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  1. I don't mean copy and paste, i meant park your ship and start new core next to it and copy the best you can
  2. This is just a suggestion, not a fix to the problem: Spend your time now building a copy of the ship you own, then make a core BP out of that. Or at least copy the elements to have an element only ship. and then after release you have a beginners hauler ship to save up for. would need adjustments after the power system but I don't think it will be that bad. That's what ship builders do, they build a hauler out of elements until they can afford something better.
  3. We get to keep core blue prints, but does that mean any core BP I have in my inventory, or only core BP I made myself? Will schematics still be in the game at launch? Or is that being replaced by the new power system?
  4. They got rid of $10 for 3 months? why? $10 a month? only temporary? Is this game releasing with $15 a month?? There isn't $15 a month worth of content, there isn't $10 a month worth of content. What a complete disaster this all is. The voxel building, industry(before schematics), and flight are so good. But everything else is so off the mark. It seems so far behind of even the most basic games. I feel like this game is like a stillborn birth.. there will be a game, but it's dead... the poor thing is already dead.
  5. What happened to our stuff that we left behind when we stopped playing? I stopped at the schematic deathblow. If I was to come back, where are my ships, my building, my industry, my land claims? What about mega ore deposits? Did they convert to reflect the current mining system, or were all the tiles reset and we have to go scanning tiles again?
  6. Anyone else have this website lagging? the scrolling is slow, the typing is slow... Anyone have a fix? It is only this website. I'm using Brave Browser. Thanks.
  7. Why not copy RPG talent tree system for industry? Make most things tiered 0-5. You get X amount of points to spend on industry. Tier 0 is no points, just cost of schematics. Tier 1-5 you need to spend point. Specialization starts at Tier 3. You can use all your points and be a jack of all trades and take Tier 1 and Tier 2. As soon as you spend Y amount of points in Tier 1 or 2 all other tiers are greyed out and all further points can only be spent in Tier 1 and 2 with enough points to get everything, you are now a jack of all trades up to Tier 2. Leave some item in Tier 0-2 that only jacks of all trades can get. Or Plan your specialization and be, for example, an engine specialist. You have to put your points into Tier 1 and 2 engines to unlock Tier 3 engines and as soon as you pick Tier 3 engines all other parts of the tree are greyed out. You can only move up the engine talent tree to Tier 4 and Tier 5 with enough points for everything. You equalize the points so that all the points needed to fill Tier 1 and 2 is the same as specializing to Tier 5 of one branch of the tree. You still have to buy schematics, just not so expensive for Tier 0 - 1. Tier 2 is where it where the cost becomes impactful, time consuming, and require travel. The cost of a solo player to specialize up to Tier 5 should be a grueling, mind numbing, dangerous experience. The cost of materials for Tier 3-5 should be outrageous so new players wont just skip over Tier 1 and 2. Corporations will need several people to make higher Tier items, and solo players can play without corporations. But they would need each other. I would go even further, and not allowing jack of all trades to be part of corporations. Any cooperation would be just that, cooperation.
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