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  1. exactly, yes for wipe, but not at its current state, its just not worth it. We'll have another dozen exploits and game breaking bugs, so there is no use in wiping now. Its completely fine if its just before the "release"
  2. yes, a bot for T2 and T3 is absolutely necessary, else it will drop below T1 prices at some point.
  3. its nice to discuss problems with other players and think about solutions, sadly NQ doesnt really care, so in the end its futile effort. Demter is nearly 100% a cost-reducing patch, and thats something where they wont compromise.
  4. maybe, just maybe, this is because players are now required to pay taxes? I'm one of those builders who were scanning, selling and buying the past 2 weeks, even tho i normally wouldnt do this, and this is simply because i have more than 5 hexes where i built purely non-functional stuff and need to finance it. But whenever i said, that those taxes will kill large projects everyone only answered "but you have 5 HQ hexes, learn how to make quanta" But at least i have found another quanta faucet now, getting stuff from the ppl i played with a lot and who left over the past 2 weeks.
  5. There are several, ore pools that are 0 even tho no other MU is working on it, territories deemed inactive or offline even tho the paxes are paid, one has a rdms problem and doesnt accept the mining rights despote every adjacent territory having exactly the same setup. There's a lot. We're officially a beta test and bugs are supposed to happen, so i dont mind this, really. The problem is, that NQ included the tax system right away instead of giving us the opportunity to look for bugs in the first 2 or 3 weeks without the risk of losing our hexes.
  6. Demeter made it mandatory to pay taxes for active hexes. You would expect, that NQ made sure that players will actually be able to get profits from those hexes to be able to have a surplus. I own a 15 hex malachite field with 1 MU each. 5 of those are bugged. I also own a 9 hex cobaltite field. of those 9 MUs 4 are bugged. Luckily, T2+ is still a bit worth (even tho currently falling), but what about those ppl who mine T1 hexes? If for those also 30-50% of all MU are bugged, they wont be able to pay taxes at all. DU is in a ridiculously bad shape right now. Of the very small group of players i interact regularily with 2 have left in the past week, and i know for sure, if NQ has one or two tax-days while the MUs are still bugging out that often, there will be another one leaving. Please get your Sh** together NQ !!
  7. The problem with that is, that the majority of players and alts isnt paying subscription right now, so they can never log in again and still be viewed as active by your definition. However, i fundally disagree with all suggested "improvements" in this topic. Taxing industry for running or cores itself? A definite no-go, it would basically be this games excecution. Introduce a non-repairable industry wear with a system to automatically replace disabled units if you want to introduce a continous expenditour for crafters. That would at least give more possibilities in DUs economy. Taxes are nearly always a bad and lazy design choice.
  8. exactly, durability on industry units and a storage element that holds replacement units that are automatically used to replace out of order ones without interrupting the industry. Thats the only real way that keeps the market for industry units alive and provides a reasonable ressource sink (which is what we need, not arbitrary quanta sinks)
  9. as far as i understand you, you make the case against adjacent hexes that aren't mined, which you should clarify in your opening statement. It may seem obvious, but if new players read it, they might think they shouldnt mine clusters of hexes at all.
  10. You validate NQ by creating gameplay based on the tax system. Not the best way to protest something^^
  11. The irony is a bit misplaced, hauling T1 via warp isn't worth it, because it will effectively nearly double the element costs compared to production on alioth, so T1 will neither be imported nor exported. And yes, ppl can slowboat it, and probably be shot down 90% of the time if it becomes a trend. Nearly no one will want that except for large orgs maybe.
  12. To be honest, be it in the updates or in the vlogs, the DU dev-team makes quite an arrogant impression, especially sesh. Its always "we know better" "we did the calculations" "we can't please everyone" etc. while they always have to scramble to fix or balance stuff after pretty much every large patch. And its not that those issues aren't known before, they're often pointed out by players which are ignored by aformentioned "arguments". So yeah, the dev team has lost a lot of good will and rightly so. I do want the game to succeed, but currently they made a game thats barely playable for new players, and even older players will have a hard time when deflation hits. And please don't defend NQ with "Oh, new players can start by claiming their sanc territory, picking rocks and slowly building up, its hard but possible" Please remember, that a game is supposed to be fun. If its tedious to start, players wont stay. New players first have to have a lot of fun in the game before they are willing to grind. Else DUs playerbase will never grow.
  13. very very unlikey, please remember, that ore doesnt equal quanta, all the quanta that comes into the system that you would need to support more than one active hex has to be earned by mission runners or market bots. And no matter how much the mission system is exploited with alts, they certainly can't run enough missions to have the majority of players sustain 10+ active hexes. Mining T1 to sell to bots as revenue stream will also have only a small impact, as a hex with 3 MU makes only 150% of the taxes, thus you would required 6MU to finance a single extra hex. Seeing how limited calibration charges are, this can not be effectively scaled. The only players with loads of hexes later on will be those with T4/T5, maybe, and thats a big maybe, T3.
  14. i never complained about inflation, probably because i wasnt playing when most of it happened. Before Demeter nobody would have minded deflation i'd guess, but after demeter it is very detrimental to the ability of players to pay taxes. So yeah, deflation currently is a way bigger problem currently.
  15. So a few questions here: 1. There are exactly two quanta faucets in the game, a constant one, 150k per day and player, as well as a farmable one, the mission system. With the newly introduced sink in form of taxes, which require 1million per week and active hex, a single player can support exactly one workable hex (mining, industry, dispensers etc.) without having leftover quanta to buy items. If we asume that every player has at least one active hex, while most will have more than that, the mission system is required to provide enough quanta for the system to offset those taxes, else we will face a serious deflation with ore values dropping below tax-sustainable prices. How does NQ intend to fix the alt abuse of the mission system while maintaining the ability to earn enough quanta to support those taxes? (while answering please keep in mind, that many players only have a few hours per week and can't really run many missions) 2. From my preliminary scanning of, effectively, 1/6th of Symeon, i can tell that there are very few T4 nodes across the planet. Most of the good spots either are already taken, or will be taken within the next week. How does NQ plan to have new players participate in the mining system if there are no really good spots left? Will T4/T5 be considered a strategic ressource that only guilds and a few veteran players have access to? 3. Territory scanners require T2 ores. Is that intended? Without scanners we can't effectively search for hexes with good ore yield, especially if there might be a (partial) wipe in the future, acquiring hexes to min T2 would depend either on luck or on hours of picking T2 rocks from Sanctuary before you're able to build a scanner line and a few finished products. 4. Currently there are quute a few hexes bugged for several days already, that means, the ore pool that should be (for example) 140/h is only 40/h without anyone mining. As this directly impacts the ability of the players to generate income thats needed to pay taxes, is there any plan to delay the first tax payment or any other compensation that would player with those hexes allow to pay their taxes? 5. I think i speak for everyone when i say ppl imagined the asteroid system to be something different than "at a set time and day some asteroids will spawn". With the very limited amount of ore a player (especially new ones without access to many hexes with MU) do you plan to randomize the asteroid spawn, so new asteroids can be found and mined every day during the week?
  16. Has not collapsed yet. Deflation takes some time, give it a few rounds of taxes and you will see the impact on the markets
  17. sure, if you decide to stop the hundreds of industry units in your base
  18. they could still make the majority of patchfiles available earlier
  19. it is as NQ-Cosmos said, except for Sanctuary it was never planned that surface ore can respawn, and honestly, i'd love it if they'd just removed it completely from planets, it looks ugly in most biomes and nearly no one mines it (at least no one i know).
  20. Thats some "by the power of friendship" BS if i ever heard it^^ The trust i talked about isn't limited to "do i trust that player as person" but more like "can i trust another player to log in weekly to pay the taxes for the hex". Because there are loads of reasons why that person might not be able to login anymore even tho he wants to, be it monetary or health reasons, or whatever. And losing a build you worked months on because of something like that is a matter thats just a no-go. With the tax system DU basically removed the creative build mode. Until now builders participated a lot in the economy by buying ores, HC or elements. Now that might drastically reduce, because builders can't "just work" on their project anymore. For example i'll have to tear down my temple building, because its on a hex of someone who can't log in: It might not be the prettiest building, but it still did take quite a lot of time. With their taxes NQ effectively reduces the amount of landmarks ppl might want to visit or which they could advertise.
  21. yeah, a lot of people are ok with the system because they assume the prices will stay the same or only drop marginally, while in my opinion, T1 will drop to an all time low. Calibration Talents are supposed to apply through VR, however, that was said in the same video, in which they stated that scans will carry over, so take it with a grain of salt.
  22. Sure, that could be done, but its always way more reliable to own the hexes yourself, especially in a game where you don't know if the next time you see the other person is tomorrow or in a year. And if you took weeks to build a great race track, just for this person to not pay the taxes, thats a risk i wouldn't want to take.
  23. It depends. For people who arent active anymore, the racing league can "just" claim their hexes and shoulder the taxes (if they are willing to pay out of the pocket) For those with still active users... i personally own one race track that crosses 6 hexes. I did plan to build a second one before the demeter update was announced, but now certainly wont do it, as i'm neither willing nor able to pay 6mio+ per week for something that gives no income. I know there are some race centers that use way more hexes, and all of this has to be paid. My rough (and probably wrong) estimate is, that all current tracks in the racing league summed up have 70+ hexes, which is a looot of taxes. Now some people would probably argue, that the useage of the tracks could be monetized, but that only works if a sport has paying audience, and i have yet to meet anyone who is willing to "see" people race in DU. In addition to the high probability, that the majority of those hexes have crappy ore pools, it just kills the future prospects of the racing league and is a very limiting factor to future expansion. An very idealistic and at the same time unrealistic view. The amount of players who can and are willing to pay for RP is abysmal small.
  24. so, basically the tax system killed the DU racing league and only a few selected tracks will remain, is it really your wish to reduce the already lacking content of DU even further?
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