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  1. farmin, eating, drinking etc. has been discussed several times in the past, all thats left is too see how NQ decides about it.
  2. vylqun

    Useful Farming

    reforesting the cut down trees should actually be doable without to many issues, and i would definitely support that, everything else needs, as you said, creative solutions.
  3. vylqun

    Useful Farming

    forestry is a hard thing to implement, remember that the planets are generated procedurally, that means every tree has a fixed position. If you let people plant trees you would have to send the location of potentially thousands of trees to every player in the vincinity of the planet.
  4. laws, sure, get your organization to enforce them, artificial restrictions? surely not. Star citizen isnt exactly comparable to DU.
  5. Guys, there will be no automated process of taxing/air control/whatever, these kinds of extremely restrictive and harassment enabling mechanics will never happen in DU and honestly, i don't know why you would even want to suggest something like that, its an extremely bad idea!
  6. An absolute NO! to flying restrictions. First of all its completely artificial, even if we have airports in real life, that doesn't mean you can't land where ever you want, its just that you'll be fined for that. Secondly you can't have player randomly crash against invisible walls just because someone declared that space as no fly zone, that's true for people who jsut pass by as well as for attackers. And third: Those "no fly zones" would lead to a far more annoying possible griefing, like locking down the airspace around others constructs, building invisible mazes etc.
  7. but thats only related to structural dmg, just because your ship survives it doesnt mean that you didnt turn into porridge.
  8. If our ships really get dmg upon hitting the athmosphere with a high speed (devblog) i thought it might be good if that isnt just limited to the ship. While asking for a complete inertia model, throwing people against walls when accelerating a construct is probably to much, i'd suggest a damage over time effect when players experience extreme accelerations. This dot would then be weakened by a certain degree if players sit in seats/benches while accelerating/decelerating, depending on the type of seat. A simply bench would only work for slightly to big accelerations, while special high speed seats could prevent that damage for very high accelerations. This would add a bit of realism to the game and at the same time force people to design their ships with the required amount and class of seating opportunities.
  9. vylqun

    Combat Style!

    anything calculated locally is rather easily modified by 3rd party software
  10. my personal guess for the pre-alpha / alpha transition is december 2018.
  11. doesnt change the fact that everyone remote controlled by andoid is easily exploited with bots
  12. In the end in DU you can only be a real neutral faction if you ally with everyone (or rather pay quanta to everyone)
  13. it makes a difference if you collide with another dynamic construct, where the server needs to calculate and send a lot of data, or if you collide with the ground, where most calculations can be done by the client. Calculations tend to increase exponentially with the increasing number of independent actors.
  14. no collision dmg between constructs does not mean no collision damage with the environment
  15. and that only applies because the red cross is a service which saves live no matter from which nationality, you might have a hope of being respected as neutral organization if you perform a similar service, but i doubt that this will be possible in DU.
  16. did they write something about interplanetary ftl drives? must have missed it, do you have a link?
  17. DU tries to be somewhat realistic with its distances (in its limits) thus you wont be able to travel to other solar systems with sub light speed. Just randomly flying into one direction will be quite boring and lead to nothing. And FTL will be archieved by jumpgates for which you have to send out a drone to the solar system you're interested first.
  18. No, everything that can be remote controlled by android is programmable, and we're not supposed to link several weapon systems together.
  19. - limited cores per player != unlimited grow. - Any healthy economy needs wastage. - DU never defined itself as mainly a social game, the devs always introduce it as a game with emergent gameplay based on crafting, exploring, politica and warfare - competition is an integral part of human interaction in a game and that does extend to pvp - without pvp DU would lose a way bigger number of players than it would gain. any "argument" you gave was "you just want to kill" and "not every game needs pvp", which are no arguments at all. But i will stop posting here now, because no matter what you write here, pvp will be an important part of du. Nothing will change that.
  20. nonsense, you keep blabbering on without any valid argument just for the sake of not agreeing. DU was planned as full pvp game (besides the ark zone) from the beginning, the sanctuary moons will be all that pure pve players recieve. Get over it.
  21. You don't seem to be clear about the extend of possible griefing. Just imagine, you found a very rare ore node, another player passes by and sees you mining it. Immediately he places a static core, creates a hollow cube around your position from his voxel library and starts mining the ore while you are trapped, unable to escape because pvp isnt possible.
  22. thats an interesting idea for an enterprise, then please enlighten me, how do you want to make other players delete their stuff so they have to buy new constructs/elements from you? please refrain from writing such nonsense, DU needs all kinds of players, belittling someone because of his chosen way to play DU only shows that you have no proper arguments left. I don't tell you to go play minecraft if you want no pvp right?
  23. Its not a matter of loving wars or pvp, its a nessecity for the economy and gameplay. Without loss in battles we would have an endlessly increasing amount of resources/constructs leading to a cluttered universe and worthless elements/minerals. In my opinion crafters and builders will be way more dependent on PvP than the people who love PvP themselves, because without any loss upon death those crafters and builders will sell nearly nothing and thus won't acquire any wealth/resources to continue doing what they love: craft things.
  24. Which would completely destroy any PvP aside from wars between organization or pure griefing, not a good idea at all. Robbing, stealing etc. might not be nice actions and be quite annoying for the victims but they're still a very important part of an mmorpg like DU.
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