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  1. [Founding Member of the Lodestar Alliance] ƊƛƦƘ SƬƛƦ ƖMƤЄƦƖƲM Forging the Warrior Spirit ƠƲƦ ƇƠMMƲƝƖƬƳ - A Community formed and managed by current and prior military, we are an open and blunt community that promotes free speech. The Dark Star Imperium is an meritocratic empire, What that means is that if you put in the effort, you WILL advance in the ranks. We are a brotherhood with a passion for not just PvP, but creative Design and originality. Our Members are our greatest asset and as such those that earn their place within our ranks can take solace that we care of our own. - We specialize in faction PvP, engineering, and tech with all sections having many experienced veterans from other games. No matter your playstyle, we have a place for You! Our philosophy on all aspects is going beyond the competition by overwhelming levels. When it comes to establishing supremacy on the virtual battlefield we strive to excel in all aspects of warfare as the premiere professional armada! ƠƲƦ ƇƲԼƬƲƦЄ - An open forum where anyone can speak their mind and affect change. Maturity and Thick skin is required to handle our sense of humor as most military vets and those like us see the world differently and as such this community has a vary obvious warrior culture vibe to it, as is what we intended. Rich Lore and a unique art style have also been created in parallel with DSI's evolution. Do you want to KNOW MORE? ƜHƛƬ ƜЄ ƛƦЄ ԼƠƠƘƖƝƓ ƑƠƦ - We're looking for PvPers, Industrialists, ship designers and programmers of any skill level with a genuine interest in being a part of something greater! Apply on our Discord: https://discord.gg/SyDKAk9Xs5
  2. Some will disagree with me and claim that DU's PVP was never fun but I strongly disagree, I had loads of fun before shields came out. This is due to how PVP brings players together. Before Shields every group in the game ran multicrew ships they would have 1 pilot, 4 gunners and 2 repair guys, now this would bring people together, it was so so soooo much more fun communicating with your org mates while you all organised your firing and piloting and made sure your ship was all repaired, unlike now when you have one person on one ship running the entire ship. It no longer has that feel of comradery, it no longer has the same team aspect to it. you no longer feel as though you are an elite unit in a space ship fighting your enemy. Now I can keep going on about how bad this update was for the PVP meta and population but instead I will list some changes that I believe NQ should make to bring back the fun aspect of DU's multicrew and add counters causing fleets to create fleet comps and not just run the same type of ship. In the following wall of text I am going to address the majority of aspects of PVP and explain how the y are unbalanced and how to make them balanced and fun. Firstly Tanking. I will start this of by comparing the in-balance between shield and voxel tanking. When your voxel gets shot you lose money, as that is voxel you then have to replace afterwards. When your shield gets hit you investment in your shield becomes worthwhile as you can just leave your ship on your pad for 10mins and it will regen. When you are in a fight with voxel you only have a limited amount of HP that's based on your total elements and voxel. when you are in a fight with your shield you are carrying infinite HP as you can leave the fight to go and vent and regen your health as much as you want. when you shoot a shield you have no real feedback/sense of accomplishment but when you shoot a voxel based ship you can see every dent and every bullet hole and every explosion and feel that accomplishment. How to balance this? Set L, M and S shields to 15mil HP, leave L shields to how there are so that they still protect the entirety of the ship, make M shields only protect about half the ship and S only protect a specific direction. Now if Voxel was balanced correctly S and M shields would have a interesting part in 1v1's and small fleet fights whereas L will most likely still be used for medium to Large fleets due to the chaotic aspect. Remove the CCS Health Pool curve making more voxel less worth while, this meant that you were putting an artificial limit on ship size and not letting builders be creative, CCS will still play a role because it means you cant just build a giant ship and expect to live forever as hitting it too many times wont expose the core but will hit the CCS limit. It will also make small ship viable as they would most likely be trying to not die from the CCS Health Pool but instead will most likely die from their core unit being hit, and Medium sized ships will most likely die 50% of the time to CCS and the other 50% of the time to their core being hit. Increase the CCS value that each voxel supplies by 2.5 times what they currently do. ships will die way too quickly otherwise. Now those are the changes I would like to see made to Tanking. This isn't directly involved in Tanking but Tanking Usually has a negative affect because of this so I feel that I should mention it here in this section. NQ have openly stated that they don't like the length of fights and believe them to be too long. Now they usually nerf how your ship takes damage to try and fix this when I don't think this is the answer. When we build warship we have a goal in mind, it may be to be the last on field or to have a mission runner last long enough for a response to arrive or an armoured hauler to escape a fleet of ship after mining an asteroid. These are all goals that we build ships for, if you don't like the length of fights then you need to change the win condition as this will then make us rethink how we build ships and could shorten fights if implemented correctly. Weapons. I feel as though weapons could be used to add counter play to the game which could then interduce a fleet comp and add another level of depth to fights. First Off make each guns firing feel different. I would like to see railguns do small long holes in voxels while missiles do fat big explosions. Lasers drawing lines across the voxel as though the ship had battle scars, and leave cannons how they are as they will now feel unique. Secondly, Make M guns an anti-Shield weapon, Either give them the ability to pass damage through shields doing 50% to the shield and 50% to the ship, ignore shield resistances or do double or even triple damage to shields. This will mean shields are not he be all and end all and will force people to hybrid tank. Lastly Make S guns a weapon that can slow down targets. If S guns could nerf the ships engine speed by 2% for every hit a well piloted S core that gets behind a big L core could be a real pain in the ass and viable in large fleet. And there you have it, you now have counter play and can create a fleet composition. Conclusion. If these changes are made I believe that we would have a more fun and balanced PVP experience in DU. What do you think?
  3. Currently, stasis weapons work by reducing the top speed of the target by a set amount per hit, which decays over time. Since ships rarely fight at or near their top speed, this means that stasis weapons find no use whatsoever in the meta. The goal of stasis weapons is to allow you to slow down a target and make it easier to hit and harder for them to escape. Stasis weapons should apply an artificial mass to the target per hit, which decays over time. This will have the joint effects of reducing acceleration and reducing top speed, without requiring any additional formulas. This makes balancing simpler, and would allow for variants to the stasis weapons like we see for the other weapon types. It also makes them useful when not at the speed limit, allows them to be made more powerful so that they can actually be a viable weapon fit.
  4. As seen during the beta, since the introduction of the Alien Cores in Athena, the group with the largest PvP force in the game can hold all 10 cores without much trouble. My personal opinion would be to make defending all 10 cores in the game virtually impossible for a single group/alliance to do (assuming there is an opposing side). However, this is somewhat of a balancing nightmare and would get complicated very quickly. My initial proposal would be to make Plasma a non-warpable item (similar to Aphelia Mission packages). This would allow smaller groups to attempt to "pirate" plasma off of the main group holding the cores while they fly it back to safe zone. This still gives the core owners the ability to decide when and where they want to put the plasma at risk and require the "pirates" to do planning reconnaissance, etc in order to pull off a heist. But it at least gives non-core owners a chance at getting a hold of some plasma, even if they aren't a big enough group to hold a core, but still requires them to PvP for it. From an outside perspective, implementation of this should be relatively easy (all mechanics are already in-place for the mission packages). I feel like it gives some balance to the alien cores in regards to smaller PvP factions, while not really making it harder for the larger factions to still control plasma. Thanks, Dead
  5. A while ago there was a discussion in the discord about limiting access to certain resources to the PvP space as well as the importance of PvE-players for PvP-players and vice versa. My conclusion to improve this interaction, is to improve the PvE aspect, because only if PvE-players hold a value to PvP players (besides target practice), a meaningful interaction can exist. Currently PvP-orgs require barely any purely PvE-players, because everything from resource acquisition to crafting can be more or less automated. The solution is a more active and specialized PvE gameplay. 1. Mining Pre-MU planetary mining was in a pretty good state if you ignore its lack of excitement (which could be introduced with rare minerals/gems as random encounters). It required active play and every successful org had at least some dedicated miners to supply them with ore. With MUs now that completely changed. Ore can be acquired passively, and especially the yield for higher tier ores (T3+), which you mostly need in smaller quantities, can easily support a large org. No active input besides the calibration by an alt once every 5 days is required. For miners to be valuable again, mining has to consume active playtime. For that i suggest a few changes: significantly reduce the MU output, especially for higher tier ores. Without indepth calculations, i'd suggest to reduce the yields to 50%/40%/20%/10%/5% for T1/T2/T3/T4/T5, respectively. randomize the spawn time and increase the spawn rate of the current asteroids in the safe zone, make the ore node size more variable (no meganodes necessary, but the occasional supernode would be a nice find) place a few copies of Thades moonlets (or moonlets generated similarly) at a region outside the safe-zone and have a significantly increased spawn rate for asteroids in that region to create a more or less dense asteroid belt for mining and PvP base building randomly (time and location) spawn large amounts of surface rocks of a single ore (5000%+ of MU-mini-game generated ones) on the surface of planets (T1-T2 in safe-zone, T1-T4 in PvP space), with a rarity of the spawn relative to the tier of the ore. This enables repeated scouting of planet surfaces for surface rock deposits, gives new players the ability to start mining without neglect able initial costs and adds to the importance of surface rock picking talents. These changes require nearly no new mechanic that isn't already in game, but would improve the value of active mining and thus the value of dedicated miners for orgs immensely. 2. Industry Industry is a bit harder to tackle, because its automated by definition. The schematics update is a step into the correct direction, even tho i would prefer to have a proper CPU/Power system which would have similar and more effects. One way to increase the importance of active game time in industry (as well as other aspects of PvE) could be the introduction of a job system that is based on a players ingame activity and provides boni to cores or elements. Each job has an activity bar, which fills whenever a player does certain ingame activities. The amount of actions to fill the bar should be relatively low (fill-able with 2-4h standard game time) and reduces over time (exponentially dependent on the fill status, very slow when its full, faster when nearly empty, from full to 50% without any actions it should take a week). The maximum job bonus should be kept as long as the bar is over 50%. In addition you can only have a single job active at any given time, and changing jobs will reset the job-bar to 0. Let me give four examples: Job: Miner Actions to fill job bar : calibrate MUs, mine/harvest any ore Effects : Increased mining efficiency with hand tool and calibrated MUs (0-30% depending on job-bar) Job: Industry Manager Actions to fill job bar : interact with any industry unit (limited to once per day and unit) Effects : decreased ore, pures and product consumption (0-10%) and craft time (0-20%) (applied to a core, not to individual elements, limited to a low number of cores) Job: Pilot Actions to fill job bar: fly any mobile core Effects: improved handling of flight elements (0-20%) Job: Soldier Actions to fill job bar: shoot&hit other mobile constructs Effects: improved hit chance, improved radar range (not a PvP guy, so no values suggested) With this system we could encourage specialized and especially active game play. As a bonus the impact of alts on industry would be reduced as well. Due to the core-limitations for the Industry Manager boost, every org with several factories would require several players that focus on doing industry related activities ingame to have an efficient production that can compete with market prices. If we get a CPU&Power system that would limit the maximum amount of industry units per core, so you can't place 5 or 6 large production lines on the same L-Core, in the future the effects of the job system would be even better. With the following increase of importance for PvE-centric gameplay, DU could then start to put up higher incentives or stakes for PvP-space, like adding exclusive resources that you can't get in the safe-zone. Bcause the new incentive for trade between the safe-zone inhabitants and the PvP-space occupants, a good and enjoyable interaction between those two pillars of gameplay should be possible.
  6. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp “Come As You Are.” Link to old thread Band of Outlaws is a honey badger worshiping space cartel within Dual Universe. We plan to be the premiere organization for those who enjoy a less than serious organization, with a cartel/mafia theme to spice up our unique community culture. Our goal is to always enjoy the game, and to knock over as many sand castles as we can. We are happy to accept mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, traders, builders, explorers, and any other play style in this game. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from. We also understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. Already want to join? Scroll down to the bottom for the info. Unlike the majority of organizations within Dual Universe who want to create their own space empires or industrial mega corporations, we wanted to create the first Cartel for the game and its community. BOO will provide many services ranging from discreet goods transportation, a bounty hunters network, asset security, and everything else in between. All of which can be purchased for the right price of course. We wanted to create a community in DU that did not take itself seriously, but could still be a powerhouse organization through economics, industrial power, force if necessary, and memes. We intend to help with the construction of neutral, free trade player hubs like our Project: Tortuga. Tortuga is our code name for one of Dual Universe’s first planned neutral player hubs that will be created on a planet when the game releases. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Destiny 2, Path of Exile, Hell Let Loose, Overwatch, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game. Strength in numbers: Being the 2nd largest organization in Dual Universe, we have more than enough manpower to protect our own assets and those of our members. PVP: Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies? Did that space trucker look at you sideways? Just like to see the galaxy burn? We can ensure you that we will do all of that and more. We love PVP, do you love PVP? PVE: Huh? Industrial Powerhouse: We have some of the brightest minds in the DU community theory-crafting our industrial process’ for churning out our ships and construction materials to keep you busy if building and production is your forte. Ship Replacement Program: We like PVP, did we tell you that yet? While we will be blowing holes in other players’ ships, some will be blown into ours as well. We can keep you in the fight with our organization funded SRP program where you will be given a free replacement for your ships if they are lost/destroyed on BOO business and operations. A true gaming community: DU isn’t our only game, join our Discord server of 400+ members to hang out with a community of somewhat likable nerds. Come for the memes, and stay for the memes. Memecrafting: We live by the meme, and we die by the meme. BOO is not a democracy, but we place our members as the number one focus of our community. Everything our leadership does is done with that goal in mind, and if it doesn’t work/fit our culture or it just chaffs the community in the wrong way, then we find something else that does work and keep moving forward. This keeps our foundation strong, and allows our community as a whole to adapt to whatever it needs to adapt to in order to keep everyone happy and having fun. Our leadership volunteers their free time to ensure that BOO is always at its best, and that our members are taken care of. Below is a quick diagram of our current leadership. Like any good space cartel, we are also home to several organizations within BOO. Groups like Vanguard, a private mercenary corporation, benefit from everything that BOO offers its core members without losing their own identity and autonomy. We like to call these groups SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. Special Interest Groups help to provide day-to-day content for their members. To apply to BOO as a SIG, go to this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 BOO is all about quality over quantity, and with that, we have some standards we put in place that we would like potential members to meet. Our Discord server and wherever else we hang out is always filled with the finest quality of meme’s in Dual Universe. Seriously, we’re home to some of the most iconic memes in DU already. Here is what we call "The Code", these are our community guidelines, and is what every member will follow in Dual Universe and other games. That’s really it. If you can meet those expectations, and feel that you would be a good fit in our community, then we want you. The recruitment process is simple, and you only need to submit an application to our group on the community portal, and to also be sure you join our Discord server to conduct a quick one-on-one interview with one of our recruiters where you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you are a good fit for us. NOTE: If you are wanting to apply as a SIG, contact Cybrex on the forums, or on our Discord server. Applying as an organization? Contact our Diplomacy Director, Cybrex, to inquire about joining BOO with your organization as a Special Interest Group. You can also join our Discord server, where someone on our Diplomacy team will get with you as soon as they can to get the process going. If you are ready to apply as a SIG, then please visit this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 Applying as a member? Sweet! Send your application to us on the community portal here, and be sure to join our Discord server so we can conduct your interview. You can also contact our Internal Affairs Director, Anslem Vry. NOTE: If you apply and do not join our Discord server after a week from submission, your application will be denied by default. “Come As You Are.” Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp
  7. I would like to discuss the near future of DU. It's no secret to either the players or the developers (as I see it) that DU will fail immediately upon release with the current mechanics. As it stands now, it's a mining and production simulator with pretty weak economics. It's so sad to see this great idea go to hell. What is DU now? It's a construction, manufacturing, and peaceful flight simulator. What is the current course? To make a combat flight simulator and maybe a shooter. Who plays this game? Most of us are pretty close to nerds (sorry if that hurts your feelings). I am interested in playing DU even in excel. Do graphics make a significant difference to me? Probably not. Who will the developers attract? Looks like shooter players who definitely don't like excel. What will they find here? Obviously, nothing. That means anger and, of course, nasty posts everywhere. I don't see how ping and pendings can be reduced to an acceptable 30-60ms. Thus, pvp as we know it from Fortnite and similar games is hardly possible in the near future on a single server. NPCs are also unlikely to be possible due to the architecture of the game. But I love this game, I want to play this game, I don't want this game to die. How can this situation be improved? I'm already playing this game. Sure, I'm waiting for additional content, but do I really need an atmo combat simulator here? No. It makes it impossible to live on the planet. Do I need a PvP area in space everywhere? No. It suppresses the idea of peaceful gameplay for construction and production. Do I really need PvP? Yes, I do. However, if you remember, I am a nerd, I'll be more than happy to fight you in excel. I think we can leave the space as it is. It works more or less acceptably. Of course, it needs to be improved, but at this stage it's more or less fine. The focus should be on the economy and the planets. I believe we can realise territory wars without shooting. There are a lot of strategy games that don't require a good ping and reaction. I want to be able to occupy any tile I like if my corporation is strong enough. My territorial and border integrity should play an important role in the mechanics of territorial wars. So my proposal is a flight simulation in space and a solid strategy game without the rush of the surface. Should we ignore reality and just hope for a happy future? Or should we perhaps change course and help the game survive? What do you think?
  8. Haku0814's Ideas O_o Options Individual options for different ambient sounds namely engine and machine volume controls Ideas for PVP people AND the would be Victims. For the miners and industrialist in flight! Jump drive - you "Jump" 5-10 SU in the direction your pointing and do not loose acceleration ( if an obstacle is in your path, you are moved into a nearby non-colliding spot ). This helps with "Off-pipe" driving for more seasoned players, would also help with the last leg of a trip to ensure deliver/arrival. Burst radar jamming unit, it just buys time while the other ship waits to lock on/see you. Deployable decoys, they are artificial version of you, core size, ship name, etc. They also show the same information/visual when locked onto. Initial deployment scrambles current lock-on by other ship. Cloak - Replaces your ships look with a glass globe effect and reduces chance to hit and range to lock. No warp possible while in use. PVP side of things Inertial inhibitor, prevents jumping and reduces target ships speed Hardened Sensor array - reduces jam time of Burst radar jamming Rapid EMP unit - Disengages decoys, slow rate of fire. Wolfpacks - ships with a specialized cockpit that can sport ONLY 2 weapons, contingent on size of core. Why? With only 1 crew member, it is more likely for packs to form to "Hunt" other players Makes engaging in PVP a little more simplistic, you can fly solo and still shoot! Limited ability, the ships will NEVER be as good as a group, though you might starting hanging out with your future crew this way :3 For EVERYONE! Voxels/Parts outside of pieces that DO something formulate a ships HP, Handling HP and Shield HP should be composite of XY components on ship with ABC components that have to be repaired separately. Damaged is shown via FX and various crippled ship systems. Why? Simplifies ship damage and server stress Why? So we can change and add shield mitigation as well XD to replace the previous lol Now we can begin adding shield/damage flavors and maybe even a system to slowly transition shield mitigation via polarization This means we have a reason for scanners etc. Another thing to add, would be an "Mode" that L cores can switch to that temporarily anchors them and allows activation of a warp beacon on the ship. Sacrificing Mobility to try and call for reinforcements. Preparing for a remote engagement. My other favorite form of warfare Drones/Drone bays T1 Drone miner ( watch the little robo critters eat surface rock, player must remain logged in ) *Critters are visual only, gotta save the server ticks X_X* Nuff said here ( Utility, mining, sentries , etc. ) Avatar V Avatar ( precursor/prep ) Along with the ideas posted here, would like to see at least a rough draft/placeholder style implementation of an equipment screen. Devs could switch the default "Weapon" we start with to an equip-able with a RClick menu, that would create a basis for interaction, etc. Going further, equipables do not have to show on players, they could buff things outside of skills. Like a REAL jetpack that consumes compressed hydrogen cells, or something. Enhanced NANO pack gear. Make us run faster. Does not have to have any effect on characters yet, just create an opportunity for the dev team to start poking around at it Pre-AVA, so that work later can be smoothed out some. Tablets/Controllers that can be linked to a remote unit on a ship or multilinked. Helping poor devs not starve We players understand you have limited art staff/staff in general, maybe open a contest for ideas to be sent in, rewarding the winner/ 1st 2nd and 3rd place with a 3mo free sub or skill points <- we players will kill each-other for these btw, seriously. Outside of Art, the solar system really does need a more fleshed out story to it other than, we left earth -> we arrived! -> we build. Feels kinda FLAT really. You could pair this up with the aformentioned "Art" contest. Things like this can help drive community engagement, it would also help showcase to the public, that the community is trying to make an effort, and that people still like the game. NPC missions like some people said, could be from, our first contact in DU, Aphelia. With daily work logs/request from her. Please get rid of free quanta, MAKE us engage in the game. Market Stuff o_O Consumables Food stuffs / drinks Could have different effects, both statistical and visual Enhancers Give larger buffs, tracking, accuracy, etc. Make it easier to see the value of something Tooltip would show a breakdown of what RAW ore resources would cost for an element I only mention this as seeing some things on market are cheaper than the ore used to make them. I'm guessing this is due to lack of knowledge on players part. Remove bots and use Aphelia missions for cash instead - these should be limited per player, not just orders, thereby creating a set Market will self correct itself eventually, though being able to see the price of ore compared to final products would be a huge help with this. Using market prices and their current PURCHASE trend with X/Y threshold to keep ppl from mass posting 0.01 materials and then buying them back right away. < < < ( This was sort of added? PTS ) Limited Run Schematics Increase market entry oppurtinities Reduce Schematic cost now that they are limited run Increase h sink across multiple groups Good reason to add "Original" Schematics and "Researched/Improved" Schematics Inbetween tiers that can be found via researching? Research "mini-game" for crafters requiring resources? Research Why not, being able to throw resources into a research Element to try and create XY result is a great way to boost market flow for parts. Research could replace schematics and players who purchased said schematics would receive X to Quanta of skill points. More movement on the parts end of things, increasing the need for something, etc. Diversified market based on values of items such as thrust fuel consumption etc. Aphelia missions!? ( added on PTS!? May not be same as below. ) NQ could use this as a way to disperse fund for active players. Mining events that are long-term to provide materials for NPC ships, haulers etc. Fulfilling these in turn increases NPC hauler activity between worlds. Creates a combat opportunity for hunting players and pirates, outside of fight other players. Creates cannon fodder for miners/haulers to hide among while doing they're part. NPC ship would be from user submitted BPs. Again, creating another even for builders every so often to submit more ships for filling in "Gaps" from players to keep activity levels between systems moving. NPC structures for drop off on ea world for missions / non-player missions. Farming We've done it! From the Ark ships archives we have recovered animal DNA to clone and create small scale farms! This is just to feed into the "Market Stuff o_O" ideas, because, who needs to mine when you can farm! Would required some major Salvage addition? Short range salvage scanner Would help ppl to move around the planet more / give a crutch to the less lucky players to locate salvage on planet surface, though it would require some time to locate any salvage. Back end, salvage system that spawns salvage, both in space and on planets. Would scan for cores in any spawn area and spawn 30-40km away, should be far enough to not be visually seen unless your looking for it. Only becomes active if system salvage has less than X number of wrecks left. Voxels do not count towards wreckage mass in this fashion. ORGanization Stuff Assett tracking I'm thinking of something more than just tracking VIA the map, an ORG with an entire fleet of supply, warfare, personal vehicles, that list will get cluttered very quickly. Flight Space radar to continue working until 1% Atmo, due to stations being within safezone and not appearing to pilots, PLEASE?! Ability to Toggle space/atmo radar, much needed to avoid collisions. Braking state saved directly to dynamic constructs, braking behavior default to toggle instead of holding to activate. ( optional ) Alignment Computer - An element that allows a users ship to automatically align with a given bookmark. UPGRADE the map to 3D with bookmarkable points and zoom pls T_T ( Why do we not have this already!!!!??? ) Inventory / Industry Hub Interface - Allows Avatar Only access to hubs. No In/Out from IND/Transfer units. However would allow access to multiple HUBS via interface. When attaching containers to hub, we should be clicking on the hub and then target containers without the need to retarget the hub. Same for other connections, industry would be a little less painful for some, and a breath of fresh air for others. Control Relay - A small 1x1 voxel item that lets you link it to a controllable object to open up its UI. Able to be swapped to OTHER objects if LUA is used. Option to turn off error sounds on machines and use ones own LUA based system instead. Lights/Audio of choice/etc. Honeycomb Compressor - It just takes Honeycomb and compresses/reverse engineers it back into it's Pure/Product form. Disassembler - Disassemble an element into it's components, loss of 35% with skills that gain back 5% per skill. Makes salvaging a ship in PVP more worthwhile because no you can repurpose the components into something you find useful. Further Scanner Improvements? Scans themselves I feel are a bit messy, some ideas below may conflict, fyi Scanner names - Scanners name should be switched to using the planets numeric number and the tile the scan is for instead of a general "Scanner Result" name. The other idea is to remove scanner results altogether and make a scanner DB element, or event set it to use and advanced item that can keep an expanding DB that can be right click and exported to, the inverse the same as well. The first idea in this section could be used to make single scan exports that can be sold/traded with other players Any rescan of the same tile will automatically located it's original scan and UPDATE it, rather than duplicate it. Culture Would like to see, though it may be a bit far fetched, an art contenst sent out to the public in each major region around the world for their idea of space armor. ( some people are asking where this came from? I was listening to different pieces of music and the change of mind made me think of how culture could effect DU. ) It would add a very literal, difference not just in ships, but also personal cultural taste. At the moment we are all stuck on the idea that we are "Noveans" we just a bunch of people who made it out here. Now that we have established ourselves some, should we not honor those cultures we left behind. Armor can be looks only, aesthetics per say Different armors for different looks Underlying "Equips" could be statistical only More variance in color choices than default armor Maybe even add armor only found on derelicts when they spawn?! It would just be awesome as hell to see designs from say, Russia, China, Japan, Europe, America, The Middle East, even in what their take would be for armor for the future using the base novean armor as a guide. Just Communication ( Gundam W Pun... ) Mail boxes, message only, no items Dialer/Phone? Voice?! A way to either communicate via voice either to an avatar or to a ship Great for P2P communication being kept within game Ship to Ship for when Optional, able to be toggled off Territory Problems? Territory upkeep Why money, make it a resource/power system that must be used instead to add another commodity in constant need. T1-3 variants with different output, power is tile based and can flow outward to owned tiles. Industry taking power now creates a reason to keep it fed, increasing upkeep and need for more interaction from orgs for multiple players. Increased transport traffic, we hate it, they love it, now we have to get power OUT to certain locations/stations in order to be used. Different reactors T1-Tx would need different fuels made from T1-5 materials ( creating market variation and demand for more base/refined materials ) No power causes a players TCU to go un powered resulting in no longer being owned after it's "Backup Power/Timer" has kicked in and notified the player of issue. Notification comes up via text and shows a blinking hex when unpowered, would also show for orgs as diff configurable color ( in the case of multiple orgs )
  9. @NQ-Admin Hi, it's important. Can you put all the alien core in pause (production/lockdown) until PVP was fix? (Radar + Transponder + Anynewbug) We can't fight in good conditions, we can't have fun or enjoy this content (and it's the only PVP available atm) and with the wipe no decision + all those PVP bugs, we just lost all our motivation. Do something, don't be passiv, thx.
  10. Alien core can be a good feature... If only players really need to fight for them, let me show you what we will really have 99% of the time: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1480246940 (No sound because of comms, sorry) Why defend a station is a waste of ressources and time? - Shields are too low, we can't wait for our ennemies before moving - So we will need to travel 300SU+ or warp our entire fleet each time we have to defend, even for nothing - Ship aren't protected when dock on a station with a shield (??) - This can help ppl with lot of job/kids or else to setup their ship when they can - If we take at least 2 core we have to defend an alien core each day - If we want to attack, we add another timer where we need to be, again it can be each day - Why we don't have a combat free timer after we win a defense? With your wipe talk without ANY DECISION, with your patch against any PVP mechanic or method, a big nocare about some of the oldest bugs known in DU... We don't have any other content outside of alien core in PVP now. We send plenty of idea/feedback for a better PVP or more confortable, we tryhard each PTS for help, report each bug/exploit find even if that lead to another nerf of our content How can we keep our players hype for Dual Universe? Why NQ stay so quiet? (Entropy did a nice feedback but only around voxels and shields for PVP but some other part are missed) Our ennemies got the same problem, maybe more because we are really lucky to have so many ppl still active on DU. Don't kill your game, listen us, don't stay focus on your ideas if everyone say it's not the good way and talk with your community.
  11. With the Athena update we decided to hold 3-4 alien cores, the goal being to test our ability to defend multiple cores. The harsh reality of alien cores In response, our enemies have put our cores in lockdown ~fifteen times, sometimes 4 on the same day, forcing us to organize ourselves well to allow everyone to come home from work, eat, take care of their family or simply rest. For having a minimum number of people at the end of each lockdown, just in case. The ends of lockdown follow one another and still nothing on radars, the regularity required by this feature prevents us from pirating on asteroids or pipes as we did before, but the various changes have not reinforced either the interest of them, the motivation is therefore less and less perceptible and it becomes a chore to come and defend... So we come to this evening of May 21, 4 cores are in lockdown; Gamma, Theta, Iota and Zeta Theta and Gamma are respectively under siege at 18:24 UTC and 18:56 UTC, knowing that it takes 20 minutes to secure a core without enemies, the timing is tight but nothing can tell at this moment that our enemies will take advantage of it... A well thought out plan 18:36 UTC, Theta in siege but without contacts, when suddenly the announcement falls: "CONTACT ON THETA" 10 to 15 ships on radars, the fight is easily managed but a large part of our fleet is therefore in combat lock for the next 10 minutes, preventing warp, and an attack on Gamma begins to grow in our heads. Taking advantage of the combat lock to loot some of the enemy ships, meanwhile another group forms, alerted by the first attack and start moving in direction of Gamma. 18:58 UTC, Gamma in siege and the dreaded announcement drops: "24 CONTACTS ON GAMMA" We are all surprised and at the same time excited, @here and @everyone appears on the various discords to call Legion for mobilization, we've been waiting for this moment for a long time, impossible to miss it! We get together in voice, we regroup in the same place in game and we jump into the fray. Focus announcements follow one another, but more surprisingly, there are not 24 contacts but 50... 70... 100... (we reached 150 contacts on the radar at one point, allies and enemies). Several ships are dummys, but the enemy is really numerous, we will have to be disciplined and use our experience in PVP but also as a group. The confrontation was complex, the previous patch broke the radars and transponders, impossible to sort the contacts on the radar and even less those who change their name like ours (our entire fleet bore the name "WONDU" on its ships), but LUA scripts save us and maintain some semblance of order in this nameless mess. The station sees its shield descend little by little, an alt left on it allows us to follow it live, protecting the core is impossible without killing all our enemies, it must get out of the 10 minutes of combat lock to recharge its shield. It ends up being core, we manage to regain control, the core itself is not enough, we have to hold these 10 minutes. Unfortunately the timer is constantly reset, even after taking advantage of the fight; the dead ships then repaired by our enemies, the incessant comings and goings of small fast ships and those bearing our tag, it's almost mission impossible to prevent them from approaching, the fight drags on so long as we almost destroyed the entire enemy fleet. The Liberation "30 seconds left" (combat timer on alien core) Announced in voicecom, still no hostile contact... When suddenly a M core appear, rushing to the alien core. "15" Some of our remaining forces are concentrated on him, the burst is violent but it's not enough. "10" He is at 80km from the core, almost dead but he still represents the last threat of these long hours of confrontation. "OHNO OHNO OHNO HE IS SHOOTING [filtered] MY LIFE" ... "IT'S REPAIRED" Nerd screams, phew of relief, Legion held on but not without difficulty. A big GG to everyone, even if the game is clearly not the most pleasant for PVP currently, it's events like this that make the game live. Bravo for the organization, the execution and the destruction of the core. We had a lot of trouble keeping our precious plasmas Some stats about those fight The opposing forces: Legion vs "Empire, BOO, CVA, Penrose, CYT, IC, CRN, MSI, SB Nation, UA and I think another 1 or 2, just a handful from each, think IC had the most, but mostly new to PvP" +/- 150 ships involved ~40 Legion members at the end More than 3 hours of fight 45+ wrecks still close to Gamma this morning Very very little amount of stasis Too much ammo fired Too much kills Not enough transponder xD
  12. I am at a loss on the ore collecting systems in this game. With the intro to Asteroids, I did not really care for the effort put in vs ore collected before the asteroid is contested. It is very hard to do this without a medium to larger group to go with. Issue I have is the availability of asteroids. It does seem that asteroids are fairly quickly snagged up each week and only the ones that are very far away are left for anyone else. I also agree that the original mining option of underground mining had to be changed and perhaps gotten rid of. So I am fully okay with this being gone, however I felt the reward vs time put in was worth it. Mining units were one of the worst additions to the game to date in my opinion. It creates an uncontested infinite amounts of ore, as long as your taxes are paid. I would suggest a revamp to asteroid mining. The suggestion I would have is to make asteroid fields that are decently close together. Idea is to have zoned asteroid fields, non PvP for lower tier ores, medium tier zone and high tier/ gemstone asteroids. This would give the "Infinite ore that the devs were looking for but add the aspect of having to work for it. Would create PVP opportunities for asteroid cluster patrolling Asteroids can be regenerated on a daily / weekly or time based system. Asteroid regeneration could be as simple as asteroids spawn, if someone comes the asteroid and alters it by mining either the asteroid surface or the ores within it will then start a timer to despawn this asteroid and once despawned, spawn a new asteroid in at a random coordinate within the asteroid field. Example if I mine an asteroid it could despawn after 72 hours or something like that and then spawn a new asteroid in. Asteroids could be a lot smaller than the current asteroids in the game. Maybe 1 or 2 ores per asteroid with some more ore dense than others. I think this would create better opportunities to mine and create good pvp opportunities as well. I would say these asteroids fields should be fairly large so that there is a chance to actually go into a higher tier asteroid field and not have a 100% chance to be spotted.
  13. It is quite obvious Athena is adding more features for pvp so that more players and orgs participate. PVP never been popular among majority of players that own only 1 account. Participating or wanting to, requires levelling hundreds of pvp related talents that most players wont, because there are other hundreds more vital talents to enjoy better a quiet life. But NQ has done the probably unfixable mistake to open market to shadow PC players, which ultimately broke PVP in DU There is not a single PVP org member that have less than 2 accounts and play pvp with 2 DU clients open on a single computer Meaning a minimum of 2 characters seated in the same ship and ready for pvp, controlled by 1 single person, meaning double of weapon power controlled by 1 "at the same time" Us random folks and orgs have absolutely no chance out there What should be reviewed by NQ to rebalance this and give equal chance to anyone? 2 solutions: 1) Re enable the VR controls, letting player in VR use remotes / programming boards / command seats / pvp seats VR could still restrain inventories access, and talents 2) Remove the number of allowed weapons per seat, but allocate it per construct
  14. eg an L shield on a ship with no CCS would have 5 million hp, while one that does could have the usual 20 million, maybe even more for larger ships. This would encourage players to use voxels on their builds instead of just using elements.
  15. TL/DR: Top speed should be based on the size of a ship's shield generator instead of its mass. The long version: NQ currently planning to limit a ship's top speed based on that ship's mass in an attempt to keep engine-heavy pvp ships from easily out-running things they attack (preventing people they attack from finishing them off if they start to lose). I suspect this idea results from all the people that see M and L cores on radar when they get pirated, and fixes based on such limited information will only annoy everyone by slowing them down without actually solving the real problem. Most pvp ships I've seen were built on an M or L core to get access to the size-capped weapons, but were little more than thruster-packs with guns and an L shield and would have fit in to an S core's build volume. As such, they already weigh (relatively) next to nothing when compared to the stuff they are attacking, and will still be significantly faster than most anything they attack after NQ implements the mass-related speed cap. Because the goal at its most basic is to have the most fragile ships be the fastest, I would instead propose that a ship's top speed be capped by the size of shield generator it has equipped, thus preventing the fastest ships in the game from also fitting what is supposed to be a battleship's defensive hardware. Everyone would still be able to hit 30kkph in a ship with no shields (or possibly with only an xs shield), so people hauling stuff wont be annoyed by having to spend twice as long making their trips if they choose, it wouldn't break immersion quite as hard as capping speed just by weight, and it would help improve the overall balance of pvp by making combat ships choose between speed or defense. On a side note: If a shield-based speed cap is implemented, the act of placing a shield on a moving construct in build mode needs to be disabled to prevent potential exploits. It may also be necessary to cap the speed of ships serving as carriers for a ship with shields to likewise prevent exploits. Any topic-relevant thoughts or criticisms?
  16. I feel many casual players playing this game don't want to (or can't) build very pretty looking ships, and this element would be perfect for making your ship look 10x better for little effort. it even has some practical use! They could come in different shapes and sizes, smallest being 4x8, largest being xl space engine sized, and would be easy to repeat across flat surfaces without it looking weird. Armour plates would have the same weight, Hp, crafting time, manufacturing cost and resistances as iron honeycomb of the same volume (if not more due to CCS) and would be an easy way to add armour to your constructs. It would be great for adding extra detail to Dual Universes ships for people who don't have the time to make their hull using Voxelmancy. Could even come in different tiers in the future, t1 would be iron, t2 might be copper etc. Would also be great busy work for NQ's modelling team as well lol.
  17. I think the real problem with this current pvp system is there are no counters to anything. This makes it very hard to balance every weapon, core size and shield size since the only stat that matters is pure killing efficiency. Even with the new proposed pvp changes, this problem still occurs because the only thing that will lead to victory is having more ships, and more firepower. Strategy is almost nonexistent as well, as apart from piloting skills each battle is nothing more than a damage slugfest. Even if Precision guns become less broken, and cross section doesn't have as much of a play in combat anymore, people are just going to move to the next best damage dealers and nothing will change (like it has before). However, If you take the most meta combat ship right now, and make a counter to it which beats it very easily (but is less effective in other scenarios) it makes combat much more strategic and interesting, as what ships you take to a fight determines your outcome instead of simply stats and damage output. Hell, this counter could be extremely OP at destroying the current meta ships, but as long as this new 'counter' ship also has a massive weakness, take cannons for example, then the pvp meta will be much easier to manage and be much more exciting. Its literally just rock paper scissors but for DU PvP. rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper etc. Its super simple, makes the meta much more complex and is way easier to balance. its been done in many games before and I dont see any reason not to add it to DU's pvp.
  18. Ok so there may be posts or other places where this is discussed, but I need to say it. I am aware this is a beta game. Duh. However, the state of PVP is just ridiculous. I cannot be the only one who feels like this. It feels like we are playing a 1995 tanks game where they cannot handle the intricacies of visual combat. I would love a Elite Dangerous type play to the game. That game has been around since the late 80's, yes it was wire frame ships and all but you still got a better combat feeling than this game gives. There is no joy of manually firing a gun, no sub-system targeting, and letting your guns have at it. No targeting the engines so they cannot escape, no aiming for the shield generator so they cannot cycle the shields. No maneuvering and circling to get the best shots. It's aim at the core and pray your ship holds together while you trade fire. It's stagnant game play. The Core Combat Stress system is a step, a very teeny-tiny step in the right direction. But loosen up NQ, you want a Sandbox game, cool cool we can dig it. You want a PvP game, great! MAKE THE COMBAT WORTH OUR TIME!! Make the player in the fighter feel his terror at being shot at by a capital ship, make it so the gunners onboard a battleship feel and see the damage he does. Make the warfare feel like combat, and when you guys go to do the Construct vs Base/tile warfare listen to the community. Don't give this up!! You guys have a niche in the world we never thought could be filled but remember gamers are fickle, we have needs. We crave the violence and destruction as much as we crave the building of the ships, tanks, and jets to do it.
  19. With Demeter landed and a roadmap for 2022 being put together, we thought it would be a good idea to combine our feedback from the past year and some change of playing the game. One of the things NQ talked about was needing quanta sinks. PvP is the ultimate sink with ammo, fuel, and lost honeycomb plus elements. There are a TON of people out there who would play this game if PvP was a more content-rich pillar of the game (please note, we want PVP to be an equal pillar – and love our industrial and trader communities). Here's our opinion on how to motivate PvP-minded individuals to be attracted in this game. There are several pillars of the game we feel need some serious TLC from NQ: Ship building - Give us interesting choices (not just PVP centric this one) Core Sizes - Everyone need reason to diversify PvP Diversity - Give us a real reason to PvP ==SHIP BUILDING== The THEME of this section is: Give us a reason to pick X over Y But give us a reason to pick Y over Z And give us a reason to pick Z over X As ship builders, for every decision we make, there needs to be another decision someone else can make to counter our design plans. This currently isn't in the game, which is why every patch there is a PvP "meta". And while that meta might have evolved over time, there is always one option that is objectively better than the others. The much-discussed solution to the issue needs to again be brought up - we *have* to talk about an energy system. We need some kind of battery/energy generator on dynamic constructs that will power all of our components. This would give us the ability to do two things: Limit component usage and stacks of engines/brakes Gives players interesting choices in ship building Consider the first point - we have ships right now that hit 20G accel or braking. That is the benchmark for PvP ships. It's a bit silly isn’t it? With an energy system, for every X engine we want to add, we have to add Y battery / capacitor, which come with a certain amount of weight. We can put 20 XL engines on a construct, but it will come with significant added weight. This could effectively give us an acceleration “G max”, because we shouldn’t expect our avatars to take sustained 20G to the face and be ok with it (maybe modifiable with skills or *gasp* avatar equipment). To the second point - this is where PvP gets the most interesting. Right now, everything is done at long range, with lasers. Take the follow example setup: Laser and Rails require lots of energy to function, so the added batteries make the construct heavy, and therefore slower. Cannons and Missiles don't require any additional energy, so they can be more lightweight, faster constructs to get in close range. (Sidenote the ammunition would have to be reworked but that’s a later technical discussion) With this example, the “Laserboat” has a counter (current meta). Someone coming in full speed with a bay of cannons or missiles, gets in close to the slower ship. The sniper might be able to take out the brawler on approach, but if it doesn't, it's in big trouble – at least that is the theory we are crafting. Now, as PvP players, we have meaningful decisions to make. Do we make a dedicated sniper? Do we make a brawler? Do we go for multi-role and add different weapon sets? Does the added weight of multi-weapon sets benefit our setups? We can come up with similar decision making for brakes, wings, and all other component types. Right now, the only decision to make is whether or not we add MOAR brakes to our constructs – and the answer is always yes. There's no drawback. With an energy system, a construct could hit 20G braking for a bit, but that would just drain the batteries completely and start disabling components. Sidenote – this is also why you have crappy looking ships everywhere with 200 brakes on them. Can’t have cool screenshots if you encourage your player base to basically min/max everything. ==CORE SIZES== When we think about building a new ship for PvP, there are exactly 0 seconds spent thinking about what core size to make. It's Large or nothing for two obvious reasons: We need a Large Radar to lock up a construct at 2 SU and stop them from warping by taking a random shot. Large weapons are better than everything else. There isn't enough drawback to consider smaller ranged and damage producing platforms. By addressing this, you could attract some more combat orgs (and all of the gaming press that generates) – consider some options: Give us an additional tool to prevent warp that we can put on different core sizes that can target up to 2 SU. Give it some sort of skill-based chance to hit even. Implement different types of bonuses for core sizes – these could be different advanced cores within the same size range. For example, and Advanced XS Core might have a range bonus to whatever E-War you implement. An Uncommon M core might get a fuel use bonus. Just give us interesting choices. Implement different speed limits (max speed) per core size with generally smaller cores hitting a higher top speed. An XS core could hit 29,999m/s and maybe a Large core only hits 19,999k/m with the others in the middle. Additionally (although not related per say to core size) - the cockpit needs a huge buff – no PVP players will really use this other than to screw around on their stream or making “art projects” (hey – PVP players can be artists as well – come check out some of our ships). There needs to be a tangible reason to fly a cockpit ship into combat. It could be that cockpit ships get huge radar range bonuses (thus instantly making a viable recon). They could have an ewar bonus to reduce the top speed of ships down in combination with core size (see above). The community could give you a hundred ideas – but cockpits need real uses in PVP. We need some motivation for core diversity in a fleet. With some of the above suggestions, we can get in a scenario where an XS core chases the target to max speed, then applies the slow debuff so that an M/L core can catch up and do the actual damage. If the target can destroy the XS core before the DPS ship arrives, it can still get away. Otherwise, it will be in big trouble if the M/L core ship gets in range. Large cores, capital-type ships, should never be viable in PvP by a single player. Pretty much all PvP is that, because it's the meta and the current tools like remote controls and LUA scripting allow it. How do we motivate players to multi-crew? Right now, if we build a Dreadnought-type of ship (capital class with lots of gunners and lots of guns), it isn't viable because it's going to be slow and everything will get away. The gunners will be supremely bored on the mission as the interface is generally unpleasant. Yes, the gunner’s seat needs to be a bit of a “mini-game” or give us more responsibilities in that seat. For example, let us focus fire on a specific portion of the ship (“Take out the engines!” said the Captain...). ==PVP DIVERSITY== The “old days” of sitting at the edge of the PvP zone, waiting for a non-warp target to show up, or using questionable half-exploit LUA auto-flying type shenanigans to catch people slow-boating between planets is supremely lame. In this regard, Asteroids were a real blessing to the PVP community. We hope they receive many iterations from the design team to make players “risk it for the biscuit”. Industrialists are some of the smartest gamers in any community because they will engineer the safest gameplay. One small improvement we would consider for asteroids - chasing discovered asteroids has been a huge commitment. It's an hour travel time on average (roughly) for us to check one discovered asteroid and return back to base. NQ should consider spawning the asteroids *closer* to the anchored planet, but adding a 30 minute delay to appear in the Discovered section. This will give miners the same amount of time (roughly) to mine in safety but make it less painful for us to patrol broadcasted asteroids. Patrolling broadcasting asteroids is such a commitment with low probability of getting content. Let us patrol multiple a night to “go fishing” ==LONG TERM== Today we discussed giving people some more tools above (such as energy systems, ewar, asteroid iterations, etc.) but we clearly need to talk about Atmospheric PvP and (duh-duh-dunnnn) Territory Warfare. But before we can talk about that… we have to talk about the elephant in the room: client-side control of construct authority. A long while ago JC (RIP) had talked about the plan to have server-side control of the movement of dynamic constructs. Since then, it's been radio silence from NQ. Now that we have optimized servers and recouped some COGS with Demeter - let's get back on the road to implementation - it's the right thing to do. In fact, it is our humble opinion that Dual Universe will never be a serious hit until this is addressed – unless you truly just want your game to be “Space Truckers Simulator Online”. Client-side authority on construct behavior is what causes ships to teleport all over the place planet-side (You also see this behavior at extreme short range in space during combat). Client-side authority opens your game to rampant cheating as well (regardless of your anti-cheat apps you run). Once server-side authority is implemented we can talk about territory warfare and atmospheric PvP outside the safe zone planets. All of our atmospheric equipment will need to follow the engine element model – if we make multirole ships that work in both Space and Atmosphere, there should be real consequences for running that Swiss army knife type of ship. Once we get all that implemented then we can begin to talk about atmospheric PvP. Give us some tools to scan hexes (we want to know what our organization is getting into before invading). Let us build hover tank carriers to AGG drop them on that T5 hex we want to control. Let us fly our Top Gun dream ships on patrol over the outer hexes for recon ships. There is plenty to do inside the safe circle for industrialists – it would be time to open up the outer planets like this before people grow significant roots in more dangerous places. While this community is primarily industrialists right now, it will never be commercially viable given NQ’s direction with all these guns and weapons in their game unless a solid PVP roadmap is committed to. Emergent gameplay (NQ’s core design document concern) will never be achieved by simply building hauling ships in safe space and moving rocks around the map. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. The Esteemed Members of Scotch & Tea™ Purveyors of the finest whiskeys and other luxury goods this side of Helios.
  20. So... The biggest growing problem in DU right now is the fact that NQ has done little to properly nerf warping. This is NOT a call to make warping more expensive... This is more of a signal to NQ to either reduce the safezone of planets, or make warpdrives drop you off about 5-10 su outside of a planet's safezone that's NOT inside the Thades, Alioth, Madius bubble There's been a growing number of complaints about how warpdrives really kill the game in many respects even though it's a huge time-saver, it completely removes the risk factor from the game. In addition, since there's no way to interdict someone and force them out of warp, this really gives no reason for PVP to take place naturally in game. Suggestion: The system might be nice.. however some suggestions for the NPC generated missions: There needs to be two types of missions Warp capable - Allows a person to warp the package without fear of the mission being terminated The shorter the distance, the less quanta a person will make The shorter the distance, the less valuable the package The greater the distance, the more valuable the package The greater the distance, the more costly it will be to ship/warp (meaning the weight will be increased... thus you add balance to the game) Non-Warp Capable - If the hauler warps the package from one location to another the mission is automatically terminated BY DEFAULT these missions are exponentially more valuable than warp capable missions on a factor of 3 or 4 The shorter the distance, the less quanta a person will make The shorter the distance, the less valuable the package The greater the distance, the more valuable the package The greater the distance, the more costly it will be to ship/warp (meaning the weight will be increased... thus you add balance to the game) NPC generated missions need to be more plentiful The community is not lively or active enough to support hundreds or thousands of available missions.
  21. Guest

    AvA ideas

    I created this thread so players can submit their ideas for the future AvA mechanics here. This will make it easier for NQ to collect our ideas. My suggestions: I think NQ need to give the players the ability to plant C4 bombs with a remote detonation or a timer on other players ships, so that later they can detonate them in the pvp zone, we also need tracking beacons that will transmit the coordinates of the ship every few minutes that the ships owner can detect and remove from the ship before departure. This will be a good start for the AvA ? These 2 mechanics will be the easiest to do. Another AvA mechanic is the boarding mechanic. How it can work: when 1 ship approaches another at a close distance, for example 20 km, a button appears in the pilot of the ship to send a request for boarding to the pilot of another ship. A boarding request cannot be rejected if your ship has fewer players than the other ship that sent you the request. When boarding starts, the ships stop 100m apart and remain motionless, the boarding timer starts working. While the boarding timer is running, players cannot pilot and fire the ships' guns, these 2 ships cannot be destroyed by other ships, a no-fly impassable zone appears around these ships until the boarding timer stops. If none of the ships was captured during this time, then after the end of the boarding timer, the speed of the ships is restored. Boarding mechanic: https://youtu.be/OFhtWj729Y4
  22. I know NQ isn't going to listen to me, and i've said this a BILLION times already, but i'm going to say this anyway. smaller core sizes need more perks. There is nothing stopping you from strapping a xs sized ship onto an L core, and getting all of the benefits from that core size. The only 'benefits' you get from smaller core sizes is a slower identification speed (negligible with skills) and a faster repair time (negligible with shields), which, to be frank, is terrible. it didn't used to be so bad either. before 0.23, radars had a nerf where they could only lock certain core sizes from certain ranges, (eg L radars were only able to lock xs cores from about 40km away), which is a perfect fix to this problem since it removes the issue of small ships being unable to get into the firing range of L cores before being shot at/ destroyed, as well as making the meta much more diverse as the best counter for xs cores would be other xs/s cores (think rock paper scissors, but with cores from xs→s→m→l→xs). I mean seriously, WHY was this removed? imagine the metagame with something like this, its such a simple fix that would make pvp 10x more fun. my only guess is that NQ came up with this nerf when xs cores could still use L guns, which i guess is a fair fix at the time, but makes absolutely no sense if you remove the ability for those xs ships to use L guns in the first place. my second alternate solution would be to give core sizes different max speeds, which i have seen many people request (including me) and IMO seems like a very good idea. it could finally give people the chance to escape/catch up with their enemies, with the downside of dealing less damage/ being weaker. if NQ cant/wont do the radar fix then I would be very happy with this change as well. I've contacted the devs about this radar a month or so ago, but they never got back to me about what happened to my suggestion. thoughts?
  23. Usually when there's territorial warfare, the act of capturing a base may start from the air or very far away. As time goes on the Area of interest may become contested by various means. However, at the end of the day, capturing anything terrestrial usually ends with ground forces... This being tanks to weaken a base and the internal dirty work being done by foot soldiers who will get into CQC situations to capture the buildings of the base. The fact that NQ brought up territorial war fare when there's been little to no conversation of AvA worries the absolute crap out of me. As in, atmospheric combat... I'm afraid... because there's no AvA... will result in yet another poorly executed patch release that will do little to bring back the community if the 0.24 and 0.25 patches actually get pulled off well enough. I'm sorry to break this to you NQ but if you instill territorial war fare without AvA the PvP crowd... the literal thousands of people who are waiting for this game to add in the true aspects that they're willing to throw their money at, will not get on board. Adding AvA AFTER launch will just add more fuel to the fire in ways NQ doesn't need especially when NQ is already in deep need to start generating some real cash-flow during beta. As far as Territorial war fare PVP goes, AvA is absolutely critical and is the final stage of capturing land. To add in Territorial war fare and NOT have AvA with at least pistols and rifles would be like building a car but leaving out the engine. You want to bring in the money from the EvE crowd when adding in territorial warfare? Don't half-ass it. Do it right and as thoroughly as you reasonably can or you'll just get more bad publicity keeping the gaming crowd (and their money) away from DU.
  24. Bonjour, voila mon objectif. Je recherche une Corpo avec qui je pourrais jouer dans différents domaines. Je dispose de plusieurs vaisseaux de combats, mais pas assez d'artilleurs pour faire des sorties PVP (Minage ou Pirate). Je suis prêt a intégré une corpo. Les nouveaux joueurs sont les bienvenues dans ma Corpo. Me contacté sur discord avec le pseudo hoddie#6308 ou pour renseignements et discuté du jeu sans obligation https://discord.gg/jsMQUJ7 Merci et bon jeu
  25. Hey everyone, so the event was a few weeks ago but no one talks about what happend their. At the moment when at every PVP Battle something wierd happens and an Member from Hyperion taken part of it, everyone says that Hyperion is using Cheats or Glitches. Yes the two ships which takes part of this Battle uses Stacked Elements and Burried Elements, but both is allowed from NQ at the moment and thats really not the Problem. After this Battle we dont know what happens, so we decided to do some research. We figured out one really big Problems that game has at the moment. We have this Information a really long time but i dont know why my Leadership or NQ didnt put an offical Statement on the Forum or so. So what we figured out: If your ship gets enough DMG from PVP fights your PC uses much ressources. In this Fight the most AC members shoot with Railgun which makes good Damage but the Damage per Seconds are low. Both Hyperion ships shot with laser which has after Cannons the highest DPS. Both Ships got 4 Seats of Laser which means per Ship 24 Lasers. At the moment Hyperion engaged the Boo Ships their getting so much damage in an shot time that their PCs are "Burning". The pc off the Pilot is the "bottleneck" in this Part, on his PC the Ship gets calculated. But the biggest Issue in PVP fights at the moment where the Damage at the Voxels, at every shot your PC Downloads the "new Voxels" of your ship. The Boo Ship got a really big Part of Gold Voxel which creates microvoxels with every shot/damage so your PC Downloads really much Voxel changes. We tested it and the Download is the biggest Problem in the actual PVP. My PC in the Video got: i7-8700k(overclocked to 5.0Ghz), 32GB Ram, Readon RX 6800XT, Samsung 970Evo M2 and and 1Gbit Internet Connection. First test 11 Gunner, 50 Missiles, 4 Railguns to a Plate of Gold Voxels Most shots missed, network spike 40Mbit/s, lowest FPS around 20 Second Test: 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Gold Voxels Min of FPS: 2, Network spike to 254Mbit/s Third Test: 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Iron Voxels Min of FPS: 5, Network spike to 159Mbit/s Fourth Test: Ethernet Limited to 16MBit/s 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Iron Voxels Min of FPS: 5, it takes around 2 Minutes to load every Voxel Change. You can watch these Results in the Video:
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