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  1. One of my friends installed today. Stuck at 64% loading screen, I asked him to stop and start from beginning, stuck again at 87%, stop and start and finally got in. At each stuck screen we waited 5 minutes. All took about 25 minutes. He has an old I7 3770k, so old pc. I had no issues with my I7 10900k, full loading in under 10 minutes. In game I set max 60 FPS, I get that with no problems even in markets, my GPU does not go above 60%, the only issue I have is the queues.
  2. I have wonder how I managed without YouTube ( due to NDA) and no tutorials... I have a huge factory and I build my own ships... Mystery... Ohh... By myself too... No orgs. I have no advice except small goals... Make small goals, like I need a wing... Or an engine..
  3. I'm into industry, my factories are producing 24/7 right now but I cant sell yet, I need to upscale, have more bulk products, for now all goes into more production capacity. Also, I need to get a feel of the market, see what is required. I estimate around 2 more weeks before I can sell anything, so this is how the economy revolves right now, it takes time to start, but somewhat in the future I see the potential to be fully player managed.
  4. Happened 2 times to me too, it's just the server stuck at the last container, for me just restart and all was good. I believe once the server is upscaled it will work fine.
  5. Not sure if they are active anymore until tomorrow morning, and by then the problem might be resolved as I believe they have already found the issue , you can try a support ticket or Discord.
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