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  1. Run the launcher as administrator it will solve the bug for now ...
  2. https://support.dualthegame.com/
  3. The 0.24 broke the game for many users. I already reported the crash that was hapenning on the PTS but nothing has been done to solve this. after speaking with other users in the same case it seems Shadow PC (https://shadow.tech) are now blocked and cannot access the game anymore. Any reason to that ? Can we please have a rapid fix for that ?
  4. just another case the 50m limitation will be a problem: Someone landed on your L static core, you cannot move it out in one time and have to wait several minutes to do it.
  5. after reading the topic, i agree with all the changes except one, the 50m range limitation. I think this is too low and here why : the docking is not fixed. If you are trying to dock a ship on another one but it's not working (doen't matter the reason, right or bug or anything) tthe docked ship is fixed but the other one not. If you are on the floor, you ship will bounce till he moved out, no problem, but if like me you land your ship on a static core, the bigger ship will go threw the static core. In my case, my M ship will go threw my static L platform, that means i will hav
  6. Thank you !! @huschhusch Es ist besser in Englisch, ich spreche kein Deutsch
  7. Hi everyone, Just a small message here to introduce myself. I just bought a Patron Pack so i'll have access to the "pre-alpha" game. First Thing to know, i'm not English so i'm sorry if i'm doing mistake but i'll do my best. What can I say about me ? The part that is more interesting for me in the game is the engineer/building side. I'm not found of the military part even if i can do it some time. I'm an old player of Eve Online (account created in 2008) and Elite Dangerous. I'm also a small streamer/Youtuber. Doing it only fo
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