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  1. Copy the section, flip and rotate? Thinkni saw a YouTube video showing this.
  2. It's not hard for new players to learn how to mine. Once they find their first node they wont bother with surface rocks
  3. What Scrren size are you displaying it on? I have got 10 Screen M and it seems to work ok. Might it be an issue with a different screen size?
  4. Pretty sure all of these questions have been asked and answered above...
  5. Wow that's 30 seconds I cant get back 🤣
  6. OK, no biggie if not but do you have a script that will monitor the volume of a certain material (i.e. Coal) in a certain container? The idea being I can display the quantity I have on a screen so I know when to top up. If I have above a certain value then green background, if I am running below a certain value then amber, and red if out. Cheeky to ask here rather than a new thread I know but worth a shot.
  7. Works like a dream. Now all I need is to stop having nightmares about the web of connections when 6 key is pressed
  8. Hey injurytoall, almost everything is working now. However, I have found an issue where the Status column is omitted on the screen if the situation of the machine is in a status of Pending due to the "Maintain" volume being reached. Is there a "If" statement that can be added for this scenario?
  9. For anyone experiencing the refresh flash I have amended my unit loading tick to the following. Means the screens are only refreshed every 10 seconds but thats not an issue for me and it stops the annoyance of the screen flickering every second. unit.setTimer("refresh", 10) unit.stopTimer("loading") If there is a workaround to decrease the flicker then great, let me know, otherwise THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!
  10. Also was getting a script error that didnt seem to stop it working. Needed to add () to the end of screen.clear so it reads screen.clear() in the screen stop() filter
  11. That works a treat THANKS! Is there anyway to reduce the impact of the screen refreshing? Every second it flickers (I assume when it is refreshing?). On my (in game) screen its quite significant (and annoying). Or is that something to put up with. Great work btw and thanks for sharing.
  12. OK so the line that is erroring is in the unit tick(refresh) script line 3 number = string.format(fmtStr,number) Error says "bad argument #2 to 'format'(number expected, got nil) Also the LUA console states the following: Warning: method getElementName is deprecated, use getElementNameByID instead Warning: method getElementHitPoints is deprecated, use getElementHitPointsByID instead Warning: method getElementMaxHitPoints is deprecated, use getElementMaxHitPointsByID instead Warning: method getElementMass is deprecated, use getElementMassByID instead Warning: method getElementType is deprecated, use getElementTypeByID instead
  13. This looks awesome but states "Script Error!" when I try to run it. Have repeated the steps 3 times now and still same issue. Any obvious thing i may have overlooked when following these instructions? I have zero LUA knowledge so have no expectations of a resolution. When I activate the board the screen comes on (decreasing circles display) but bottom right states script error. When you say "Access to your base core (for linking purposes)" do i need to do anything other than link using 6 key? It is my personal core so assume i dont have to grant anything. Suggestions?
  14. What is this madness you speak of? No thank you....i'll sit here a stare at the log in error messages until i break through to the other side or until my eyes start to bleed.
  15. What do they expect me to do for 3 hours? Spend quality time with my family? pfff
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