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  1. Scanning same tiles all over again and again and again... No thanks Game is available for everybody, rare ore is not. How rare can be available for all?
  2. Solutions to get plasma are out there. Trade it, buy it, steal it, take it by force, gank hauler etc. However solution is not changing rules to make it easy and available to all.
  3. I believe that other than only Subscriptions, Cosmetic shop or other game only related income is more than welcome. If same tech can be used on more commercial purposes it is only beneficial to DU. Sure it requires that development of DU must continue. I really hope it does. How ever those who advocate loudly that game is already dead will not help.
  4. My English is bad, but does't this equal to steal other player tile??
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 -k-
  6. SCIFI / Science fiction is not about Science or physics as we know it. Trying to follow Science or physics creates simulator, not a game. Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_fiction To answer the question: I feel DU game designers have got it all terrible wrong.
  7. Schematic patch gives me either 2 schematics or 1 L container Schematic output productivity gives me +3% to schematic output. So do I get 1.03 L container or 2.06 schematic after I have this talent? Or maybe one L and one XS container per patch...
  8. I agree. Current return efficiency in recycling does not fit into lore, nor real world. There is no point for recycling. It may help little when elements are damaged. I was hoping to see good return, so that players want to choose to recycle non damaged elements too. On other hand this implementation feel just sort of quick tool for fixing or looting damaged ship. I still wait for recycling, instead of this cheap placeholder. - Using recycling indy element and by reversing the recipe of a recycled element, part, alloy, voxel, etc.
  9. This was about ore markets, rigth?
  10. Yes. Problem with UEF store is that it is also Bot. It should not compete with player made ships, so in this case it is now, with lower ore prices, easier to compete with UEF starter ships. However UEF store is problematic because as you said it should offer affordable starter ships, but while doing that it competes with player made ships.
  11. I do not see problem in that. Element prices follow ore prices.
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