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  1. I found the setting to set ship control to mouse. I mapped it to my stick and that works but y axis isn't inverted. The only y invert I can find is globally which doesn't work when on foot. Apparently, logitech's programmer doesn't have a way to invert. Any solutions?
  2. Thanks for the well-written instructions. I'm curious though - what are the non-newbie instructions? You could use something like voice attack which allows you to make macros to auto-flatten.
  3. I've stocked up on T1 ore and now I need T2 ore. I recall reading somewhere (maybe the tutorial) that it's deeper than T1 ore and, thus can't be scanned from the surface. Am I supposed to just dig down at random and hope to get lucky? How deep are they? And will I find T2,3,4 on my Sanctuary plot?
  4. Each time I log in, I'm around 450 in a queue. The whole "everyone plays on one server" idea doesn't seem as good if the lone server only holds a finite number of players.
  5. It's odd that all the stuff in my base just works without a power source. Solar panels, wind turbines, generators, nuclear power plants, etc would be a fun addition.
  6. They have put so much work into this game obviously. Being mostly a flying/space game, it seems to me that flight controls would have been closer to the top of the list of things to do.
  7. Does anyone have a save file for x52 configuration that they can share? I tried mapping it myself. I spent over an hour just working on the throttle and, no matter what I do, my ship will only accelerate. I can't figure out why.
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