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  1. although i really like the idea of asteroid mining in DU i cannot see how the current implementation could create interesting gameplay besides very basic risk vs reward. - please replace fixed spawn times of asteroids by random ones for singe asteroids until maybe a max number is spawned in the system - please replace the scanning system by something that involves player skill ( the real one) - scan results should only give a rough estimate of direction to asteroirs ( or other objects) forcing miners and pirate to triangulate asteroids by moving their ship and scanning again, maybe implement a tool to display scan results inside an ingame 3d map of the system - distances of scanned asteroids should only be roughly available when the scanned object is close and the signal is good - please remove the broadcast and centralised access to an asteroids database - asteroid positions can be really valueable trading goods - you never know if the asteroid you are just scanning is already empty or just beeing mined - despawn asteroids either by total living time or by them beeing empty for a certain time to make place for new ones - if a pvp hotspot is needed add an area where its more likely to find asteroids like an asteroird belt ( no need for a artificial density in asteroirs, they can be out of sight of each other)
  2. broad casting asteroids sounds like a bad idea in general scanning system with a mix of real live skills ( know how to) and ingame character skills would be great to get a hint on an asteroids position. maybe even with deviation, so that finding them could lead to an actual challenge for both miners and hunters, where the hunters have no guarantee that there is something to shoot and loot.
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