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  1. eventually energy manament!! awesome! really looking forward to this. its so ridiculus to be able to put everything on a construct that fits in its buildspace. balancing will be a thing though but i hope we will see the first iteration before launch. also @NQ please keep in mind that exisitng ships will need an "easy" way to be adopted to energy management without making them completely useless and the earlier we know how this will look, the better. also as expected BPC are going to be kept, just like before. thanks for confirming! i dont care about the rest and since this is beta and i expected wipe anyway i´m completly fine with that.
  2. 1-2 times a week: - check market sales - pay territories - calibrate and ferry the ore to market - if i have time and motivation i build a bit on any of my never ending projects
  3. awesome feature. sidenote: amount of quanta is not in line with the news got only 500.000 instead of 5.000.000
  4. thanks for that detailed reply, i was always wondering why my carefully calculated edges weren´t as strait as expected. im absolutely fine with the new divisions, since we only thought we would have 1/8 1/16 /32 1/64 1/128 precision i dont se the difference where this actually matters. most people wont calculate ther vertex points and just shape by the eye. everyone else can get almost as close to the expected points as possible just like before with the difference of knowing they aren´t... ? only thing im wondering is if a 0.5 result in a grid calculation would end up rounded up or down.
  5. sounds very good so far. reducing the daily work like pressure on the calibration stuff will be a relief! ❤️
  6. very nice changes as already mentioned please center camera position on command seats to allow easier and symetrical custom user interfaces ( huds) - probably easier to push this to the 3d design team responsible for the character animations. also very much appreciate the removal of log writing per ingame LUA any player controllable ingame feature should never be allowed to write data to the physical ( real world) drives, especially if these can be invoked by other players without notice! -> security first! the issues to read game data from screen instead of file for exploiting are not really relevant for this decision as the intention is ( as i understand) to protect the computer system running the game and not prevent cheating, the exploiter will alway find a way... that beeing said, non harming content created with this will need replacecement features and you already started adding these regarding the sound, please continue to do so with the other cases mentioned here! also nice to see you interact with us in this thread more. keep it up and work with the feedback in a transparent way!
  7. well to be fair, i asume they do, but its kind of an edge case, is asume landing on a construct to use the popup menu might have been an overlooked test case reporting might be possible sacrificing the ship used to fly up there and jumping over.....
  8. as cptLoRes stated its not possible to report, since the boarding rejection is preventing to get close enough to do so
  9. i am very concerned about those limitations and would like to know more about how this will effect our builds. atm iss very easy even without vertex manipulation to reach the complexity limits, this does not make sense especially with the vertex editor on the far roadmap
  10. i hope you are wrong, i realy dislike free to play games and their mechanics of pulling you into the game like amazon trying to sell you stuff you dont need. i prefer the honest subscription model.
  11. Q: can you go more into detail regarding the voxel chunk complexity limitation? the mechanic seems to be erratic and not transparent. Q2: also please explain the technical background, when ships are wireframed by the mesh server why do we need that complexity limit?
  12. Q: is NQ still considering single ( non Org) gameplay feasable beyond sancturary and are you planning anything to make this gameplay stile worth while again?
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