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  1. Mod-Meldrik

    name reservation

    First off, Welcome to the forums @smitty. Regarding your question. You might be interested in the following blog (pertaining to Name Reservations): https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/09/character-name-reservations-how-it-works/ Hopefully, that answers your question. Regards, Meldrik
  2. Mod-Meldrik

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Reading this topic and the way the conversations are going, it seems that the subject regarding the "authentication process" the bot uses on the Official Discord, has been well explained, both by those having concerns and those running the operations in the server, several times. However, it seems so though the last few comments have no longer been about giving feedback but just out right refuting everything is said. Both, by those having concerns and those running the operations in the server. (Perhaps personal disputes between individuals is the issue here) I would like to suggest that, if any further concerns are brought up, keep all personal dilemmas between users (those having concerns and those running the operations) out and everything is conversed in a calm and professional manner. As well as, keep in topic and do not derail it by posting unnecessary comments that would come across as unnecessary. As this is now an official lane of communication from Novaquark, please also await their decisions and communications regarding any further concerns you may have about the operations of the server. Best Regards, Meldrik
  3. Mod-Meldrik

    Translations of the game

    While the information above pertains to French (Novaquark's native language) the information can also be extended to other languages at the moment. Regards, Meldrik
  4. Mod-Meldrik

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the Dual Universe community! Regards, Meldrik
  5. Mod-Meldrik

    Finally cracked

    Welcome @rBrink, make sure you are ready for tomorrows test! Regards, Meldrik
  6. Mod-Meldrik

    hello all

    Welcome to the forums @Chaosstarlord, best of luck to the Arcturian Federation! Regards, Meldrik
  7. Mod-Meldrik

    Coding is MY life!

    Welcome to the forums @BrianNovius. Regards, Meldrik
  8. Mod-Meldrik

    Hi, everyone!

    Welcome to the forums and see you around the community, MrBluesky. Regards, Meldrik
  9. Necroed Thread. Thread Locked. Regards, Meldrik
  10. Mod-Meldrik

    Ship building mini game. Pre-release.

    @Zorodek please be sure to make a new thread with the idea as to not necro this one. Regards, Meldrik
  11. Mod-Meldrik

    A new entrepenaur ready for the adventure!!

    Welcome to the forums @nachopinda98. Bienvenido a los foros. Regards, Meldrik
  12. Mod-Meldrik


    Welcome to the forums Foba_Bett! Regards, Meldrik
  13. Mod-Meldrik

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums! Regards, Meldrik
  14. Mod-Meldrik


    Welcome to the forums Razzy! Any questions feel free to ask. Regards, Meldrik
  15. Mod-Meldrik

    Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    Hi everyone, Thread has been cleaned. Removed post that we're of naming and shaming, inflammatory and derailing if topic topic nature. Remember, in order to keep these forums friendly, keep all drama, personal or otherwise, outside of the forums. In other words, whatever happens on Reddit let the Reddit moderators handle it (same for discord) and don't spill it into the official forums. 🙂 Regards, Meldrik