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  1. I get the same thing with certain minerals Not all minerals does it though. I hate the fact that when you select doable and a list of things you can create shows, you can't really create them due to the amount of ingredients changing once you hit start.
  2. Right now the economy is crap. I have an idea that can probably fix it. Get rid of players being able to craft everything. Add in talent tree where you have a certain amount of talent points that can be spent. This will make every person unique. Some players may dedicate it all on industries, others may dedicate it on piloting, and others may dedicate it on mining. It should take time to master in different profession That way it will force the players to buy from each other. The players can also reset their talent tree and pick a different profession with a cool down of 1 week before changing again. A player should not be able to craft everything. This will cause them to mass produce pretty much everything and undercut others by selling them for the lowest price. This will cause current and new players trying to sell but can't mass produce to earn no money on the market. Players should not be self efficient, but rather rely on products sold by other players. I see some of the same players going from market to market selling a lot of stuff for the lowest price undercutting those that are trying to make some quick cash just to be able to do anything. Those players have like 200k Qty of products in each market. Players should NOT have to rely on daily logins just to get a reward of 100k, which for a lot, is the only source of income. I would post this on discord since that's the main thing the DEV communicate on, but you can't comment on anything. Only certain people can post on discord. If anybody has any suggestions please comment below.
  3. How does smaller ships have advantage? Large ships has larger turret that can dispatch smaller ships (strike craft) with ease due to auto lock which the weapon will always hit its target. Basically with auto target, players has to build bigger ships with larger health pool to remain in the fight. It all comes down to who has higher health pool and better weapon stats.
  4. on day 1 of my 5 day vacation just to seeing this
  5. I meet all the requirement. I even use the detection tool which says I meet the mini and I can also play majority of high end games. I actually had this laptop built strictly for gaming.
  6. I'm on Sanctuary moon and some neighbors decided to settle next to mine
  7. I'm really trying to like this game but the performance is bad. The glitches that comes after the game unfreezes is horrible while in a ship. I crashed my ship so many times due to a glitch that occurs after the game unfreezes. While give an input command the game freezes when getting close to populated areas or entering the atmosphere. After it unfreezes, I lose total control of my ship. Engine is heard but no propulsion along with the speed gage going up and down while falling out the sky. Another glitch is where if you are turning your ship in a certain direction, your ship will be forced to turn in that direction after game unfreezes. The only way to fix that is to get out your ship and get back in. I'm also experiencing a speed boost while in space approach a planet after the game unfreezes. I went from 4k approaching the atmosphere to 18k within a few seconds and cant slow down. It caused my ship to break apart soon as I hit the atmosphere. My ship constantly goes underground due to terrain rendering over my ship causing me and my ship to fall under the map. It sucks that FETCH command can only be used once every 24hrs. Cool down should be removed until the game is more stabled. Far as performance, due to large population and a lot of constructs built by players in districts/markets, causing a huge lag that causes my ship to miss its landing mark and crash into random parts of the base. Markets a literally clutter with speeders and ships. I feel like there should be a virtual garage at districts where players can store 2 constructs. It can be ships or speeders. extra slots will cost credits. I believe this will increase performance at districts/markets, clearing up all that clutter. The lag is so bad that I have to keep on trying to refuel engines because it keeps on reverting back to what it previous was. Before implementing new features, please work on stability first. Thank you. EDIT: Just enter the game for the first time today and can't do anything. Nothing but errors such as internal server error, pending operation, inventory transfer error, you are trying to execute too many operations. Only thing I can do is enter the market screen and fly around in my ship.
  8. Will players of that organization get daily income set by the leaders? Can players outside the organization or part of it be taxed? Can Leaders set different industries to be used if a fee is payed (pay to use service). What are somethings besides taking over land and fighting wars?
  9. I feel like those that bought a backers pack should get everything that came with it. Didn't pay $60 just to watch it get wipe away.
  10. Yea it doesn't work. I tried to reset but an error pops up while trying to submit new password.
  11. After maintenance, I can't even log into the game. Keeps saying invalid Username/Password. My ship is patiently waiting to be repair.
  12. That sucks because I feel like the 2 objects at the bottom that looks like displays should be where all the information should be stored. Not in the center of your cockpit window. Can't even see out of it.
  13. So my ship stats is displayed in the center of my cockpit window. How do I get it out of the way? There are 2 objects that looks like displays where the ship stats should be. One near the left knee and the other near the right knee. How do I move it into those 2 objects?
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