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  1. Hi there, well i had an situation today. I was at market, just entered my pilot seat to fly away my ship to my base, took off, went airborne, and after 10 seconds server just crashed (Http Network error or smth), Then when server was back again my ship exploded, and i spawned at random spot near that market, but my ship was 1.5km underground, no option to retrieve it. Only option now is just to submit a ticket, and wait huge amounts of time to get it back, since the game is still in beta and have a lot of unfixed things, wouldn`t it be just smarter to give us back fetch tool for once per 24 ho
  2. "False pretense" where I am pretending ? I told my story and have my own subjective opinion about that whole situation. And I think that is totally legit ! "Avoiding PvP" Man I think you really don`t know what PVP means. This one is max efficieny PvP
  3. Let take some example here from EvE Online. Do you think game tells you that you can be blaped by pirate first time you undock from station, that there will be ganker just waiting for dumb noobs? Do you think eve tells you that you can be killed by bunch of catalysts while you mine in asteroid belt in Hi-sec ? Do eve tell tells you that if you autopilot trough a Hi-sec with freighter, that you can be blaped by 12 tornados while carrying all your ships and items in it? And do you think here noob loosing he’s first ship will be a big deal? I dont even think that somebody will
  4. There is, you can claim territory by yourself and then mine, or just go with L sized ship so it cannot be docked on other L. Very easy, you just have to use your brain abit...
  5. I really can`t believe you are saying such a bullshit. "Delaying the progression of the game" lol dude, if we don`t do stuff like this, that will never be fixed, it`s a part of development... and you are saying they banned 1 person for that. I need official announcement from NQ about this issue, otherwise i don`t believe this is exploit !
  6. I am pretty sure that Safe Zone is still safe zone, if you know how to use it as Safe Zone. That is mighty and dangerous reality of an True Sandbox !
  7. Well technically PVP is not happening in a safe zone, your ship is just taken outside of safe zone and then the crime happens, super exciting about this. Amazing stuff ! I Will never submit ticket for this.. I am more then happy to loose my ship like this just to find out that this is possible.
  8. Well to be honest, how can this be and exploit, you have already 2 ingame mechanics to prevent this from happening. 1) Just take a territory unit with you, claim that territory, and you can mine there for week, then just take off territory unit and go to the next spot. 2) Just build your ship on L size dynamic core , and then nobody could dock your ship on another core. I think this is super interesting content, will try it out, sounds super fun and interesting to do. Ofcourse there will be some guy that looses hes ship, but hey just have mechanics to avoid that,
  9. Hello everybody, Today i woke up, and learned some lesson in "Hard way" I was flying around on Alioth with my Medium sized ship, that had some nice L sized parts on it, some of them were Military grade, + territory scanner. I was scanning some unclaimed territories for ores, and found 3000 KT of Hematite, landed my ship there and started to mine on that spot, I mined for an hour or so, and got only 100k of that hematite in my ships container. It was late, and I thought I am gonna go to sleep and then return on morning to continue my findings to that big Chunk
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