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  1. Just by having smaller industries that I'm preparing to build back all the components. We are not ship builders but industrialists. So, like ship builders who will have core BP to deploy their ships (and probably their shipyard/demo room), we would like to be able to use our core BP to deploy the factory that evolved and grown based on our needs for two years.
  2. We know that after the wipe, we will only keep core blueprints. I made some testing this morning and found out that when I deploy a blueprint of a factory, all industries lose their recipe configuration. This will be already a pain to visit all assembly lines to feed them one by one with schematics but now I also understand that I will have to reconfigure all industries (refiners, smelters, electronics, metalworks, etc) after deploying the construct. And just to make it clear, I'm not talking about talents here but just the recipe configured. Is it something that you can fix before the launch please? Thanks!
  3. With Panacea coming, we are planning to remove dynamic constructs with only containers that we have on some markets. As of today, we are trying to replace these constructs by the in-game mission system and we found two issues so far. 1- If I have 3000kl of ore in a market container and I want to split it in smaller batches of 500kl to give 6 missions, I can't do that split in the market container or at least haven't found a way to do it. 2- There is a limit of 3 active mission per player which is not enough. Note that improving this will et us as an org remove many constructs that we have at the markets just to work around these limitations.
  4. As a small 3 player org, we went through all updates since the beginning of the beta. But this one will be a real pain if not a show stopper for us. We are doing our own mining, 1-7 tiles per ore, 1 construct per tile because deploying a L core at the intersection of three tiles is not an option and we are forced to place one core per tile. Bauxite - 7 tiles, 7 constructs Coal - 7 tiles, 7 constructs Hematite - 7 tiles, 7 constructs Quartz - 4 tiles, 4 constructs Chromite - 7 tiles, 3 constructs Limestone - 7 tiles, 7 constructs Malachite - 7 tiles, 7 constructs Natron - 4 tiles, 4 constructs Acanthite - 7 tiles, 7 constructs Garnierite - 7 tiles - TODO Petalite - 5 tiles - TODO Pyrite - 1 tile, 1 construct Cobaltite - 6 tiles - TODO Cryolite - 5 tiles - TODO Gold - 4 tiles, 4 constructs Kolbeckite - 7 tiles - TODO Columbite - TODO Ilmenite - 4 tiles, 0 constructs (shared with the natron) Rhodonite - TODO Vanadinite - TODO That is 54 constructs Still 37 to deploy. We are purchasing ore on markets but we need part of our supply to be controlled to not depends on inflation/deflation. We are in space and our main space station has 16 constructs. On each planet of the solar system, we have one space station, a small planet to station hauler and a tri-scanner. 12 planets, 36 constructs. We are managing a store on Utopia Station. 1 construct We are building a huge space store. 26 constructs + 10 constructs for the demo ships we want to sell. The organisation owns a few ship. 10-20 constructs We are doing some scavenging, we need some slots for the constructs we are requisitionning. 10 constructs At some point, we want to do some PVP, we will need an extra 3-4 constructs. And a 5-10 voxel libraries. That's a total of about 225 constructs, I'm just in the corner crying now.
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