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  1. Forced to agree...at least on the alpha part. I fail to understand how these issues weren't discovered in any respectable sort of load and network testing.
  2. Sounds like its not coming back any time soon...may as well write today off and do something else.
  3. Who said anything about wanting set content? I was responding to another post. I'm unsure how many of you folks have played both games. The EGS workshop is full of player creations of all kinds. From the comments I am seeing I'm not sure that many of you have actually played both games...hence no basis for comparing the two. We will see where things end up...server performance is critical especially in high population areas.
  4. Its no different than EGS in that context...poor point...if you had played both you would know that.
  5. This is the only game I have in which I get a hard windows crash every 10 minutes on a clean install. I understand its beta and there will be issues....but IMHO this game was/is not ready for release in any form yet. Usually that sort of issue is caused by poor memory management in C code. More work was needed in a closed community to run this stuff to ground.
  6. I would have to say that in terms of product polish and playability/scalability empyrion is a better bet right now. Your server instance is local rather than cloud based and is certainly scalable to support 100 or so folks on standard machines without too much pain. MMO have much to offer socially, but DU has a long way to go on content etc. The current empyrion universe is 1000s of systems...plenty of room for faction warfare and such. It doesn't have all the MMO features DU does. I'm here for a year and will see how it goes...DU has a better materials system with a wider diversity there. Will just have to see what they do with it and how fast.
  7. Not the case....I am in the middle of nowhere and get hard crashes out windows when in build mode for example. No other title I have does this...no issues with anything else played but this title. It's simply not close to being ready for what they are attempting to do with it. Just too many bugs and errors.
  8. Agree - continual crashes out of windows for me even when you do get in. There is no way this thing should even be a public alpha ATM until thats all resolved and much more stable than it currently seems to be.
  9. Finally got my char pushed back to proper position...but server performance has been abysmal. Stalled login queues and multiple server restarts. I would have to rate the game experience so far as a 2 or 3 out of 10 and that's being charitable to be honest. There is very little use in talking about all the neat features if you can't even log in. I'm at the point of building up a 'home' on the sanctuary moon but at this rate it will be Christmas before I can log in to complete anything. Client needs to have an admin mssg board that can keep everyone updated on status and what's going on if there are system issues. Right now its anyone's guess as to what's going on. All things considered I am not encouraged at all. The deeper I look at things the more I realize this games is quite literally years behind where empyrion galactic survival is already. I'm not sure many will pay a sub price when they can have their own server in EGS for as many folks as they want for free, as part of a one time game purchase price. The experience has to be worth the economics...the old star wars galaxies before the profession fiasco comes to mind. There appear to be some nice features with regards to the markets and such...If they haven't already had an emergency all hands meeting to sort out issues, they better get started. the player experience for new players is not good...
  10. not without losing my inventory no
  11. I would love to - but as I am floating in free space with no ship an no ability to go anywhere - that sir, is a game killer. It's not really excusable as the tutorials absolutely positively need to be bug free before anything else. Again its the first exposure to the game. I am not the only one stuck in that state by the way. It gives lost in space a whole new meaning.
  12. Believe me I WANT it to work - I think the sense of community that it offers would be great - but this is day two and I am still stuck in space. I can't mine...I can't do anything...I did get a plot stacked before this madness...but there is little else I can do other than wait to be unstuck and retrieved. Tutorials should absolutely be the first thing bug proofed before any sort of release. The fact they weren't doesn't speak well for any product. I'm here for a year...there is nowhere to go but up...but so far...I am not impressed in many ways. We will see if the damage can be undone, but I'm afraid right now it will be a major turn off for the players that do get it.
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