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  1. I scanned about 50 tiles on Madis Moon 1. I found no high tier ore. The scans took, with travel time, about 15 hours. Worse I spend another 10 hours chasing 5 false positives. So this is the first game, in the 35 years I play video games, that I spend 25 hours on and accomplishing absolutely nothing. At the current state, mining 10 million blocks with a stone axe in minecraft is more fun and rewarding than mining in DU.
  2. It is only boring to people without imagination. Stepping up to what? Destroying weeks of my life for your cheap 30 second thrill? You guys have horribly twisted minds.
  3. I always have hated the idea of having to specialize. This forces me to create a crapton of characters and level them. Because of leveling so many characters I am burned out after 6 month and leave the game, so I fully reject this idea.
  4. You payed $120. I assume you paid for a supporter pack which means the money is applied to the release version next year. For supporters the beta is free.
  5. My lovely friend. The beta is part of testing. You are not supposed to play. You are supposed to test, nothing more.
  6. The $120 will be used next year when to game is released. The Beta is free for backers.
  7. I'll take a guess. This game will have land and space warfare.
  8. Well first figure out what the word game really means. Then figure out what kind of games you like. And now find that kind of game.
  9. I've been playing MMOs for the last 20 years and I consider the current problems as minor and to be expected.
  10. It is just the whining of a few spoiled prats. I play video games since the mid 80's and this Beta is very smooth.
  11. They claim they can handle millions of players in a single shard server.
  12. People like you make me ...... The reason that betas exist is to find and fix problems.
  13. I watched my language. Believe me.
  14. Let me ask you one question. What is the purpose of a BETA?
  15. Jesus, the BETA is 2 days old and the release one year away and they already whine about little stupid shit.
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