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  1. There are quite a lot of players unhappy with the current Implementation of the repair system, mostly due to the total loss of elements and the inability to restore cores. I want to adress the first point here. A total destruction after x repairs is not the way to go, as it can leave people helplessly stranded. What i would rather suggest is keeping the limited lives of elements for a full repair, but afterward, instead of destroying them, their stats (warm up time, thrust, fuel use, fuel capacity, hp, weapon dmg etc.) should be reduced with every successive repair. This way the elements would be suboptimal, but still useable andbable to get the ship towards a planet or a market and it wouldnt become completely useless. This mechanic however, and the same foes for the current swapping of damaged elements, is tedious if done by handm And games should reduce tedious actions as much as possible. Thus the need for a new mechanic or type of element emerges, the repair element. The idea behind that is to have a type of element, that gives players an active skill when they are linked to it. The repair element would be linked to a container hub, containong new elements, and to the player, giving him the ability "right-click on construct and replace all elements above x number of repairs with new elements". The tier of this element would decide which core aize can be repaired/element-swapped and can be placed on dynamic and static cores, with the exception of T4 which can repair large cores, those should only be placeable on static cores. To use the element ability on a construct, that construct must be either not moving, or parented. Additionally to that, an industry that can turn industry into scraps and parts relative to the number of total repairs (0 repairs -> parts only, 5 repairs -> 50% scrap, 50% parts) is necessary. While i wouldn't limit the use of those elements, the repair-ability element should have a size, weight and, later, power use, that makes it pretty unusable for any kind of pvp ship and incentivises specialized repair ships/ports. I would be glad to get some feedback and constructive criticism on this
  2. I disagree on the reverse engineering mechanic, it doesn't make much sense to improve the part when you reverse engineer it, more often than not it would be worse. I'd much rather have a talent tree dedicated to achematics and research and additional elements that feed on schematics and their finished elements to improve one schematic by a small amount.
  3. doesn't make that much sense as the important things about industry related to the raw materials is the hardware, not the software. Take refiners for example, you probably would have something in there that reduces ore to dust before getting the pure. This process would need components specific to the ore and it does make sense, that its more expensive for one type of ore than for the other. Thats nothing that could be solved with a new motherboard or similar.
  4. to be honest, you still can do that. Its perfectly possible to craft a good xs ship with T1 elements completely with your nanocrafter. Without any schematics involved.
  5. Changing the schematic prices is defintiely needed, even tho schematics themselves are fine. What i miss in this update is how to make PvP worthwhile again. While its good that ships destroyed in PvP will be full stopped i doubt that the components salvaged will really be enough to cover the cost, but we will see about that. And just so you don't forget, once again: we need more content and we need a complete revamp of the repair system! There are many good suggestions about this in the forum, keeping it as it is would be a great waste of potential.
  6. TBH, all the industry stuff isn't such an issue if you're not just started. When all went down i had 5mio Quanta in my wallet and no assets i would sell, thus i bought 30 warp cells, hopped in my small warper courier and went to teomas for 2 days where i mined sodium for about 20 hours, earning 30mio in the process. With that i bought the schematics for an advanced s-engines industry, and while the sales aren't anything to write about i got a bulk order thats worth a few millions so far. With the dwindling playerbase being industrialist might not be profitable for the next one or two months, but you can still start building something up. The bigger issue for me is the lack of other content, which is whyplayers leave, and the stupid repair mechanics which completely killed pvp. And JC had the gall to say they know it killed pvp but it will be fine in the future with no intention to fix it for the time being.
  7. depends on how its actually realized. If you have a limited virtual whitespace where you can access elements that you previously "scanned" to build xs, s and m sized ships, but are unable to do anything else, it might be fine. There could always be a mechanic implemented that required a "reallife - test" for virtual BPs to be turned into real BPs, which would cost more elements and voxels than deploying it with the final BP (afterall, as everyone loves to talk about reality here, even if you simulate and cad-design items you still have to test it in reality before giving it into production). This way it could even help the economy, because if i build ships in DU i don't really waste any elements or voxels, i might buy a few more elements than i need, but those wlll be used in another build. Thus having an increased cost to turn a virtual BP to a core BP would probably lead to higher sales instead of lower ones.
  8. thats why i only included items in the storage, deployed constructs should remain untouched. Ofc you would have the same problem as in the alpha, when there were L-cores of pures standing around, but it would still severly reduce the amount of high tier stuff on the server
  9. with limited repairs that wont happen again i'd guess.
  10. let's be honest here, DU is extremely boring to watch on twitch, even if i love playing the game, i would never watch someone else do it, way to slow and no action.
  11. A general wipe definitely isn't the solution, i could imagine them doing a soft-wipe at some point, that means only removing T2+ elements in storages and quanta, while leaving the rest untouched. But even that would be a stretch.
  12. i agree, that shipbuilding should take more skill, but it should also be avoided to overcomplicate things, if not for player retention, then at least for reducing nesecary computing power.
  13. I just somehow doubt, that your suggestion would lead to ppl buying new elements to produce scrap. Its more like scrap producer would just build the whole industry and thus the problem, that no new elements are sold wouldn't be alleviated. If we want a solution for that we need something that makes a majority of players to buy new elements.
  14. Honestly, i think what NQ intends to do, giving Elements a finite number of "lives" is quite reasonable, they could combine it with "less max HP per lost live" though. In reality, when something stops working, you can nearly always repair it. Even thought it might not work as well as before. But it has its limits and at one point you would have to replace so much, that the costs are higher than just buying/creating a new one. I do, however advocate for the possiblity to turn elements into scrap.
  15. yeah, sadly most of my fears from 2 years ago came true, i wish they wouldn't have :/
  16. farmin, eating, drinking etc. has been discussed several times in the past, all thats left is too see how NQ decides about it.
  17. vylqun

    Useful Farming

    reforesting the cut down trees should actually be doable without to many issues, and i would definitely support that, everything else needs, as you said, creative solutions.
  18. vylqun

    Useful Farming

    forestry is a hard thing to implement, remember that the planets are generated procedurally, that means every tree has a fixed position. If you let people plant trees you would have to send the location of potentially thousands of trees to every player in the vincinity of the planet.
  19. laws, sure, get your organization to enforce them, artificial restrictions? surely not. Star citizen isnt exactly comparable to DU.
  20. Guys, there will be no automated process of taxing/air control/whatever, these kinds of extremely restrictive and harassment enabling mechanics will never happen in DU and honestly, i don't know why you would even want to suggest something like that, its an extremely bad idea!
  21. An absolute NO! to flying restrictions. First of all its completely artificial, even if we have airports in real life, that doesn't mean you can't land where ever you want, its just that you'll be fined for that. Secondly you can't have player randomly crash against invisible walls just because someone declared that space as no fly zone, that's true for people who jsut pass by as well as for attackers. And third: Those "no fly zones" would lead to a far more annoying possible griefing, like locking down the airspace around others constructs, building invisible mazes etc.
  22. but thats only related to structural dmg, just because your ship survives it doesnt mean that you didnt turn into porridge.
  23. If our ships really get dmg upon hitting the athmosphere with a high speed (devblog) i thought it might be good if that isnt just limited to the ship. While asking for a complete inertia model, throwing people against walls when accelerating a construct is probably to much, i'd suggest a damage over time effect when players experience extreme accelerations. This dot would then be weakened by a certain degree if players sit in seats/benches while accelerating/decelerating, depending on the type of seat. A simply bench would only work for slightly to big accelerations, while special high speed seats could prevent that damage for very high accelerations. This would add a bit of realism to the game and at the same time force people to design their ships with the required amount and class of seating opportunities.
  24. vylqun

    Combat Style!

    anything calculated locally is rather easily modified by 3rd party software
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