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  1. So far I'm really enjoying the game, I can see how i is going to eat up a ton of my time in the near future. I already love the view from my mountain top on Sanctuary. My little concrete platform however- still needs some love. I did all the in-game tutorials, I think, and I'm a veteran Empyrion and Factorio and even a rookie Kerbal player, so I know the goal is to mine stuff to build with and build stuff to mine with. And space. But apparently the tutorial for how to build my industry is not ready yet, so I seriously can't even figure out where to get more concrete. I've learned a few tech, mined some surface rocks, purified them in my nanofactory and sold them. I bought the basic dragonfly cuz my base is a long way on the hovercraft. I also crashed the hovercraft at the market and I don't know what I broke to be able to fix it. Everyone else seems to be building factories and ships no problem, but I'm at a loss how to proceed. I must be missing something. Is there a guide on shipbuilding and factory building I am unaware of? The Dragonfly is garbage, there is no way everyone is flying around fighting to control their ship like that. How do I get a good ship? No idea how to build one yet, never mind get all the parts, never mind identifying which parts to get....The market is so vast it's too much information. There are 200 types of concrete alone, none of which are available locally. So I guess my question is, can someone please whip up a quick bullet pointish guide to getting started? As in 1 - do all the tutorials. 2 go to Sanctuary. 3. claim a spot. 4. learn x skillset first 5 Get the Goodship from dealer x on planet y. etc? I know everyone will have their own opinion on priorities, but I'm kind of out of ideas at all. Any clews would be helpful. In the meantime I'll just be enjoying the view from my mountain top, trying to figure out how to make some more concrete.
  2. TY for your reply. I ended up relogging again and that popped me out of the tutorial, which I was then able to restart normally. It's definitely a niche bug though, if you DC during the tutorial and log right back in, you are stuck in limbo. None of the normal tab options were available, it's as if the program did not know where I was, I could even chew up the building with my tools, as if the computer no longer owned the rights. I spent an hour in game futzing around, but was still unable to leave the zombie tutorial at all.
  3. I was doing the construction tutorial and got a server disconnect. Now I'm back on, but I'm locked in a room and can't figure out how to get the lady to talk to me again. How do I restart, or terminate the tutorial please?
  4. Why is it called Dual Universe when it's a single shard? Asking for a friend.
  5. Just adding some noise to the din. Not sure if the Devs ever read over here, but Betas are for feedback, and here's some feedback. Started by getting the error 100 message. Couldn't get past the password. Slept on it. Tried again after a patch. Nothing. Filled out a ticket. Waited another day. Nice Dev sent a note saying they fixed my dealy. Got my password in. Chose my characters suit colors. Went to play and the game took forever to load. Finally stuck at 59%. Checked forums again. Lots of folks stuck. Maybe my low RAM was an issue. Amazon Prime brought me a new chip in a day. Doubled my RAM, cleaned up my hard drives, tossing 3/4 of my old files. Physically cleaned the inside of my computer too. Computer is running great now. Tried loading game. Loads twice as fast. WOOT! Still sticks at 100%. I have never seen what comes after 100%. My computer doesn't suck, but I can't afford a new NASA level computer, or $120 month high speed 5G bionic internet, on top of the 6.99 just to play the game. I am stuck with the 3 month subscription so I'm in no hurry to cancel and I REALLY was looking forward to this game, but if something doesn't optimize somewhere it's a definite, disappointed cancellation.
  6. I got a note from the devs on my open ticket saying they had fixed the issue for me. I was then able to get past the Error 100 message, only to lock up on the loading screen. Definitely feeling like I got stiffed out of $21.
  7. I had this problem. I filed a ticket. This morning they sent me a note saying they had fixed my issue on their end. I was able to get past the Error 100 message, only to lock up on the loading screen. Whatever it is, they can fix it, they just need to implement the fix broadly.
  8. Just adding another new user who can't past the login screen. I understand this isn't a finished product, but I don't feel good paying a subscription to look at a non-functional loading screen. That's a little too unfinished. Hoping for a fix or even response to my open ticket. Trying to be patient. Admittedly disappointed.
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