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  1. laws can only be enforced if there are tools to do so. as of now there is not. No rep system, No bounty system, and very vague rules on whats allowed and whats not. Im not particurly for or against such activity, it does add a little drama and conflict but ... Why am i even, its not as if NQ reads this stuff lol.
  2. Since there was no way to comment on the post. I will post here. I only have 1 request, its simple. Can we please have teleporters at the markets that don't already have? Many players arrived later than day 1 of Beta to discover that getting a Tile close to the market was near impossible. The additional markets could make this possible but they must have the teleports. Many players would love the opportunity to have their industry near a market and it would also spread out the high concentrations of players and assets around markets 6-7.
  3. i think its totally mental the build requirements on all these basic, consumer type, mass produced items. Basic lights, Screens etc. we can make warp drives for the same price as a few empty cargo box's lol.
  4. Its the only way it can be, Corps can be anything from 1 to 1000+ people. However, some serious and strong limits / rules are going to have to be put in to limit the power of a corp. Tbh i dont even know if NQ have realised this yet. With the game setup as is. the moment that taking over land hex's is a thing, we will have the potential for 1 org to take over and destroy everything that isnt them. I mentioned above how this can be managed, but there will need to be something in place. as well as a war dec system, jez i dont even want to start on that one. Alter , have a look at th
  5. Top players, yes, for sure. But not so much the corps. you cant balance the game from a player power vs corp power point of view. and there seems to be a bit of a focus atm on what the top corps are doing.
  6. this held back eve online for so many years. there is a mechanic now to catch up, kinda, but its costly. I wouldnt even consider playing anything that just came out , if a lot of players had a year + advantage. I was really suprised when i start playing, 2 weeks after launch i learned that there was to be no wipe. ppl assume these days that it would happen, its the industry standard with a couple if exceptions. i would have started day 1 if i knew. sooner or later its gona come down to a choice. Having a robust game core that is built on solid foundations where exploits and mis calculatio
  7. Full North Korea Military Parade 2020 - 75th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  8. Thinking about this more, someone above said we need elements to take damage. Its worse than that actually. There is currently no way for anything thats mined to die or vanish. its only going to increase ( unless something changes) to the point that elements become trivial in cost.
  9. i should have added that as an option. I think its very reasonable for this to be the minimum we would retain. most issues seem to be with itemization and the econ.
  10. Just Wondering what the player base attitude is towards this topic, both now and at a future date.
  11. The Biggest Issue is that NQ dont seem to have any serious planning / modeling / metrics on key points of information. Avg and Max income per player on 0 skills and full skills Cost of building / buying a warp capable ship. Time investment target to build / buy warp capable ship. Time to mine out 1m units of T1 ore skilled and unskilled. Income per hour, skilled and unskilled. These are just some examples of stuff i think is probably important to know. Once you know what your targeting for you can compare with actual server data. assuming that you are collecting such info. T
  12. Both before and after the server reboot today, i have been unable to sell Large Containers from a linked inv. no method works, had to move them all 1 at a time to my personal inv again. is this intended ? i thought it was just buggy at first but still doing it .
  13. looks awesome cant wait to try it out. kinda gave me another idea for an information display, showing all info about the closest celestial object. Atmos Height and presence, ores in location, you know, useful stuff.
  14. If the new and reworked planets and mining are more than a couple of months away, we are going to need an ore reseeding. Thades Moon 1 is almost out of Chrome. only 2-3 % of times claimed ofc. but every tile is like swiss cheese. The worst part is that the ppl mining here seem to be trying to troll each other by leaving scraps of each node so it still shows on the scanner. How bad is it for other resources elsewhere ?
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