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  1. Please do NOT tell people how to play the game. I've more or less the same strategy: solo play, absolutely prefer to be independent, spending most of my time (did at least pre-patch) building up my base where aesthetics is a priority, crafting some space ships, and visiting other territories to view their creations. Playing an MMO does not mean that you're required to group with others. Everyone is free to play how he prefers to - we are talking about leisure time. If you like playing solo - just do it, it doesn't hinder others in any way playing in a party mode if they want to.
  2. You didn't really get it... after ending your warp, you may collide straight into the obstacle - in that case you've NO chance to avoid it! For instance, immediately after a warp I'm always braking to a full stop, and once in a while an obstacle passes me quite close... lucky me. A bit more in that direction and I would have been space dust.
  3. I disagree with that statement - NQ told us that they're not intending doing a wipe, so I guess there's a solid chance that it'll be that way. My guess is that most players aren't interested getting all wiped out what they've built up the past months... myself, I don't think I'll be continuing playing DU if all were for nothing.
  4. There ain't stupid questions - but you may get dumb answers Anyway, hopefully these will help: To 1: yes, each increase in size doubles the available space in all directions (XS -> S -> M -> L) To 2: yes, applying the tool "Deploy Ground Element" together with your "Alt" key on the core removes it and places it into your inventory. To 3: you can use any fuel - just craft the type what is most convenient for you. However, you only can fill one type of fuel into your tank - can't mix them. To 4: was getting LOTS of that kind of experiences at the beginning... starting out was quite confusing To 5: to that I can only say check your local market... to make some basic cash, I usually mine some T1 resources and sell it (I'm on Jago, there're rarely any offers for higher grades) - I'm no economy wiz though.
  5. A selection of blueprints (eight in total) from the Hedronic Library are now freely available on planet Jago. About 2.5 km south-west of the marketplace "Jago 2" you'll find a landing platform - in the northern corner is the entrance to the library. The location coordinates are ::pos{0,9,-8.2328,-69.7826,77.7624} Looking forward to your visit!
  6. @Mod-Mondlicht: Thanks for your informative reply, highly appreciated. Removed link including title-quote from my posting as requested.
  7. I followed that thread and even posted there - and I disagree with your statement that it had nothing positive to contribute. That discussion about differences between exploits and unintended features, and how to handle them, was in my view highly interesting. Plus, your claim that every posting was further explaining the exploit, etc is simply not correct.
  8. Why not just remove the offending part, and not the whole thread?
  9. Recently a posting thread was removed with a conflicting heading. May I suggest that if censoring/removal is necessary, doing it in a fashion that is less intrusive - for example in that above mentioned posting to just delete the offending passage (maybe even adding a comment like "removed because in violation of XY"). The discussion in that posting was in my opinion quite valuable, debating the difference between exploits and exaggerated (unintended) effects, and if describing them in public is acceptable or not. NQ may even chip in to clarify that kind of issues Please reconsider the removal of that thread.
  10. Certainly no wipe. Too much time already invested in setting up my two bases (real ones ya know, not just a platform and a few factories slapped onto it), and since this is an ongoing process - building stuff is what I actually enjoy most - that investment is getting heavier each day. A wipe would be in my opinion not just a slap in the face - it would be a knock-out punch.
  11. Be careful what you wish for - or at least what you think is necessary: a wipe itself isn't a solution - it will just upset lots of players which have put many hours into the development of their base(s). You may find a solution with which most of us can live with, and I'm quite confident that's the path NQ will aim for...
  12. You don't need doing anything, it'll be automatically applied to your subscription.
  13. Just found out recently when using 'V' I do see whoever is around me. Not blind anymore - now I'm comfortable hitting space any time
  14. Yesterday I wanted to fly from Jago to Teoma. After a while just before reaching maximum speed I got one-shotted (I guess - since I only received the message that I died and was back at my base). I didn't even realize that I was getting attacked. And, blue-eyed as I was, I didn't had a radar installed. Today I rebuilt my ship, plus an XS space radar. On my way again to Teoma! Just after exiting the safe zone (the radar doesn't work inside that zone), the radar shows me some text: an entity with name i.e. Luna, plus a distance - 0.5su, and that I'm out of range (for a lock-on I guess). That distance slowly increased, so I think it was static. I looked around, couldn't see anything in my vicinity. Now some questions I would like to have cleared up, please: - If I encounter somebody and it's coming closer, how do I know in what direction to fly for avoiding it? - How do pirates know where I am (maybe even in which direction I'm flying and my speed) so they can intercept and attack me?
  15. Personal preference: definitely 3rd person. FPS style gives me the feeling of tunnel vision - I really want to see my surroundings. I dislike 1st person where I just see some oversized hands. Most arguments stated above are subjective, like mine of course. Another opinionated statement: it is still an MMO and not a shooter game... and almost all MMOs are using 3rd person. I don't think there are valid objective reasons which would disqualify the use of 3rd person view - it's just a question what YOU prefer.
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