might even guide others @LouHodo yeah, I admit I struggled a bit pondering what your intent was. Sarcasm can obscure that - even now with your clarification, for a short while, I wasn't sure if the use of sarcasm was meant as provocation or just advice to trust a moderator's decisions. In case of the latter: thanks! And if you want to help even more I think it would be good to either keep the level of sarcasm down a bit or add a nicely phrased explanation in addition, so the other party has an easier time to relate and see your point. That other party being me in this case - not speaking for Cytoxx - as it was me who was a bit puzzled by that
  9. This is correct. The reason for the delay is that it's currently a bit hard to keep up - some people don't seem to have read the forum rules and working through reports takes its time. The forum rules can be found here: Excerpt This is the most relevant forum rule and reason why that thread was hidden. @Cytoxx please remove the link and title-quote from your original message - thanks! The only two things to do with exploits are 1. report them to NQ and 2. avoid using them. I'd like point out this recent announcement by @NQ-Naerais A bug or exploit does not need to be listed there in order to be prosecuted if used, so I'd strongly advise to always report at support.dualthegame.com if there is any doubt. I'm not familiar with the development schedule, but I'd think that every issue gets tracked, assigned a priority and will be taken care of as soon as possible. If the support is delayed or the issue doesn't get fixed within a day, a week or even a month it doesn't invalidate the forum rule posted above: promoting exploits is prohibited. As posted by @NQ-Naerais: exploiting is prohibited as well. I'm not a GM or CM, but as it's hard to keep up with the frequency of forum rule violations, I imagine it might just be as time consuming to keep up with in-game rule violations - so I'd personally advise to not mistake it as okay or not prosecuted to use an exploit, just because there's no notice or sanction shortly after. Analog to this I too have my todo list for threads and members to address/sanction for spamming, trolling (provoking), flaming (insulting, attacking), profanity and so on. Meaning: better not let yourself be inspired by other's violations If it's just one answer on a thread the moderation team would just hide that one answer. But if others already quoted and commented it can get very difficult to clean up. If it's too difficult or the original posting already violates the forum rules (which can't be cleaned up either) the according thread will be hidden entirely. Sorry for the resulting inconvenience - in order to avoid it I suggest to just report clear violations of the forum rules and not engage the violation on such a thread. If there's a valuable discussion to be had in line with the rules it's always an option to open up a new thread for this. But as thread starter be mindful that if it's a sensitive topic it can easily get out of hand and might be treated as mentioned above - so it's in the interest of everyone who wants to have a friendly and open discussion, to not engage to provocation, but just report the according comment and keep it calm and polite otherwise. Thanks! @LouHodo no, he just wasn't sure why that thread was gone and made a suggestion for improvement. Your posting reads as if you think this was wrong, but please try to see the positive side of it and keep it constructive, as I take the positive from your posting and agree that issues with moderation should be taken to moderators and not discussed directly on the forums. Two reason for this are that 1. the moderation staff can miss such topics while 2. members on their own can't answer the question "Why?" or solve issues or change how moderation is done without talking to us, the moderators. Next time something vanishes and it's unclear why, please just send a private message to me and I'll look into it to provide an answer Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  10. Hey folks This topic is generally a bit difficult as it crosses multiple domains, so let's take it apart. On the Beta Key trade I don't have exactly matching resources, but I remember the thread Player Recruitment & Advertisement: dos and don'ts, where Beta Keys are being addressed when gifted to others as recruitment incentive. True, that's not the same as selling them, but expecting someone to hold up his end of a bargain by joining your organization after receiving a Beta Key can be seen as a "contract" too and it's been made clear that giving away your keys is your own responsibility: Of course regarding the above I'm not speaking for NQ and you're free to raise a ticket about this. It's just my personal expectation that the result will be something similar to the above. It's not pretty and I'm very sorry for your loss. But consider if it was real life and you had given the money in person to someone in a bar - you probably wouldn't expect the bartender to go after the scammer, as he's got no authority to prosecute criminals. So if I'd treat this as "real life crime" I'd say it's not NQ who should prosecute this - and if I treat this as in-game scam then it brings me to my next paragraph. On the game side of things we're traveling quickly into role play, where not only deals/trade and co-operation take place, but you can also find spying, scams, theft and other nasty deeds. Hence I could treat this thread as part of role play. The game provides the trade window where players can check that they receive all the things both parties agreed on. With this you're pretty safe when closing deals. But if you decide to trade things that are not visible in the trade window, you decide to base your business on trusting your trade partner and it might turn out that your trust has been misplaced with some individuals. As scams in game are part of role play, I wouldn't expect prosecution by NQ either unless rules were broken, like exploiting a bug or any of the other rules - tho personally I don't think that applies here. But that's stuff for CMs to talk about - not my expertise as forum moderator, which brings me to my final consideration. On the forum side of things, I could treat this whole thread as violation of section III, which reads: Tho I feel that would solely play into the hands of scammers and personally I think there should be a way for both sides to act and react. I've seen a bounty in the past posted by another member and had to make a similar call to treat it as naming and shaming or as part of role play - I decided on the latter. I'm going to apply that to this thread too, but I want to make it clear that stuff like this can quickly cross the verge and represent a violation of our forum rules. To avoid this I ask everyone in such a situation to keep it on the role play side when taking it to the forums. Generally speaking: if you've been the victim to an in-game scam and freely traded your in-game assets to another player who then didn't hold up to his end of the bargain (whatever it may have been), you've experienced an unfortunate in-game scam and should only seek retribution in game too. If you decide to prosecute this outside of the game, these forums are not the right place to do so by calling that player out and thereby violate the forum rules Since this forum serves as part of game related communication, it's generally ok to use it to organize in-game retributions like posting bounties or asking for in-game help. However, on the General Discussions section it's a bit misplaced and not exactly clear, but we don't have a better section right now and I'll tolerate it here. Still, I ask everyone to keep this in mind: stick to the role play side and avoid a violation of the rule quoted above. I do hope to see a dedicated section in the future that makes it clear when it's about in-game retribution and role play One final request: please don't use my posting to silence others in an aggressive manner. Not referring to this thread, but I've seen some people talking in a fashion like "NQ said it's ok, so stop whining!" or even worse - which is not ok. Try to feel for others, help them out if you can, but at least advise instead of telling them off. Don't just try to shut them up and don't provoke or laugh at them - stuff like this happens to the best and we need not throw salt into open wounds. Always remember the first sentence of the forum rules: we want this to be a place where everyone feels empowered to have an open and friendly discussion Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  11. Thank you for that clarification - in context that nuance slipped past me. When you addressed joao and questioned his social abilities directly, it seems to have biased me a bit towards interpreting the rest as criticism of his character. After that I've read "I wouldn't make such a stupid assumption" as if you were referring to his opinion/assumption about "most ppl playing MMOs". Sincerely sorry for calling that out, but at the same time I'm a bit happy I did too, because this gave the chance to make it perfectly clear. Reading again with your additional statement your comment comes across less aggressive and takes a bit off the edge in the sentence before that. Still a bit fierce, but I guess not enough to be called out like that. Well, he said "most ppl" and not "anyone doing x" - a small but significant difference as well. But yes, it's not ok to storm into a biker's bar and announce something negative starting with "Most bikers..." either, as too many might feel addressed and provoked by this. When doing something like this one should at least start with "In my opinion..." or provide some statistic to back up the claim. Even better to replace "most" with "many" or if not provable "some" at best, just to make it less bold and keep it humble, which always sits better on the receiving end and takes them into maybe fruitful consideration instead of defense. However, choice of words ain't always perfect (especially since many of us don't have English as their native language) and the receiver might make a mistake too - as seen above that doesn't exclude me either. So by default I'd prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, as I should have doubted my initial interpretation of your posting when writing that small foreword above my wall of text Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  12. Hey folks, first of all: don't tell others their statement is "bullshit" or that their assumption is "stupid" - this doesn't help anyone. Keep it nice and let the other party know that you disagree with them in a polite way. Thanks! Now on topic All I can tell you so far is that a formal policy will follow soon. I don't speak for NQ now, but I want to help evaluate the situation for the time being. It's a bit of a long read, but there will be a short version at the end - don't jump there if you don't want any spoilers As I see it there is a very basic concept to consider. First of all there's the question of what we do know and what we don't. Next how to make an educated guess about things we do not know for sure just yet. Since @NQ-Naerais gave a very clear statement about the "zero tolerance policy towards cheating and exploiting" in that previously linked announcement, I think it would be a good idea to start with the definition of exploits, because I don't see this provided by NQ yet. In case I just missed it, please point me towards it - thanks in advance. In order to make an educated guess about what might or might not be considered an exploit I'll just use the first reference that comes to mind: Wikipedia article "Video game exploit" And I quote the first sentence: I don't know if NQ shares this exact definition, but I think it's good enough for this evaluation. Now that we got this covered it leads us to the next question: What is the intent of the game's designer here? Having read this thread I think everyone agrees that the intent of the maneuver permission on own tiles is to enable landowners to move all constructs out of the way that are parked on their tile. So far so easy. Where people seem to disagree is on the question if this permission is intended to allow docking such constructs in order to take them away far outside the boundaries of the maneuver tool and the owned tile(s) on or for which the permission has been granted in the first place. But there's a problem - I can't find a Wikipedia article about NQ's intent regarding this. So if we want to proceed to evaluate the situation before that formal policy is released we have to find a different approach. Again, having read this thread I took note about your opinions and while some aren't exactly clear, I found that 4 people are in favor of this being intended/allowed, while 11 people oppose that assessment/opinion. Further I found 1 "probably in favor" and 3 "probably against" as well as 2 more people against it who added some constraints like "stealing in general would be cool, but not like this" or "against it but don't think it's an exploit". Don't confuse these numbers with a vote tho - it's just an observation and I don't even guarantee that I got everything right So this is just a very rough approximation, but to sum it up: 5 people think it's more or less ok 16 people think it's not ok Now I could try to make an educated guess based on this and say that the landowner's maneuver permission is probably not intended to be used for docking. That right to maneuver is probably just intended to be used to maneuver constructs off the landowners claimed tile in order to solve another issue and nothing else. So just based on your comments here the probability for this being an exploit is rather high. Granted, it's always hard to guess someone's intent and to base this on the opinions of players instead of Novaquark employees further dilutes the accuracy of this speculation. But if we include the possibility that NQ might take players' feedback into their considerations, it counteracts this dilution a bit. I can't tell you what is going to happen or what that formal policy is going to say, but personally I'd like to strongly advise against using this mechanic to dock and abduct for the time being. At the very best I think it's dangerous to do it - especially since there is a certain level of awareness that there's a good chance it will actually be considered an exploit and it may be hard to claim "But I didn't know!" - pure speculation on my part tho and just meant to convey why I think it's a dangerous path to follow. If you remember the aforementioned "zero tolerance policy" regarding exploits, at least I wouldn't want to take that chance even if I rounded the numbers down to "only" 3 to 1 against me. Or if I move the "3 probably against" from the original numbers towards the "in favor" side it still results in 13 to 8 against and I wouldn't bet my access on odds like these. But it's your account and your own risk to take if you decide to go for it anyways - after all, as moderator, as said repeatedly, I don't speak for NQ regarding game-related things. So much for the evaluation. My guess is as good as yours, but if I may further add my own opinion/guess: since construct owners have to deliberately grant the "maneuver construct" permission using the RDMS, it's clear that it's not meant to be granted to enemies. I see the fact that this permission is being granted to landowners as an exception that's solely meant to solve an actual issue and for nothing else. I think it's meant to enable landowners to help them keep their land usable and this permission should not transpire outside the owner's land in any form. That should exclude the option to use it to dock constructs to your own if not granted explicitly through the RDMS by the owner of the parked construct. You remember the "EVE doesn't give you a warning" sentiment on this thread, which was countered by "this isn't EVE"? Just consider that DU gives everyone a distance indication as soon as they approach or leave the PVP Zone. Players flying towards a planet get a notification that reads something along the lines of "You have entered the Safe Zone". Again, not speaking for NQ, but I think planet surfaces so far are "intended to become unsafe" once territorial warfare gets introduced - not before. I think attacking from non-pvp space into pvp space is clearly not ok, but the only thing I actually know is that a formal policy will follow soon. Again, until then I just recommend to think twice about how sure you are regarding the developer's intend. When you confirmed the existence of a "possible exploit" and there's any doubt if this is intended, the safest route to take is: make a report and get permission first before you use it. In that case you will always have the report on your side for the first time you did it, if it remains the only time you did it. This is just in case if it will actually be considered an exploit that you just discovered. I think exploits don't need to be specifically listed in order to be punished, because you can't list anything that has not been discovered yet Here's the promised short version. The whole essay above boils down to: Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  13. Hey Pseudolukian, zuerst mal Entschuldigung für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Ohne den Inhalt deiner Tickets zu kennen stimme ich zu, dass die Antwortzeiten aktuell sehr hoch sind, was verständlicher Weise zu Frustration führen kann. Ein bis drei Monate ist eigentlich nicht üblich oder repräsentativ. Allerdings muss ich gleich als nächstes darauf hinweisen, dass dies keinen Grund darstellt ausfallend zu werden. Beleidigungen und Provokation sind in diesem Forum nicht gestattet. Bitte sieh dies als Erinnerung an unsere Forenregeln: Zum Thema Patches am Samstag kann man entweder als schlechte Entscheidung einstufen, oder man könnte wertschätzen, dass das Team sogar am Wochenende durcharbeitet. Was zu deinen aktuellen Performanceproblemen führt kann ich als Moderator leider nicht beantworten, habe dieses Problem persönlich nicht im Spiel und gehe davon aus, dass es entweder schon wieder besser ist, oder nur einen Teil der Spieler betrifft. Englisch ist bei den Tickets auf jeden Fall kein Problem. Sogar hier im Forum sind die französischen und deutschen Kategorien nur kleinere Bereiche, während der Großteil der Kommunikation auf Englisch stattfindet. Ich hoffe nur, dass dein obiger Beitrag kein Indikator für den Tonfall der Tickets ist Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob deine letzte Zeile tatsächlich bedeutet, dass sich deine Fragen erübrigt haben, oder ob ich diese als unnötigen Sarkasmus einstufen sollte. Auf jeden Fall ist das Forum kein Ort um Novaquark-Mitarbeiter anzugreifen und zum Duell herauszufordern. Besonders da wir jetzt einen deutschen CM haben würde ich empfehlen dich mit akuten Problemen an @NQ-Nudbrokk zu wenden. Die anderen Spieler hier im Forum können nicht beim Service-Team nachforschen, ob da vielleicht etwas verloren gegangen ist, oder warum deine Tickets noch länger als aktuell üblich ohne Antwort bleiben. Falls du ihn kontaktierst sende ihm bitte gleich die entsprechenden Ticket-Nummern mit Wenn die Tickets bereits bis zu 3 Monate alt sind, dann beziehen sie sich wohl zumindest teilweise noch auf die Alpha. Seit dem ist eine Menge passiert und sich an einen CM zu wenden um herauszufinden, wo diese verschollen sind, ist meiner Meinung nach der beste Ansatz. Da dieser Thread bereits mit Regelverstößen startete und eine Diskussion an dieser Stelle auch nicht bei der Bearbeitung von Tickets oder bei der Lösung von Problemen mit unserem Support-Team helfen würde, werde ich ihn an dieser Stelle schließen. Konstruktive und freundliche Kritik nehme ich gerne via Privatnachricht entgegen. Davon abgesehen bitte ich noch mal um Nachsicht für unser Support-Team. Es wird bereits daran gearbeitet die Situation zu verbessern, was jedoch auch seine Zeit braucht. Aufrichtige Grüße Mondlicht
  14. No, I think the preview box is not a perfect fit to its content and logos in it seem to be quite a bit smaller, but I don't know for certain. Your preview looks pretty ok I think. Try to save the changes and see if it fills the org icon in the top list. I didn't do that much - just like CptLoRes suggested, I removed some of the overhead. If you search for "compare text online" you can find some sites that let you find the differences between texts. In short, I removed the following: the doctype <?xml ... ?> the attributes xmlns, xmlns:xlink, width, height and version from the <svg> tag the grouping tags <g...> and </g> Not sure if all of it was necessary for the fix, but these are rather non-important things that the shape can do without Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  15. Hey itsmeB3AR, thanks for the code. You may want to try this <svg viewBox="0 0 320 256"> <rect x="0" y="0" width="320" height="256" style="fill:rgb(85.098039%,85.098039%,84.705882%);fill-opacity:1;stroke:none;"/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(0%,0%,0%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 122.632812 76.871094 L 160.003906 119.011719 L 197.378906 76.871094 L 224.710938 76.871094 L 160.003906 149.832031 L 95.296875 76.871094 L 122.632812 76.871094 "/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(0%,0%,0%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 216.816406 98.050781 L 235.601562 76.875 L 262.933594 76.875 L 244.152344 98.050781 L 216.816406 98.050781 "/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(0%,0%,0%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 103.191406 98.050781 L 84.410156 76.875 L 57.074219 76.875 L 75.855469 98.050781 L 103.191406 98.050781 "/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(100%,56.862745%,30.196078%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 200.027344 116.980469 L 210.726562 104.921875 L 226.292969 104.921875 L 215.59375 116.980469 L 200.027344 116.980469 "/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(100%,56.862745%,30.196078%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 119.976562 116.980469 L 109.28125 104.921875 L 93.714844 104.921875 L 104.410156 116.980469 L 119.976562 116.980469 "/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(100%,56.862745%,30.196078%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 178.785156 85.234375 L 160.003906 106.414062 L 141.222656 85.234375 Z M 178.785156 85.234375 "/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:nonzero;fill:rgb(1.568627%,1.176471%,2.745098%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 43.527344 165.832031 L 39.804688 156.175781 L 41.285156 156.175781 L 44.289062 164.125 L 47.296875 156.175781 L 48.769531 156.175781 L 45.046875 165.832031 Z M 57.453125 165.832031 L 50.417969 165.832031 L 50.417969 156.175781 L 57.453125 156.175781 L 57.453125 157.5625 L 51.804688 157.5625 L 51.804688 160.316406 L 56.628906 160.316406 L 56.628906 161.699219 L 51.804688 161.699219 L 51.804688 164.453125 L 57.453125 164.453125 Z M 60.902344 165.832031 L 59.523438 165.832031 L 59.523438 156.175781 L 60.902344 156.175781 L 60.902344 160.347656 L 65.503906 156.175781 L 67.449219 156.175781 L 62.230469 160.914062 L 67.660156 165.832031 L 65.714844 165.832031 L 60.902344 161.488281 Z M 71.253906 157.5625 L 68.085938 157.5625 L 68.085938 156.175781 L 75.804688 156.175781 L 75.804688 157.5625 L 72.632812 157.5625 L 72.632812 165.832031 L 71.253906 165.832031 Z M 77.457031 164.453125 L 77.457031 157.5625 C 77.457031 157.371094 77.492188 157.191406 77.566406 157.023438 C 77.636719 156.855469 77.738281 156.710938 77.863281 156.585938 C 77.988281 156.464844 78.136719 156.367188 78.304688 156.289062 C 78.472656 156.214844 78.652344 156.175781 78.839844 156.175781 L 84.351562 156.175781 C 84.539062 156.175781 84.71875 156.214844 84.886719 156.289062 C 85.054688 156.367188 85.203125 156.464844 85.328125 156.585938 C 85.453125 156.710938 85.554688 156.855469 85.625 157.023438 C 85.699219 157.191406 85.734375 157.371094 85.734375 157.5625 L 85.734375 164.453125 C 85.734375 164.640625 85.699219 164.816406 85.625 164.984375 C 85.554688 165.15625 85.453125 165.304688 85.328125 165.429688 C 85.203125 165.550781 85.054688 165.652344 84.886719 165.722656 C 84.71875 165.796875 84.539062 165.832031 84.351562 165.832031 L 78.839844 165.832031 C 78.652344 165.832031 78.472656 165.796875 78.304688 165.722656 C 78.136719 165.652344 77.988281 165.550781 77.863281 165.429688 C 77.738281 165.304688 77.636719 165.15625 77.566406 164.984375 C 77.492188 164.816406 77.457031 164.640625 77.457031 164.453125 Z M 78.839844 157.5625 L 78.839844 164.453125 L 84.351562 164.453125 L 84.351562 157.5625 Z M 89.589844 165.832031 L 88.210938 165.832031 L 88.210938 156.175781 L 93.492188 156.175781 C 95.054688 156.175781 95.835938 156.960938 95.835938 158.53125 L 95.835938 159.625 C 95.835938 160.972656 95.261719 161.742188 94.113281 161.925781 L 95.929688 165.832031 L 94.402344 165.832031 L 92.613281 161.976562 L 89.589844 161.976562 Z M 89.589844 157.5625 L 89.589844 160.59375 L 93.417969 160.59375 C 93.785156 160.59375 94.050781 160.511719 94.210938 160.351562 C 94.375 160.191406 94.457031 159.925781 94.457031 159.558594 L 94.457031 158.59375 C 94.457031 158.226562 94.375 157.960938 94.210938 157.800781 C 94.050781 157.640625 93.785156 157.5625 93.417969 157.5625 Z M 102.820312 165.832031 L 101.445312 165.832031 L 105.164062 156.175781 L 106.542969 156.175781 L 110.265625 165.832031 L 108.886719 165.832031 L 108.03125 163.613281 L 103.679688 163.613281 Z M 105.859375 157.972656 L 104.199219 162.234375 L 107.5 162.234375 Z M 118.957031 165.832031 L 111.921875 165.832031 L 111.921875 156.175781 L 118.957031 156.175781 L 118.957031 157.5625 L 113.304688 157.5625 L 113.304688 160.316406 L 118.128906 160.316406 L 118.128906 161.699219 L 113.304688 161.699219 L 113.304688 164.453125 L 118.957031 164.453125 Z M 122.402344 165.832031 L 121.023438 165.832031 L 121.023438 156.175781 L 126.304688 156.175781 C 127.867188 156.175781 128.648438 156.960938 128.648438 158.53125 L 128.648438 159.625 C 128.648438 160.972656 128.074219 161.742188 126.925781 161.925781 L 128.742188 165.832031 L 127.214844 165.832031 L 125.425781 161.976562 L 122.402344 161.976562 Z M 122.402344 157.5625 L 122.402344 160.59375 L 126.230469 160.59375 C 126.597656 160.59375 126.863281 160.511719 127.023438 160.351562 C 127.1875 160.191406 127.269531 159.925781 127.269531 159.558594 L 127.269531 158.59375 C 127.269531 158.226562 127.1875 157.960938 127.023438 157.800781 C 126.863281 157.640625 126.597656 157.5625 126.230469 157.5625 Z M 130.949219 164.453125 L 130.949219 157.5625 C 130.949219 157.371094 130.984375 157.191406 131.054688 157.023438 C 131.128906 156.855469 131.230469 156.710938 131.355469 156.585938 C 131.480469 156.464844 131.628906 156.367188 131.796875 156.289062 C 131.960938 156.214844 132.140625 156.175781 132.332031 156.175781 L 137.839844 156.175781 C 138.03125 156.175781 138.210938 156.214844 138.378906 156.289062 C 138.542969 156.367188 138.691406 156.464844 138.820312 156.585938 C 138.945312 156.710938 139.042969 156.855469 139.117188 157.023438 C 139.1875 157.191406 139.222656 157.371094 139.222656 157.5625 L 139.222656 164.453125 C 139.222656 164.640625 139.1875 164.816406 139.117188 164.984375 C 139.042969 165.15625 138.945312 165.304688 138.820312 165.429688 C 138.691406 165.550781 138.542969 165.652344 138.378906 165.722656 C 138.210938 165.796875 138.03125 165.832031 137.839844 165.832031 L 132.332031 165.832031 C 132.140625 165.832031 131.960938 165.796875 131.796875 165.722656 C 131.628906 165.652344 131.480469 165.550781 131.355469 165.429688 C 131.230469 165.304688 131.128906 165.15625 131.054688 164.984375 C 130.984375 164.816406 130.949219 164.640625 130.949219 164.453125 Z M 132.332031 157.5625 L 132.332031 164.453125 L 137.839844 164.453125 L 137.839844 157.5625 Z M 141.566406 164.453125 L 141.566406 163.210938 L 142.945312 163.210938 L 142.945312 164.453125 L 147.765625 164.453125 L 147.765625 161.699219 L 143.078125 161.699219 C 142.890625 161.699219 142.714844 161.664062 142.542969 161.589844 C 142.375 161.511719 142.230469 161.414062 142.105469 161.292969 C 141.980469 161.167969 141.882812 161.023438 141.808594 160.855469 C 141.738281 160.6875 141.699219 160.507812 141.699219 160.316406 L 141.699219 157.5625 C 141.699219 157.371094 141.738281 157.191406 141.808594 157.023438 C 141.882812 156.855469 141.980469 156.710938 142.105469 156.585938 C 142.230469 156.464844 142.375 156.367188 142.542969 156.289062 C 142.714844 156.214844 142.890625 156.175781 143.078125 156.175781 L 147.765625 156.175781 C 147.953125 156.175781 148.128906 156.214844 148.296875 156.289062 C 148.46875 156.367188 148.617188 156.464844 148.742188 156.585938 C 148.867188 156.710938 148.964844 156.855469 149.035156 157.023438 C 149.109375 157.191406 149.144531 157.371094 149.144531 157.5625 L 149.144531 158.804688 L 147.765625 158.804688 L 147.765625 157.5625 L 143.078125 157.5625 L 143.078125 160.316406 L 147.765625 160.316406 C 147.953125 160.316406 148.128906 160.355469 148.296875 160.425781 C 148.46875 160.5 148.617188 160.597656 148.742188 160.722656 C 148.867188 160.847656 148.964844 160.996094 149.035156 161.164062 C 149.109375 161.332031 149.144531 161.511719 149.144531 161.699219 L 149.144531 164.453125 C 149.144531 164.640625 149.109375 164.816406 149.035156 164.984375 C 148.964844 165.15625 148.867188 165.304688 148.742188 165.429688 C 148.617188 165.550781 148.46875 165.652344 148.296875 165.722656 C 148.128906 165.796875 147.953125 165.832031 147.765625 165.832031 L 142.945312 165.832031 C 142.753906 165.832031 142.578125 165.796875 142.410156 165.722656 C 142.242188 165.652344 142.097656 165.550781 141.972656 165.429688 C 141.84375 165.304688 141.742188 165.15625 141.671875 164.984375 C 141.601562 164.816406 141.566406 164.640625 141.566406 164.453125 Z M 153.007812 165.832031 L 151.625 165.832031 L 151.625 156.175781 L 156.914062 156.175781 C 158.476562 156.175781 159.257812 156.960938 159.257812 158.53125 L 159.257812 159.902344 C 159.257812 161.46875 158.476562 162.253906 156.914062 162.253906 L 153.007812 162.253906 Z M 153.007812 157.5625 L 153.007812 160.867188 L 156.839844 160.867188 C 157.207031 160.867188 157.472656 160.789062 157.632812 160.628906 C 157.792969 160.46875 157.875 160.203125 157.875 159.835938 L 157.875 158.59375 C 157.875 158.226562 157.792969 157.960938 157.632812 157.800781 C 157.472656 157.640625 157.207031 157.5625 156.839844 157.5625 Z M 160.902344 165.832031 L 159.523438 165.832031 L 163.246094 156.175781 L 164.628906 156.175781 L 168.351562 165.832031 L 166.964844 165.832031 L 166.113281 163.613281 L 161.757812 163.613281 Z M 163.9375 157.972656 L 162.285156 162.234375 L 165.582031 162.234375 Z M 170.003906 164.453125 L 170.003906 157.5625 C 170.003906 157.371094 170.039062 157.191406 170.113281 157.023438 C 170.183594 156.855469 170.28125 156.710938 170.40625 156.585938 C 170.53125 156.464844 170.679688 156.367188 170.847656 156.289062 C 171.015625 156.214844 171.195312 156.175781 171.382812 156.175781 L 176.621094 156.175781 C 176.808594 156.175781 176.988281 156.214844 177.15625 156.289062 C 177.324219 156.367188 177.472656 156.464844 177.59375 156.585938 C 177.71875 156.710938 177.820312 156.855469 177.890625 157.023438 C 177.964844 157.191406 178 157.371094 178 157.5625 L 178 158.804688 L 176.621094 158.804688 L 176.621094 157.5625 L 171.382812 157.5625 L 171.382812 164.453125 L 176.621094 164.453125 L 176.621094 163.210938 L 178 163.210938 L 178 164.453125 C 178 164.640625 177.964844 164.816406 177.890625 164.984375 C 177.820312 165.15625 177.71875 165.304688 177.59375 165.429688 C 177.472656 165.550781 177.324219 165.652344 177.15625 165.722656 C 176.988281 165.796875 176.808594 165.832031 176.621094 165.832031 L 171.382812 165.832031 C 171.195312 165.832031 171.015625 165.796875 170.847656 165.722656 C 170.679688 165.652344 170.53125 165.550781 170.40625 165.429688 C 170.28125 165.304688 170.183594 165.15625 170.113281 164.984375 C 170.039062 164.816406 170.003906 164.640625 170.003906 164.453125 Z M 187.238281 165.832031 L 180.210938 165.832031 L 180.210938 156.175781 L 187.238281 156.175781 L 187.238281 157.5625 L 181.589844 157.5625 L 181.589844 160.316406 L 186.414062 160.316406 L 186.414062 161.699219 L 181.589844 161.699219 L 181.589844 164.453125 L 187.238281 164.453125 Z M 194.820312 165.832031 L 193.4375 165.832031 L 193.4375 156.175781 L 194.820312 156.175781 Z M 198.675781 165.832031 L 197.296875 165.832031 L 197.296875 156.175781 L 198.675781 156.175781 L 204.480469 163.664062 L 204.480469 156.175781 L 205.859375 156.175781 L 205.859375 165.832031 L 204.480469 165.832031 L 198.675781 158.347656 Z M 213.246094 165.832031 L 208.335938 165.832031 L 208.335938 156.175781 L 213.246094 156.175781 C 213.757812 156.175781 214.222656 156.257812 214.636719 156.417969 C 215.054688 156.578125 215.410156 156.804688 215.699219 157.097656 C 215.996094 157.394531 216.222656 157.75 216.386719 158.167969 C 216.542969 158.582031 216.621094 159.046875 216.621094 159.558594 L 216.621094 162.453125 C 216.621094 162.964844 216.542969 163.429688 216.386719 163.847656 C 216.222656 164.265625 215.996094 164.617188 215.699219 164.910156 C 215.410156 165.207031 215.054688 165.433594 214.636719 165.589844 C 214.222656 165.75 213.757812 165.832031 213.246094 165.832031 Z M 209.714844 157.5625 L 209.714844 164.453125 L 213.246094 164.453125 C 213.882812 164.453125 214.378906 164.277344 214.726562 163.929688 C 215.070312 163.585938 215.242188 163.09375 215.242188 162.453125 L 215.242188 159.558594 C 215.242188 159.246094 215.199219 158.964844 215.105469 158.71875 C 215.015625 158.472656 214.886719 158.261719 214.710938 158.085938 C 214.539062 157.914062 214.332031 157.78125 214.085938 157.695312 C 213.835938 157.605469 213.554688 157.5625 213.246094 157.5625 Z M 218.828125 164.453125 L 218.828125 156.175781 L 220.210938 156.175781 L 220.210938 164.453125 L 225.71875 164.453125 L 225.71875 156.175781 L 227.101562 156.175781 L 227.101562 164.453125 C 227.101562 164.640625 227.066406 164.816406 226.996094 164.984375 C 226.921875 165.15625 226.824219 165.304688 226.699219 165.429688 C 226.570312 165.550781 226.421875 165.652344 226.257812 165.722656 C 226.089844 165.796875 225.910156 165.832031 225.71875 165.832031 L 220.210938 165.832031 C 220.019531 165.832031 219.839844 165.796875 219.675781 165.722656 C 219.507812 165.652344 219.359375 165.550781 219.234375 165.429688 C 219.109375 165.304688 219.007812 165.15625 218.9375 164.984375 C 218.863281 164.816406 218.828125 164.640625 218.828125 164.453125 Z M 229.445312 164.453125 L 229.445312 163.210938 L 230.824219 163.210938 L 230.824219 164.453125 L 235.644531 164.453125 L 235.644531 161.699219 L 230.957031 161.699219 C 230.769531 161.699219 230.59375 161.664062 230.421875 161.589844 C 230.253906 161.511719 230.109375 161.414062 229.984375 161.292969 C 229.859375 161.167969 229.761719 161.023438 229.6875 160.855469 C 229.617188 160.6875 229.578125 160.507812 229.578125 160.316406 L 229.578125 157.5625 C 229.578125 157.371094 229.617188 157.191406 229.6875 157.023438 C 229.761719 156.855469 229.859375 156.710938 229.984375 156.585938 C 230.109375 156.464844 230.253906 156.367188 230.421875 156.289062 C 230.59375 156.214844 230.769531 156.175781 230.957031 156.175781 L 235.644531 156.175781 C 235.832031 156.175781 236.007812 156.214844 236.175781 156.289062 C 236.347656 156.367188 236.496094 156.464844 236.621094 156.585938 C 236.746094 156.710938 236.84375 156.855469 236.914062 157.023438 C 236.988281 157.191406 237.023438 157.371094 237.023438 157.5625 L 237.023438 158.804688 L 235.644531 158.804688 L 235.644531 157.5625 L 230.957031 157.5625 L 230.957031 160.316406 L 235.644531 160.316406 C 235.832031 160.316406 236.007812 160.355469 236.175781 160.425781 C 236.347656 160.5 236.496094 160.597656 236.621094 160.722656 C 236.746094 160.847656 236.84375 160.996094 236.914062 161.164062 C 236.988281 161.332031 237.023438 161.511719 237.023438 161.699219 L 237.023438 164.453125 C 237.023438 164.640625 236.988281 164.816406 236.914062 164.984375 C 236.84375 165.15625 236.746094 165.304688 236.621094 165.429688 C 236.496094 165.550781 236.347656 165.652344 236.175781 165.722656 C 236.007812 165.796875 235.832031 165.832031 235.644531 165.832031 L 230.824219 165.832031 C 230.636719 165.832031 230.457031 165.796875 230.289062 165.722656 C 230.121094 165.652344 229.976562 165.550781 229.851562 165.429688 C 229.722656 165.304688 229.621094 165.15625 229.550781 164.984375 C 229.480469 164.816406 229.445312 164.640625 229.445312 164.453125 Z M 241.847656 157.5625 L 238.675781 157.5625 L 238.675781 156.175781 L 246.398438 156.175781 L 246.398438 157.5625 L 243.230469 157.5625 L 243.230469 165.832031 L 241.847656 165.832031 Z M 249.433594 165.832031 L 248.054688 165.832031 L 248.054688 156.175781 L 253.339844 156.175781 C 254.902344 156.175781 255.683594 156.960938 255.683594 158.53125 L 255.683594 159.625 C 255.683594 160.972656 255.109375 161.742188 253.960938 161.925781 L 255.777344 165.832031 L 254.25 165.832031 L 252.457031 161.976562 L 249.433594 161.976562 Z M 249.433594 157.5625 L 249.433594 160.59375 L 253.265625 160.59375 C 253.632812 160.59375 253.898438 160.511719 254.058594 160.351562 C 254.222656 160.191406 254.304688 159.925781 254.304688 159.558594 L 254.304688 158.59375 C 254.304688 158.226562 254.222656 157.960938 254.058594 157.800781 C 253.898438 157.640625 253.632812 157.5625 253.265625 157.5625 Z M 259.363281 165.832031 L 257.980469 165.832031 L 257.980469 156.175781 L 259.363281 156.175781 Z M 268.875 165.832031 L 261.839844 165.832031 L 261.839844 156.175781 L 268.875 156.175781 L 268.875 157.5625 L 263.21875 157.5625 L 263.21875 160.316406 L 268.042969 160.316406 L 268.042969 161.699219 L 263.21875 161.699219 L 263.21875 164.453125 L 268.875 164.453125 Z M 270.804688 164.453125 L 270.804688 163.210938 L 272.183594 163.210938 L 272.183594 164.453125 L 277.003906 164.453125 L 277.003906 161.699219 L 272.324219 161.699219 C 272.132812 161.699219 271.953125 161.664062 271.785156 161.589844 C 271.617188 161.511719 271.472656 161.414062 271.34375 161.292969 C 271.21875 161.167969 271.121094 161.023438 271.046875 160.855469 C 270.976562 160.6875 270.9375 160.507812 270.9375 160.316406 L 270.9375 157.5625 C 270.9375 157.371094 270.976562 157.191406 271.046875 157.023438 C 271.121094 156.855469 271.21875 156.710938 271.34375 156.585938 C 271.472656 156.464844 271.617188 156.367188 271.785156 156.289062 C 271.953125 156.214844 272.132812 156.175781 272.324219 156.175781 L 277.003906 156.175781 C 277.195312 156.175781 277.375 156.214844 277.542969 156.289062 C 277.707031 156.367188 277.855469 156.464844 277.980469 156.585938 C 278.109375 156.710938 278.207031 156.855469 278.273438 157.023438 C 278.347656 157.191406 278.382812 157.371094 278.382812 157.5625 L 278.382812 158.804688 L 277.003906 158.804688 L 277.003906 157.5625 L 272.324219 157.5625 L 272.324219 160.316406 L 277.003906 160.316406 C 277.195312 160.316406 277.375 160.355469 277.542969 160.425781 C 277.707031 160.5 277.855469 160.597656 277.980469 160.722656 C 278.109375 160.847656 278.207031 160.996094 278.273438 161.164062 C 278.347656 161.332031 278.382812 161.511719 278.382812 161.699219 L 278.382812 164.453125 C 278.382812 164.640625 278.347656 164.816406 278.273438 164.984375 C 278.207031 165.15625 278.109375 165.304688 277.980469 165.429688 C 277.855469 165.550781 277.707031 165.652344 277.542969 165.722656 C 277.375 165.796875 277.195312 165.832031 277.003906 165.832031 L 272.183594 165.832031 C 271.996094 165.832031 271.820312 165.796875 271.648438 165.722656 C 271.480469 165.652344 271.335938 165.550781 271.210938 165.429688 C 271.085938 165.304688 270.988281 165.15625 270.914062 164.984375 C 270.84375 164.816406 270.804688 164.640625 270.804688 164.453125 Z M 270.804688 164.453125 "/> </svg> Hope it works Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  16. Aber jetzt bitte nicht in einem Thread streiten, in welchem ich mich vor kurzem noch gefreut habe, dass es hier allgemein so friedlich abläuft @MagnusElectron ja, wird gelesen. Besonders jetzt, da die Forenregeln auch auf "Deu... (sorry)" vorliegen, bitte ich darum diese umso mehr zu beherzigen Bezüglich Discord habe ich zwar keine Neuigkeiten, aber die Ankunft von NQ-Nudbrokk ist schon ein deutliches Zeichen dafür, dass aufgestockt wird und auch das Forum Verstärkung bekommt - es geht also voran. Der Ticket-Support wird sicher auch nicht für immer überlastet sein. Wäre sogar möglich, dass es da schon wieder schneller geht - habe gerade leider keinen aktuellen Status parat. Was den In-Game Chat/Support angeht könntest du es ja noch mal probieren dort nach NQ oder einem GM zu fragen. Wie wir alle wissen befindet sich Dual Universe in der Entwicklung und auch wenn ich dazu eigentlich gar nichts sagen kann vermute ich ganz stark, dass auch das Chat-System im Spiel noch weiterentwickelt wird. Ich habe bisher noch kein MMO gesehen, in welchem es kein Ticket-System "im Spiel" gab, über welches man einen Game Master anfordern konnte. Da bin ich also recht zuversichtlich, dass sowas auch irgendwann in DU verfügbar sein wird - aber dies jetzt bitte nicht als Ankündigung missverstehen. Wie gesagt weiß ich nichts konkretes dazu und berichte nur von persönlichen Erfahrungen Sanfte Grüße Mondlicht
  17. Hey folks, while it's perfectly fine for you to wonder about the ways and motives behind certain actions, I'd like to remind you that this should not be reason enough to dive into a heated argument It's also fine to point out that there's no way to force a statement out of people or make them explain themselves facing accusations. Sure, asking is ok - as is hoping for an answer. Just consider if it was the other way around - would you be more inclined to answer such a question if it was asked nicely with no strings attached, or if the question got a bunch of worst case scenarios and hypothetical reproach in the package? Both sides made some nice arguments that I personally can relate to and which made reading through the thread fun. But at the same time both sides already overstepped the fine line of civil discussion a bit as well, which made my key ring tingle. So please, when you have a good argument let it stand on its own feet and without evil support-spikes that might hurt someone else. If you can manage that, then I can keep this thread open so you might actually see an answer to your question at some point. Just keep in mind that this is not a promise, as I don't know the answer, intent or plans myself and so far didn't inquire about it either - my guess would be just as good as yours. I don't know about that area, but if you may accept a piece of my faith: Novaquark is developing this game and building the Dual Universe for you - not against Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  18. Hey folks, since some might miss the "Alioth" part in the title: please keep in mind that this thread refers to in-game politics Discussions and comments involving real life politics, ideology or religion should not be taken to these forums. Please refer to the forum rules for further detail. Thank you and happy voting - if you chose to Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  19. @JohnnyTazer You had an argument until right before the "you just want EZ mode" provocation. And later you call out bad reasoning by committing a logical fallacy yourself: pirates disengage if the target has weapons, therefore if all targets have weapons all pirates will disengage. Please ask yourself why you joined this discussion in the first place. If you're mainly here for the fight, I'd ask you to please note that this forum is not supposed to be an arena. To incorporate a quote from the first sentence of the rules: this forum is supposed "to be a place where everyone feels empowered to have an open and friendly discussion". Please keep that in mind. Stop provoking others and the use of inappropriate language. You received a reminder about this less than 24 hours ago. If you continue down this path you might receive a timeout next. @joaocordeiro Even when provoked, indirectly calling someone a sociopath is not ok. Calling an argument dumb ain't a great argument either. In this case explaining that a false conclusion has been drawn from your argument could be a better way to convey feedback. @Anopheles Tho the thread may have already been lost, posting off-topic and trolling while at it doesn't help. __________________________________________ To all in general: every voice has a right to be heard and everyone should try to understand the meaning and idea behind other member's statements. Start to wonder and think positively while sharing your opinions as opinions and not as facts. @Emptiness Done. Sincerely Mondlicht
  20. Hey folks, I got a bit tired reading through this seemingly endless fight and couldn't find the silver vein of constructive communication that I was looking for. On the contrary - it was pretty easy to find multiple violations of the forum rules. So here's a reminder what they contain. I don't think this thread will turn around anymore. Closed. Sincerely Mondlicht
  21. Hey folks, the postings above are a good example why necroposting on old threads is not allowed on these forums. Someone digs up a long dead thread and the next person thinks it's a current issue So as a friendly reminder: I'm going to lock this thread since it has been revived from the dead two times now. Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  22. Hallo @MagnusElectron Die Idee finde ich klasse. Dann bekomme ich einen GM-Account im Spiel (Game Master) und kann dort Spieler aus der Bre­douil­le ziehen Bis dahin kann ich aber leider nur hier im Forum aushelfen. Im Spiel gibt es die Game Master und im Discord die Community Manager - ich habe allerdings nur das Mod-Präfix. Bezüglich Discord: Wie im oben verlinkten Thread von Luukullus erwähnt, habe ich das Anliegen intern weitergeleitet und drücke persönlich beide Daumen. Danke übrigens an alle in der Starting Zone (DE), dass ich hier bisher einen so angenehmen Job habe Liebe Grüße Mondlicht
  23. I think this has gone far enough. This issue can't be solved by the community anyways and members insulting each other is in violation with our forum rules section III. Thread closed. Sincerely Mod-Mondlicht
  24. I think I've been here already and contacted some of you to keep things constructive. Yet I come here again to find horns locked along with these: This adds nothing to the topic and just looks like an attempt to provoke. A rather unnecessary and snappy accusation, also just looks like an attempt to provoke. Just a quote taken from the forum rules. They can be found here in case anyone forgot about them: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disregarding the above may I further remind all participants about the initial posting by the title: ,,Does anyone find the game playable without owning industry?´´ As I see it this was a simple enough question which turned into a discussion about it's right to exist in the first place. I'd like to ask everyone to please pay a little more respect to the original topic in the future and not drag other's threads off-topic so much. Thank you! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Given this thread's development since my last posting I don't expect there will be any positive side to keeping this open. Thread closed. Sincerely Mod-Mondlicht
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