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  1. Hi all I am in the process of assembling an atmospheric ship for hauling ore, for which I have multiple fuel tanks but I can't connect more than 1 fuel tank to a single engine. I could have each tank fuel several engines but then the fuel in the tanks could get out of balance i.e. one tank runs out of fuel before another and would result in the engines connected to that tank shutting down. How do I get round this issue and balance the fuel in the tanks and not have to add a single massive tank to the build?
  2. Thanks i was just reading through that one, noticed it as soon as i posted mine.
  3. Hi all I have tried posting in the Discord Help -Tech-Support Chanel but after 2 hours waiting for an answer i decided to post here to see if anyone can shed some light on my issue. I had a ship that i was modifying but it didn't work out so i dismantled the ship so i could use the blueprint to restore it to it's previous state. When i try to deploy the blueprint i get the following 2 messages... "Player 62445 inventory has not enough of BasicECU." "Some required items are missing from your storage in order to deploy this blueprint." Both these errors come up in red at the bottom of the screen just after hitting the Deploy button on the window that asks for the ship name. I have no clue what the first message means but the second would make sense if i had not got the entirety of the ship i had just dismantled in my inventory. I have checked my inventory against the list of parts on the inspect item list of the blueprint and i have all and some extra parts including more than enough honeycomb. So i have no clue how to proceed the firs error is probably a critical part of what's going on but i have no clue what it means. Any one with any ideas, suggestions or a bigger hammer than i have pleas help .
  4. Hi all I think it's time to push NQ to provide proper help and support here through the forum as i don't think the discord is working and it's not a place to ask genuine questions apparently. Yesterday i was in the Help-Troubleshooting Chanel in the discord asking why i was getting disconnected after sitting in the login queue for 40 minutes then when it got to less than 100 i would get disconnected due to a connection issue (which happend 3 times in a row). The answer was go talk in the general discussion Chanel as the Help-Troubleshooting Chanel was for people with genuine problems not to discuss connections. Now if i had a connection issue i would have thought the Help channel was the correct place to go and ask, as i was having an issue and was not discussing general connection issues. Anyway in a nut shell the issue i was raising was later covered in a post from NQ as follows... NQ-NomadYesterday at 21:01 A bug affecting the in-game queue has been found and fixed @here. It basically disconnected players present in the queue after a certain amount of waiting time. Thing is the fix only works if you enter the queue again. In other words, if you are already in the queue we recommend you exit the game and log in again. This way, things should be all right. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and support while we continue the hard work fixing, tweaking, and refining everything! As you can see this directly relates to the issue i was having yet in the help channel i was basically told to bugger off to another channel. I think it's time NQ setup Help & Support forums here with NQ staff monitoring the posts so those with genuine issues can post questions and get answers in their own thread rather than taking abuse from some in the discord channels who seem to think they own they place.
  5. I am happy with what they have in the game, it's not about that. It's the fact the game is unplayable with the server lag which they should have the capacity for but obviously not. had they run this as an open beta without charging us for the privilege then they could have spent the first month getting the servers sorted to deal with the capacity and people would not have an issue. I am a carer and have a very limited income but a load of free time so paying for something is always a big decision. had they actually had monthly subscriptions it would be less of an issue but having to fork out for 3 months and finding out the game in it's current state is unplayable means i have wasted that money as it's unlikely i will continue to play with the way things are going.
  6. Just spent the last 10 minutes trying to see what i have in storage containers, they open up but the contents don't get updated. Also cant access any industry machines as it just freezes the game and eventually gives an "Internal Server Error" message.
  7. This is almost unplayable, and almost means you can play in "slow motion" waiting for the server to process your requests. to me the game should be at least playable to be called a beta even an early beta, this is more a paid alpha, to be a beta it should at least be playable and the excuse that there is not enough server capacity should have been sorted in the alpha phase of testing. Saying "we didn't anticipate the demand" is basically a cop out meaning they had no idea what server capacity the would need, if they had the slightest clue as to what capacity was needed for X players they would have had extra capacity available to bring on-line if needed. It's obviously needed as the performance of this game is as said almost unplayable and they need to get this sorted ASAP if they want to keep players around and stop the DU name becoming the latest in the line of failed games.
  8. I have to agree i don't use discord as it's not a good place especially in a public discord. There is the announcement section in this forum which should be used more and would be a good place to provide information on server status, also it would be better it the information was put on the DU login screen so that people could see that the server is off-line without having to revert to searching the forum and discord to find out the server is down.
  9. 3 months is the minimum you can get which makes it a Quarterly subscription not a monthly sub.
  10. I think Discord is a horrible place to have any kind of support, you ask a question and if you blink you miss the answer unless they tag you're name in it. And don't get me started on the search facilities in discord total waste of time, you find someone asking the same question as you want answered you click through on it hoping to see an answer and after trawling through 100+ non related posts/comments, you give up and head back to the forum where at least you question might not get answered but at least you will find it again.
  11. Trouble is once you have sub'd for 6 to 9 months you will have paid the same as a AAA game that you keep forever and it don't cost you any more excluding DLC's of course.
  12. Hi Is there somewhere that lists all the assembly crafting machines and their recipes. I'm trying to set up an assembly line and i keep having to run long crafts in my inventory. At the moment i have 25 Basic Power Systems queued that are going to take 25 minutes but that is going to grind me to a halt. I have a Assembly Line S but that will not craft the BPS, is there any other machine that can craft the BPS or do i just have to sit and wait for long crafting jobs like this?
  13. My first trip into the DU Universe was not as bad, had a couple of crashes but always returned to the tutorial just before the crash. Once tutorial complete had a couple more crashes just walking round the landing pad and plazas but did notice some issues in the building tutorial, not missing building parts but the areas where you were to complete the work disappeared as soon as you entered building mode. had a couple of minor issues since landing on the sanctuary moon but the lag is the killer and the disconnects and server errors are almost completely off putting and i wonder why i'm still here at times.
  14. I know it is Beta and all that but the hype they made about how many people they could get in this single shard server, you would have thought they would be prepared for the load on the servers. Firstly they have to introduce a queuing system to stop the login server being melted after a server restart and now with all the server disconnects and errors not to mention the pending operations and general lag caused by the network issues. It's kind of not boding well if this is the state it's in now, are they just going to try and manage it by adding hardware to the shard every time we complain enough about the lag and issues or are they actually going to fix it and future proof it.
  15. Magic, thank you you must be a magician.
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