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Found 84 results

  1. With the current system players are able to mine and warp haul the rarest resources back to the safe zone triangle with absolutely no risk, just pure reward. This removes any need to tactically think of ways to haul these resources back, hire military escort services or scout their travel path. This of course will end with the release of Atmos pvp / territory warfare but this may well be a long time away. So I have a proposal that should be light on development resources that would bring the risk aspect back in to the game while also giving ways to avoid pirate warp exit point camping. Warp cost change. Currently the cost of warp is calculated from a formula that takes total warp distance multiplied by ship weight. You set the warp at A and are frozen until you reach B of which the warp cells used are removed from inventory on arrival and ship unlocks. A better way of doing this is for the Warp cost to start at 1 cell, the cost then increases while you are in warp due to warp distance you have covered. If you reach the warp cell limit of your inventory you will drop out of warp wherever you are on the line. Additionally you can now choose to exit warp at any time of the journey. This allows players to change direction and move off the common travel routes without the need to slowboat. Doing this will also change your target planet / moon warp exit point. Now finally until Atmos pvp / Territory warfare is introduced I recommend moving the warp exit points and warp interference radius of planets not in the safe zone triangle out in to the pvp area of space by around 5 - 10 SU. This will finally add some risk for the higher resource rewards from these planets.
  2. The Above image is a snippet from a post on the .23 patch regarding Perma-destruction of elements and Weapon limitation of core size. Below I go over some of the problems with these two aspects of the 0.23 patch and outline potential ways to make it better and more enjoyable. Element Perma-destruction: Problems: Creates excessive risk and inclines less people to travel out into space Inability to trade "used" elements... even though you can buy/sell used cars, games, GFX cards, laptops ect. in real life. Forces people to carry excess weight on their ships by having whole replacement elements. Severely hinders PVP since there is virtually no reward or fully developed, profitable, fun and engaging salvage mechanics Suggested ways to fix it: Due to excessive risk, instead of just the counter to an element make perma-destruction occur in this fashion When an element takes damage, have it's efficiency decrease by the percentage of health removed from the element. Simply put, if an engine, wing, adjuster, air/space break ect. has 90/100 hp then it will function at 90% efficiency. When an element is destroyed and restored it will function at 90% efficiency even if it's at 100% health. Every subsequent destruction/restoration of an element will result in the element operating at an addition 10% loss in efficiency When restoring the efficiency or running maintenance on an element that has been destroyed say 4 times (making it 60% efficient) create a UI that will require the person to use X number of parts that it took to create the element. This X number of required parts is reduced based on the maintainer talents applied when fixing the efficiency (yes that means new talents to train for a maintainer/grease monkey). The maintainer can use a portion of the parts required to restore a portion of the elements efficiency, because not all of the time will you be able to fully restore a weapon or engine and will need to stop at a market to buy more parts to fully repair the engine. The Inability to trade "used" elements that feature a low max efficiency should still be tradable on the markets and not limited to just bartering. This aspect cuts out the PvPers who want to sell salvaged parts on the market and also cuts out a whole market from those who like to buy/sell items new or used. Forcing people to carry whole replacement elements (even a core) is not an optimal stance. Or, I should say that it should not be the ONLY choice a pilot or crew have to repair/restore/maintain the elements on their ship. Allowing people to use parts to restore the efficiency of an element will help virtually everyone since perma destruction will no longer exist and it will remove the risk factor for everyone to be able to jump back on and enjoy the game. In addition, the perma-destruction of an element will only exist if a person/crew is unable to restore the efficiency of an element. Because at the end of the day, if they can't restore the efficiency of an element then when it's max efficiency, after getting destroyed 5 - 9 times, goes down, then the element is nearly useless to begin with. This brings back the reward aspect of the risk of PVP. When two ships go at it, in the game's current state, they both stand to gain nothing and lose more than just ammo and voxel and elements... and time. Giving people the ability to repair and then restore an elements efficiency will encourage PVPers to get back out there more and plunder the booty. Weapon limitation for core-sizes: Problems: Too overzealous of an approach and clearly focused on just the excessive borg cube issue which lead to no one building legitimate ships in PVP Still didn't stop people from building Borg cubes destroyed a lot of builds where some ships could feasibly support a weapon that was 1 size higher than it's core size. Suggested ways to fix it: Allow for cores to use a weapon size 1 size up. By doing this it will make XS and S core ships feasible in combat once again. Medium size ships will be able to contend with Large cores. and Medium core ships will actually be afraid if it is taken on by multiple Small core ships. However, Medium core ships will still be able to hold their own in a fire fight. Balance the numbers better. Right now the initial numbers for the T2 -T5 items seem unjustifiable. Meaning, there's no justified reason to go for T3 or T4 cannons when T2 does the job just fine. The current "why" behind chasing after higher end items does not line up with the reasoning for gathering up all the needed materials to produce them. (Disclaimer: Yes, I understand that MMOs of this kind always have a balancing act going on when it comes to content so you're probably already aware the need for better balancing)... I'll update soon with proof of concept.
  3. Hereby I open a petition to NQ With a very simple question, nothing too fancy: "Please make Time invested in DU worthwile by reducing overal costs in creating ships and buildings". Alternatively this will also probably reduce the gold sellers as margins plumeth and will inspire PvP as losses are manageble. Moreover will this help the economy because everyone loves to keep industry rolling so the surplus needs to go somewhere. It all comes down to what was already said, would you risk a 200 euro/dollar ship? probably not. Would you risk a ship thats net worth is a cup of coffee and maybe a donut? I would, wouldn't you? This topic is not to discuss how to make it cheaper, to give NQ all the space there is to be creative. Origins of this petition are the many discussions on PVP and what is holding people back at the moment.
  4. Make outer planets (the ones that are outside safezone) have "safe zone" only while actually in atmosphere. Currently it's 2.5su and it destroys any risk/reward factor. You can warp in, mine t4/t5, warp out. You pay like 2-3% of your income to be completely pvp immune and have 0 risk. I do understand that atmo-pvp is not ready so real atmosphere will still be inside the safezone and pvp immune. This will open enormous opportunities and make t4/t5 and PVP actually meaningful. You will need to figure your way in/out. You will have an option of mining t1-t3 in complete safety or go for it and try to grab the gold by risking to get killed. This will add meaning to having fleets, alliances for protection and make the game actually a box with a sand to play and has a very low dev cost. NQ can the advertise the game as: "Fight for resources" "Press for power" blablaa and it will not be fakenews and this WILL BRING players, new and old ones back.
  5. - PvP based on organization war, rather than free-for-all PvP - Implement war exhaustion mechanics to prevent one Org from going zerg
  6. What about making a Virtual arena for PvP in game. So the player will need to have a blueprint of a ship to have a ship. And basically it will be PvP where players, will be able to place bets and fight for rating and maybe season rewards. Since it will be virtual, no lose of ships for the players. And yet they will need a real made ship in metal, in order to make a blueprint. By doing this, this will stimulate the ship design and will require a more diversified engines on the market. And also attract people, who will be interested in PvP experience the most.
  7. Организация Железные рукава (Iron Sleeves) объявляет о наборе новобранцев в свои ряды! Вместе мы поработим вселенную и установим свой порядок! Кто не с нами, тот под нами! Форма правления: военная диктатура. Наши враги: абсолютно все, кто отказывается подчиняться и выполнять наши условия. Наши задачи: создание огромной армии, захват вселенной, порабощение населения, уничтожение неугодных режиму организаций и личностей. В организации присутствует производство, направленное исключительно на военные нужны организации и на поддержание огневой мощи флота. Мы будем рады видеть в своих рядах честных и ответственных игроков, готовых участвовать в развитии организации, а именно: 1. Пилотов 2. Боевые экипажи 3. Майнеров и производственников Страница организации на портале сообщества https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/9518/ Наш Discord https://discord.gg/n6ZuGGs
  8. -Posted weekly by the devs in the forums and discord. -Event would include a cache of ores. Perhaps some lower tier items. Of a fair value for the risk. -Bookmark for event would show up on your map screen showing you were to try to obtain the loot and a timer to show when the loot cache will spawn. -Should take place in PvP Zones in various locations weekly. Just one spawn though not multiple at once. Some spawns should just be outside of the safe area and some should be a far off distance from the safe zone hub.
  9. Who we are The goal of Unexplained Atomics or Atom for short, is to create a PvP first corporation. PvP first means all decisions for the corporation will be made with the goal of improving PvP capabilities and creating content. Atom will be made of skilled, and passionate individuals who enjoy playing Dual Universe coming together in the pursuit of improving their skills and the pursuit of content. What we do Atom members spend the day improving their standing in the universe and honing their skills. To accomplish these goals they work closely with one another and share information freely. They spend time testing aspects of the universe and provide quality feedback to the developers especially on the aspects related to PvP content. While Atom members are soldiers they have their own pursuits that aid them in their endeavors. Atom members build and fly the best ships, Create the most wealth, and the most functional software. Main Organization Activities Wars Mercenary Contracts Transport escorts Security Contracts Main Member Duties Gunners Pilots Repair Crew Ship commander Fleet commander Support Activities Manufacturing Trading Mining Diplomacy More PvP Development Why join Join If you like PvP and want to work with other like minded people to improve your PvP skills. This includes PvP theory crafting, ship building, and PvP practice. If the Who we are and What we do sounds good to you then you are probably a good fit. How to join If you want to PvP and join an organization with a focus on it then we probably want you. That being said there are currently two requirements for joining. The interview The interview is the first step in the process. Its main purpose is to weed out lazy spies and get a feel for if you are genuinely interested in PvP and Dual Universe. Need help with the Journey or have another question? Join our discord https://discord.gg/bYc2ZBA Organization Link
  10. So You can no longer control warp drive with Lua Apparently it was because of emergency jump systems people made to avoid being pirated while hauling long distance and going afk and it was unfair for pirates. I believe the change is stupid because now it's unfair for everyone else but pirates, you have a warp drive and you can't even use it to run away? So here I'm suggesting my solution: Add jump calculation timer to warp drives. The timer should last like 1 minute or 90 sec, not sure how long, that time will have to be balanced. During jump calculation players cannot change their velocity (so cannot thrust or brake, however should be allowed to rotate), if they do the countdown will be canceled. Introducing that timer would make it most fair for both sides, it would give pirates a window to catch the hauler and fire on it (and that activates combat cooldown that is already in the game) and if the pirates are not able to catch the hauler in time it will jump away. And ofc make it possible to initiate that timer with Lua, you shouldn't except people to non stop sit in front of the PC during let's say 90 minute flight between planets.
  11. Idea: Deployable (some sort of re-scoopable static construct?) warp disruption area generators which cut the warp of ships short and stop them, if those ships enter the disruption area during their warps. Very similar to those we see in Eve. This idea is mechanically very applicable to Dual Universe given the game's current warp mechanics. Why: - A balanced sandbox game ecosystem needs non-consensual PvP. The kind of PvP that's not occurring between parties mutually agreeing to PvP. But the kind of PvP that's between pirates and prey, where at least one side (the prey) actually wants to have nothing to do with the said PvP. The prey has profit-based motivations such as hauling, mining, and so on. Then there should be people hunting the prey. And people hunting the pirates. A successful sandbox ecosystem thus finds a sustainable balance between these parties, where neither side's gameplay is neither too oppressive nor impossible; and there is meaningful play and counterplay for both sides. - The current PvP iteration in DU has extremely minor opportunities for this kind of PvP. These pertain to seeking content in travel pipes between planets. And these sources will be diminishing once players progress in the learning curve, because it's extremely easy to avoid this kind of PvP as the prey side. And most importantly, once warp drives become more and more prevalent and common, they will hit the final nail as warps occur from a safe zone to a safe zone. Thus, warps need counterplay. How could they be balanced?: - The extent of the disruption zone can be balanced at the right window. Say if you are warping from the top of the Alioth Market Zone to Jago, you might get caught as it's a hot zone which pirates might be camping. But the same generator will not catch you if you move on Alioth 40 KM away from the markets at a 90 degrees direction, and start your warp there. I'd say 30-40 KM is good radius to go with. Thus, avoiding hot paths between planets during warp would be one counterplay (it's already super effective during conventional space travel). - The zones can appear in radar, and thus giving people at the landing side a chance to conduct recon and warn their friends before their warp. - It can take time to deploy and scoop the generators. - The generators can be drastically costly, heavy, and be attacked/stolen. Thus forcing the pirates to "ante-up" if they want to catch people, opening up further conflict opportunities around the generators. - The generators may not be deployed X SU within the distance of a non-PvP zone.
  12. To build a large space city for an org it would require massive amount of space cores to restrict other random ppl of placing a core and building a cube in between their assets. And if there will be some defense mechanics like planned with regular TUs (only the most outer ones can be attacked) this will create an opportunity for big orgs to build a somewhat-safe trade/military/other outposts in the wild space
  13. Rimezx

    Radar jamming

    The idea is adding radar jamming elements for ships to use. How it would work: A ship fires its radar jammer and it stops all ship radars with in range from functioning of a limited time. The radar jammer should have a limited range less than maximum radar range and also a cooldown. The ship that had its radar jammed cannot get jammed again for an X amount of time. (this is to prevent having multiple jammers/ships and using jamming in rotation to get away). This would make pvp much more interesting and less decided from the start. It would give the player a mechanic to outplay the opponent after the engagement. You could change course rapidly, brake, accelerate within jam time to change the course of the fight.
  14. Idea: Each ship is assigned a "signature radius" based on X * Y * Z of their cross section. This value isn't only tied to hit/miss formula, but also to radar detection range, identification speed, and lock speed. Then create a bunch of exotic voxels as "stealth coating". Ships with this coating have a bonus for significantly reduced signature radius, and are "stealth" in the sense of the word that's used for real-life aircraft, thus creating a stealth class in DU. As in other games involving stealth features, the voxels should have their adequate weaknesses. Why: These are two ideas bundled together. In earlier threads I suggested that to fix the borg cube meta, NQ should integrate cross section to the hit/miss formula. I'm glad they are going that way. I think one step beyond this would be introducing a signature radius value for every dynamic construct based on their cross sections. The signature radius value going into not only hit/miss but also radar-related formulas further demotivates the borg cube. It also creates more opportunities like stealth ships. Many MMO's have "stealth" classes where the idea is choosing who you fight with, engaging and disengaging easier; with its own downsides. Eve Online carved a really good place for stealth ships too. I think DU has a potential here with a concept of ships "suddenly appearing on radar with a surprise attack". Better yet, they do not really need to 'cloak' like Eve. They just need to have reduced radar detection ranges, like real life. One opportunity to implement this is introducing a "stealth coating". The game would create great design opportunities by introducing honeycomb material with radar-resistance and stealth technology. The game would calculate how much of your ship is covered with stealth voxels (sort of how dimencia's hud calculates 'structural integrity'), and provide a bonus to reduce radar detection (the default 2 SU detection, not 'identification') range based on that value; thus creating a class of stealth ships which can be used for surprise attacks. How Can They Be Balanced: As in all other games, stealth class should bring in its own achilles' heels. Like in many other games, this can come in the form of HP weaknesses, and stealth cover diminishing upon engagement. - Stealth coating drastically reduces the amount you can carry in cargo containers -prevent stealth freighters-. - Stealth coating not only has low hp, but also drastically reduces the hp of all voxels of the ship -so you can't "tank" a ship and also use stealth coating on top of it-. - Stealth benefits disappear upon firing guns or identifying a target -no untouchability when actually engaging-.
  15. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp “Come As You Are.” Link to old thread Band of Outlaws is a honey badger worshiping space cartel within Dual Universe. We plan to be the premiere organization for those who enjoy a less than serious organization, with a cartel/mafia theme to spice up our unique community culture. Our goal is to always enjoy the game, and to knock over as many sand castles as we can. We are happy to accept mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, traders, builders, explorers, and any other play style in this game. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from. We also understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. Already want to join? Scroll down to the bottom for the info. Unlike the majority of organizations within Dual Universe who want to create their own space empires or industrial mega corporations, we wanted to create the first Cartel for the game and its community. BOO will provide many services ranging from discreet goods transportation, a bounty hunters network, asset security, and everything else in between. All of which can be purchased for the right price of course. We wanted to create a community in DU that did not take itself seriously, but could still be a powerhouse organization through economics, industrial power, force if necessary, and memes. We intend to help with the construction of neutral, free trade player hubs like our Project: Tortuga. Tortuga is our code name for one of Dual Universe’s first planned neutral player hubs that will be created on a planet when the game releases. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Destiny 2, Path of Exile, Hell Let Loose, Overwatch, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game. Strength in numbers: Being the 2nd largest organization in Dual Universe, we have more than enough manpower to protect our own assets and those of our members. PVP: Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies? Did that space trucker look at you sideways? Just like to see the galaxy burn? We can ensure you that we will do all of that and more. We love PVP, do you love PVP? PVE: Huh? Industrial Powerhouse: We have some of the brightest minds in the DU community theory-crafting our industrial process’ for churning out our ships and construction materials to keep you busy if building and production is your forte. Ship Replacement Program: We like PVP, did we tell you that yet? While we will be blowing holes in other players’ ships, some will be blown into ours as well. We can keep you in the fight with our organization funded SRP program where you will be given a free replacement for your ships if they are lost/destroyed on BOO business and operations. A true gaming community: DU isn’t our only game, join our Discord server of 400+ members to hang out with a community of somewhat likable nerds. Come for the memes, and stay for the memes. Memecrafting: We live by the meme, and we die by the meme. BOO is not a democracy, but we place our members as the number one focus of our community. Everything our leadership does is done with that goal in mind, and if it doesn’t work/fit our culture or it just chaffs the community in the wrong way, then we find something else that does work and keep moving forward. This keeps our foundation strong, and allows our community as a whole to adapt to whatever it needs to adapt to in order to keep everyone happy and having fun. Our leadership volunteers their free time to ensure that BOO is always at its best, and that our members are taken care of. Below is a quick diagram of our current leadership. Like any good space cartel, we are also home to several organizations within BOO. Groups like Vanguard, a private mercenary corporation, benefit from everything that BOO offers its core members without losing their own identity and autonomy. We like to call these groups SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. Special Interest Groups help to provide day-to-day content for their members. To apply to BOO as a SIG, go to this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 BOO is all about quality over quantity, and with that, we have some standards we put in place that we would like potential members to meet. Our Discord server and wherever else we hang out is always filled with the finest quality of meme’s in Dual Universe. Seriously, we’re home to some of the most iconic memes in DU already. Here is what we call "The Code", these are our community guidelines, and is what every member will follow in Dual Universe and other games. That’s really it. If you can meet those expectations, and feel that you would be a good fit in our community, then we want you. The recruitment process is simple, and you only need to submit an application to our group on the community portal, and to also be sure you join our Discord server to conduct a quick one-on-one interview with one of our recruiters where you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you are a good fit for us. NOTE: If you are wanting to apply as a SIG, contact Cybrex on the forums, or on our Discord server. Applying as an organization? Contact our Diplomacy Director, Cybrex, to inquire about joining BOO with your organization as a Special Interest Group. You can also join our Discord server, where someone on our Diplomacy team will get with you as soon as they can to get the process going. If you are ready to apply as a SIG, then please visit this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 Applying as a member? Sweet! Send your application to us on the community portal here, and be sure to join our Discord server so we can conduct your interview. You can also contact our Internal Affairs Director, Anslem Vry. NOTE: If you apply and do not join our Discord server after a week from submission, your application will be denied by default. “Come As You Are.” Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp
  16. Regarding this announcement: this particular scenario: and this future feature: Will the floating container stay forever? Will a player "killed" by force-respawn leave a floating container? Depending on this, players will probably build castle moats as trap holes around their bases/tiles. What if everybody does that around the districts? If beeing traped is an approved scenario for demanding NQ's help, should setting up such traps be forbidden by the rules? Is it bad to play this card? note: this is also valid for trap constructs with closing doors and detectors for example, should it be considered as griefing?
  17. Hello there. I've just noticed that Naunet has rebooted the forums, so I feel that posting feedback and suggestions would be worth it, since I couldn't go into deeper detail on the round table. The theme of this topic will be Constructs being too difficult to destroy. As it stands now, the main thing that governs how long a ship can survive being shot at is voxel mass and surface area. The current cube meta plays off of this. Consider this, everyone is currently using L weapons, weapons that are supposed to be fitting for battleships, yet people still struggle to destroy a cube, even worse a medium warship, and ultimately completely unable to destroy a large ship within reasonable means. Once the new updates fix weapon sizes to core sizes, people using smaller ships will struggle even more. Furthermore, large core ships will become more desirable, being reasonably indestructible and more potent in terms of damage output. If now we can predict that a large core vs large core battle will take several hours, a silly amount of resources and effort, to simply reach a stalemate, imagine what will happen when everyone has a large core battleship. It will simply become a waste of time, and completely only a war of attrition. Whoever can be bothered the most, whoever has the most time, whoever has the most voxel armour, scrap ammo and fuel. Paired with the already uninteresting gameplay, endless fights with large cores will be IMO the death of pvp, because at the moment people only pvp for fun, hell even if there were currently objectives I probably wouldn't bother spending hours for frustration. I do have a suggestion however, of which I believe many people are of the same mind. PENETRATION! Instead of nerfing and buffing things left and right, creating a confusion of balance, a different fundamental approach to combat should be used. Currently whatever weapon you may use, when hitting, creates a sphere of damage on whatever exterior location the RNG decides. With the currently used system, it is necessary to go through as much armour as the builder has implemented to cause any real damage to a ship. How does penetration work? Simple, when one shell loves another ship it'll do anything to get inside. instead of a sphere of damage, the damage model can be changed to a thin rod/cylinder. The goal of penetration is to deal damage to critical internal systems, throwing rocks at armour is a cavemans tactic. This will shift the balance of building a ship. Plating a ship with silly amounts of armour will no longer dictate how long a ship survives. Ship design will finally become important (ship design is not important ATM, slap on those voxels jimmy). Placement of elements will finally matter, internal design of the ship for easy access repairs will finally matter. However, this system can completely nullify the use of armour, balancing penetration will also be a struggle no doubt, but more depth and quicker more effective combat in DU is sorely needed. Use of armour can still be viable in such a way that the lack of it will be very disadvantageous for things such as missiles. A small bonus of armour penetration instead of mass exterior explosions is that, penetrations will leave less of a mark on the ships voxels. When you core a ship, you wont get something that has 0 voxels because you've had to literally destroy every block, and ships can keep retain their looks for longer which I'm sure some builders can appreciate. Indeed, much more is needed to introduce substance to combat. Like other things in DU, we lack tools to pvp. Fuel tanks, ammo tanks creating a hell of an explosion when destroyed, leading to more thoughtful placement of elements, more substance in combat. Emptying their contents when destroyed. Your ammo went off m8, GG. While penetration leaves less of a mark on voxels, it also leaves the surface area mostly intact in which RNG will have to pick from. Fights can still take a long time waiting for a luck shot on a core. The introduction of special ordinance, ship killing tools, will bring more tactics, less time however more involvement into combat. On that topic, lets suggest a basic ship to ship torpedo. Expensive, large, dangerous to carry (if exploded in your ship you get it's juicy effects), dangerous for the enemy, yet easy to counter. Torpedo's would only be viable when an enemy ship is down on its energy generators, that can no longer supply to its counter measures which prevent torpedo's from locking on. Torpedo's would have their own ammo racks, and own dispenser elements, perhaps one that looks like a turret, or one that looks like an inbuilt tube, to provide options for both aesthetics. I apologise for the bad organisation of information. I'm sure we can all agree that combat needs more substance, needs be more effective. We need more tools! And I hope that NQ can decide on a better fundamental approach to the mechanics. Sure their physics based damaged model is cool, but no one wants to be stuck in a 10 hour fight resulting in nothing. We need to use tools to pvp, not all of our time and resources.
  18. Dear NQ, you need to do something with using the resurrection node on the ship in PvP. Also need to do something with bug-users who use alt+f4 in warp jump or PvP. Here's what I suggest: Add cooldown and add the prohibition of the use the resurrection node in PvP. If you are locked by another player cooldown starts working for the entire crew on the ship. I think it's not normal that when you kill players, their ship stops because they died, and then they are respawn on their ship again.. This is easy to do: cooldown = false getData = radar_1.getData() enemylock = getData:match('"targetThreatState":[^0]') mylock = getData:match('"myThreatStateToTarget":[^0]') while enemylock or mylock do cooldown = true end Please upvote https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/133027/cooldown-for-resurrection-node-in-pvp
  19. At this point, many of us realize the dangers of XS core sniper ships. For those that don't know, these are XS ships + Gunner seats that are typically equipped with something like a Space Radar L and Large Railgun L. I want to talk about the math and logic behind a scenario associated with these little bastards. Let's start with the math given a scenario involving an XS core sniper aggressor (A Team) against a fleet comprised of an M core freighter and and two XS core sniper escorts (B Team). A Team can lock and fire at the B Team freighter at a range of 160km. BOOM! That's a lot of damage! Of course, B Team also has XS core snipers as an escort so surely this battle is about to turn... right? Not quite. The B Team sniper could be an exact replica of the A Team sniper but unfortunately, B Team can only target the aggressor's XS core at a mere 40km. That's a big 'ole 120km difference between defensive and offensive distances (don't flame me on this comment just yet, read the next lines). While traveling in the big void of space this isn't too much of an issue. Logically, you could just have the escorts run 120km in front of and behind the freighter. The snipers could see and presumably handle anything coming up in front or approaching quickly from behind during tavel acceleration to 30km/h. But what about when there are aggressors spotted during the approach to the destination? Does the lead escort suffice in managing a flanking situation at the destination? The deceleration distance of freighters (even with a bunch of retro brakes) is measured in SU given the time it takes to slow down. We're talking several hundred km when our Space Radar L can only see out 400km. Is it too late at that point for the freighter to attempt an abort? Does the freighter just smash that WARP NOW button to zoom off to safely and say, "Several million in warp cells well-spent!" Does the freighter pilot just cover every spare inch of the ship with Retro-Rocket Brakes like he's making a pepperoni pizza at home? is this a moot point and none of this matters? Hell if I know. Discuss.
  20. Hello, This post is being put up and polled to get NovaQuark's attention regarding certain mechanics of the game that may or may not be intentional. After a fair number of PvP engagements in DU I've noticed that people are beginning to dive deeper into the cube meta of DU. As in construct XS/Small Core ships that are just a big brick of ridiculousness and large weapons. By maximizing the entire build space of a construct people will fill it with voxel and other essential elements to just power punch an enemy off the field. An effective strategy I must say. While it is not the only strategy in the game I'm trying to view this topic from a longer term or generalized view of the game (from my perspective... which could be totally wrong). NQ and even JC has envisioned people building amazing and powerful ships to traversing the stars and battling each other for one reason or another. However, people will tend to follow the meta until NQ makes a change that forces the crowd to take a different path. With the current stance of PvP, NQ will begin to see more and more ships produced that are just shoe boxes or cubes with no thought, effort, or design prowess behind the build. Without going into too much detail or some long drawn out diatribe, I've created a poll with: Is a simple yes or no Is an option selection based on some ideas I and others have had regarding how to kill the cube and force people to build actual ships instead of boxes. I'm asking for NQ to prevent this from becoming a thing by nerfing the cube meta and forcing people to have to build legitimate ships.
  21. ...the more voxels you have underneath, lets say by percentage of the building space filled, the weaker the protection. This way you aren't forced to make a cube anyway underneath said shield, or you could go voxel-free for a stronger shield, but would be in dire straights should they ever drop. I would like to think with proper balance, most people would be somewhere in the middle. This, of course, doesn't address other glaring issues like targeting distance based purely on core size, and L weapons on XS cores, but it's a start. Discuss.
  22. I get the sense that the rush of beta interest is starting to fade. Many people have gotten a taste for the game but now are starting to re-focus on real life issues. To keep DU sustainable long term, we have to look at what a game can provide to a player. 1. A sense of accomplishment: - this is fulfilled by the building aspect of the game and I think is well covered, no urgent needs here. 2. A sense of comraderie, friendship building, and belonging to a purpose greater than oneself: - while building large and or intricate constructs with a team can do this to some extent, I don't think it can be a primary motivator by itself. - hunting as a lone wolf doesn't satisfy most people long term, sure fun to try but that can fade away. For me, I would like to be part of a combat based team that can overcome high odds to prevail against a tough enemy, without stirring up a lot of negativity. Too much of that going on in the world right now. So, here is the problem: - Right now, PvP is architected around people stealing from other people and the defending against that. I don't think that kind of negative experience is going to help the game in the long run. For the pirate, it is a short term adrenaline rush but ultimately gets boring if it is too easy or repetitious. For the victim, they get tired of mining for a week and having it all disappear instantly along with their ship and they start to question their commitment to DU itself. What I think is needed: - A common enemy that is not only other players. Other players have real-life schedules and getting two large opposing groups to be online at the same time is not going to happen very easily. I don't think there really is any alternative to having swarms of low level AI bots protecting something that is highly desired by most PvP players. What is that thing that everybody wants? Is it treasure, rare ores, or bragging rights? Sure, but even more important is having an memorable experience - that's the real treasure. The swarms of low level AI bots are just the guards at the door, but the group that can prove they can work together to defeat them will get access to some real, story-based battles. Hire some real professional writers that have successfully published some sci-fi books and have them create content that is only available to orgs that can enter that zone. Now, what should naturally happen is that an alliance of orgs will try to protect access to those story-based rich hunting grounds, and other alliances will form to wrest control of that gate from them. Now THAT would be worth staying active in the game for.
  23. We can debate all day about if pirates flying XS cube ships with L Railguns have any class or not (spoiler: they don't, cubes are lame), but I think we can all agree that the current iteration of PvP has plenty of problems. Current Problems: Lock-on range is only determined by core size Some weapons have ranges that are greater than the minimum Lock-on range Weapons have no/minimal accuracy falloff with increasing range Weapons have no/minimal accuracy loss for high transversal velocities and accelerations My Proposed Solutions: 1: Lock on range needs to be based on different parameters. The current meta of L guns on XS ships is problematic, since S and M ships (even if they also have L guns) are outranged and don't even get an opportunity to fight back. I propose splitting lock-on into 4 separate "Radar" units: Radar - lock-on range based on sum of ship's 3 cross-sections (already calculated, and doing it as a sum encourages non-cube ships) Gravimetric - lock-on range based on ship's mass (already calculated, makes heavy ships easier to detect whether its cargo or armor) Thermal - lock-on range based on magnitude of the ship's maximum thrust in newtons (already calculated, makes ships with lots of engines easier to detect) Electromagnetic - lock-on range based on power capacity and shields (obviously only useful when/if those systems are added) Balancing the ranges from the 4 methods will take some trial and error, but overall it would make detection more "fair" by adding more control handles for NQ to balance. 2+3: Weapons being able to shoot far is very reasonable, and is really a necessity for the BVR combat caused by the velocities of ships in space. With the lock-on changes above, #2 becomes less of a problem. However, just because your weapon CAN reach that far, doesn't mean it should have great accuracy at doing so. Weapons should be able to fire when they are locked on, regardless of range (maybe missiles would be an exception to this), but should have accuracy falloff due to that range. Additionally, lasers should have damage falloff with range. I'd like to see the weapons rebalanced accordingly: Railguns - high accuracy, low rof, moderate damage Cannons - moderate accuracy, moderate rof, moderate damage Lasers - high accuracy, high rof, damage falloff at range (low damage at long range, moderate damage at short range) Missiles - moderate accuracy, low rof, hard cap range limited (high damage at short range) 4: Unless you are exactly in the target's flight path, you shouldn't be able to hit someone blazing past at 30k kph, aka "0.99c". Accounting for transversal velocity forces pursuers to match velocities in order to have high hit chances, not just reduce the distance. This means that weapons need a "tracking speed" property, so that some are better than others. While tracking speed should vary by weapon type, it should primarily vary by weapon size so that Large weapons have low accuracy at high transversal velocities. This solves the "the ultimate ship is the biggest ship covered in the most armor and cannons" problem, by making it hard for large weapons to target faster moving ships. While that can be overcome by adding a ton of engines to make "the ultimate ship" accelerate like a fighter, it will also drastically increase their Thermal signature thus allowing smaller ships to plink them to death from out of range. Additionally, if transversal acceleration and facing cross section were taken into account, small and quick ships like fighters would be harder to hit. Now some of you are going to say "but SGCam, that sounds a lot like the combat mechanics in EVE." And you are right, it does. But as with many things in DU that take inspiration from EVE, Lock+Fire combat is one of them. That system overall works pretty well for EVE, and the more granular and customizable nature of DU means that it can be even more effective here. I'm also looking forward to warp interdiction and tackling, but that would be a whole other post. Overall, the more complex the mechanics, the less all-around advantage "meta" builds have. They may be powerful in certain situations, and that's ok - as long as they are weaker elsewhere due to their optimization. Adding tradeoffs opens up the design space for more varied and interesting PvP, and will hopefully prevent us from playing "Cube Gank Squad 2020" going forward.
  24. Midgard is a private military organization that is aspiring to be self sufficient through our industry and design sectors while leading the system in innovative design while taking contracts from the highest bidders to fight against their competition. Want to be part of an organization that chooses its own path instead of falling in line with others? Look no further. We are currently recruiting all roles and are more than happy to help players in need when it comes to learning the game. Our discord server is available as well so hop in and see what we’re about! Some important details: -We are an English speaking organization and are operating out of NA, but anyone is welcomed to join regardless of timezone -We do have a soft cap on age, minimum being 18, but we can make exceptions so long as you can be mature. -We are now on Alioth and ready to shuttle new recruits out! Message me or join our discord to join! -Midgard will be looking to start receiving contracts from other organizations in the next week or two after we have built up our fleet appropriately to provide security or attacks for our clients. https://discord.gg/hxKW7PA
  25. EDIT: Sorry - due to a miscommunication at the printers - please contact "Kneemon Lyvania#4687". Thankyou ~ Management
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