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    Ven reacted to tritan67 in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    You are forgetting that theft VIA RDMS not being set correctly is allowed. This was far from an exploit if it is allowed. They are setting a double standard here. I do imagine its not them not having a blue print, but having to relink those market modules to the market database manually. Even still,  they should not ban a player because of "Theft via RDMS is allowed".
    NQ quote here,  "  RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. "
    its hypocritical.

    Look here. You can't have it one way and another.
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    Ven reacted to Armedwithwings in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Usually i'm on NQ's side for most things but this is pretty much the definition of "righteous justice" .
    All this due to your horrendous RDMS system which is highly suceptable to exploits.
    You think losing a Market is a big deal but some of us lost days, weeks, hell even months of work from these holes in the system.
    We got people making tickets, creating Forum posts for days in a row only for our concerns to be met with absolute silence?
    Perhaps it's time to take a step back, if you want a system that rewards scammers and exploiters at least do the courtesy and offer some basic countermeasures.
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    Ven reacted to Eruend the SkyReaper in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    I get that

    But perma ban?
    Again, they didn't break any set rules.

    Regardless of their intent, this paints a far worst image of NQ then it does of the players who did this.
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    Ven reacted to Mordgier in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    You keep calling it an exploit.
    Pressing B isn't an exploit.
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    Ven reacted to Eruend the SkyReaper in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    The thing is, this has been reported
    Several times.

    It's been met with silence each time.
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    Ven reacted to Eruend the SkyReaper in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Player: Some jerk stole my ship by using an exploit!
    NQ: qq more pleb. This is part of the game.
    Also NQ: Some jerk stole our market by using an exploit!
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    Ven reacted to carijay766 in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Yes its a blatant lie - it has been reported to a staff member who was online at that time. Later on it went public on reddit and was openly discussed and acknowleged by other staff members but no action was taken for hours and hours even after it was out in the open on all official discord channels luring more people into it (who also were perma banned). Some people support NQs lies in ignorance.
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    Ven reacted to carijay766 in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Dude this is per definition not a bug this is a human (maybe unintended) mistake and severe negligence and they blamed it on the players instead of sucking it up and solving the situation like adults.
    If developers spawn something and then perma ban players for taking it its the worst possible approach you can have. Any other solution would have been reasonable. Aka removing the items that were gained from the mistake (I know it sounds crazy that the devs would actually fix their mistake).
    The system behind this was the RDMS is worked perfectly fine. Exploit = abuse of a system that doesnt work like intended. The system behind this was the RDMS is worked perfectly fine. Using the system like its intended = no exploit. Blaming your own mistake on the players = hypocritically amateurish and childish behaviour
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    Ven reacted to Emptiness in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Excuse me? Are you saying no blueprints were made of those markets? 'Fixing' it should be as simple as deleting the old construct and replacing it. A task that would take a couple minutes, maximum, with the blueprints.
    This is a reaction I would expect from children in a sandbox, not mature adults.
    edit: Apparently the 'quick fix' is a reference to the market orders.
    To which I have exactly one reply: What?

    Market orders should be stored in the database and no removal of market constructs should EVER affect those.
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    Ven reacted to Pizzadude in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Oof. Find bug, make sure it's a visible problem. Get banned.
    I guess it's time to cancel my sub. Been an interesting time guys, but if you want to completely hammer a promising game into the ground and punish people exposing issues while doing so is pretty much a total no-go from me. I'll watch the dumpster fire from the sidelines.
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    Ven got a reaction from HairballHacker in leaving this steaming pile of #@##$$ anyone want my 2 silver founder accounts   
    I am moving DU into the this had so much potential category
    I bought 2 silver accounts if you are interested in having them post here and I will choose who to give them to after I read some of your post to make sure you are not some kind of scummy exploiter running around stealing peoples shit and exploiting this cluster fuck.
    I could post endlessly about the things I don't care for in DU but this is not the place for that.
    Maybe someone else can find some fun here, I already got my moneys worth and I thought it was going to be a game I could invest lots of time in and watch it grow.
    So post about why you want my account as said I have 2 to give away and they still have all the stuff (beta keys and other perks) on them and very few talents trained so you can make it how you want.
    The best replies will have the best chance for the gift.
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    Ven reacted to Eftalan Quest in Not Punishing Desolation was weak and poor from NQ   
    They also did optimize here ... and cleary stated for example that the use of such things could lead to consequences .
    If someone used the linked container bug they had to be aware that that could get him in trouble.
    But here additionally they harmed other players, destroyed their constructs etc.
    And don't argue with "yes they should be aware that's not safe there" .. it says safe zone and i know one of them which usually flys back, but had a game crash and the decides after some tries to go to bed.
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    Ven reacted to Mordgier in JC - This game is not Ready Player One....   
    ....and if it were - that would NOT be a good thing!
    Alright, this is something that's been bothering me for some time from JCs interviews - and yesterday's Easter Egg interview pushed me over the edge to where I really have to say something...
    First and foremost - lets face the reality that Ready Player One would be a horrible game for most people nor would the events of the book be enjoyable for the majority of the player base.
    If you're looking at your game and going "Hey look it's just like RPO!" - what I hear is "Look just a handful of no lifers got to have all the fun!". That IS the plot of RPO. A tiny group of players who take the game WAY WAY WAY WAY too seriously get to enjoy the content while the rest may as well not exist.
    The puzzle fit this perfectly. A tiny group of players with tons of NDA covered information going back to pre-alpha solve a puzzle while the rest of the community doesn't even know it exists. Yup  - very RPO.
    JC - The takeaway from the puzzle event should not be that "Look it was just like RPO! I did a good job!" - it should be that "The event was a complete failure and did not involve the majority of the community in a meaningful way, and was solved largely due to a bug and alpha knowledge that was not available to the bulk of the community."
    Please please please for the sake of DU - stop trying to make this game like a fictional book about a fictional game. You need to take a serious look at how other games have done community events and have managed to involve much larger groups of players. Everything from opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj to the Elite Dangerous Alien events - yes they were flawed in their own ways - but by and large involved more people.
    Finally, this doesn't just cover events. The general game mechanics cannot be based on the mindset "Just like RPO!" - because I repeat - RPO would be a horrible game. In fact, I would go as far as saying if you are looking at any upcoming part of the game like AvA or Territory Warfare or Atmospheric combat and can say "This is just like RPO!" - then it probably needs to be reworked to NOT be like RPO but to be like an actual game that would be fun for more people.
    Once again - face reality - RPO was a no life simulator where only the no lifers mattered.
    This means designing things in consideration of players who are not willing to play DU 16 hours a day - and entire teams of such players.
    Players are not going to want to spend hours waiting for an attack on a territory to man the manual guns because you refuse to consider automatic defenses.
    Players are not going to want to fly dedicated gunners or escorts for every single hauler just because they may get attacked.
    Players are not going to want to sit in their ship for hours watching the radar while their orgmates mine out an asteroid.
    I could go on and on, but the core point is that the game mechanics need to be designed around giving people who do not no life the game a chance to have fun and stand a chance in pvp vs those that do.
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    Ven reacted to Lethys in The lag is strong with this one...   
    It doesn't really improve the situation of the game tho if it gets better when you're further away from the noobzone. This game wants to have a civilization. And large battles. If it doesn't work with some hundred constructs, how the hell should it work with thousands? 
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    Ven reacted to Gottchar in Can we please get a "parking fee" or similar mechanic?   
    The high amount of crafts at markets which are not just parked for some shopping are a problem.
    They are unsightly and limit parking space on one hand, which can be seen as more of an RP issue for some, but they also reduce performance for players with low or mid range computers. There are plenty of people who said they had to skip the tutorial as their frame rate was far too low.

    I suggest something is done about. A few examples:
    - Parking fee. As you park on the parking deck a timer starts in the background. If you stay for 30m or more or leave the cell without taking all your cores with you, you get a pop up informing you of the parking fee. Should your craft stay for another hour or longer, the fee is taken from your account or taken of your next log in money. It would slowly increase, similar to the TU placement cost. Something like 10k for a full day, 40, 90, 160, 250 etc for the following. It could also be auto-impounded after 24h, and you can get it again at the ship store.
    - Have multiple parking decks close to the market, parking there automatically despawns your craft and teleports you to the market. Your containers are still available. If no advertisement crafts are visible when parking, hopefully the people will not try to leave their crafts at or close to the markets. The market itself gets a larger no-fly zone. 
    Please only introduce this after a good amount of testing and if the several current container link bugs are fixed.
    - Make crafts not load anymore, if they have been standing still for long enough. So if I, as a player, arrive at the market, I only load and see ships that have landed withing the last 6 hours (or my own ships). I would not see the permanent advertisements etc. Any machine in the game has its own timer anyway, when a craft lands in a public tile (user exits control seat) the timer starts. For the owner of a craft nothing changes.
    I hope there can be some discussion about the issue and a solution can be found.
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    Ven reacted to Sadume in I was going to play this game but subscription is auto renew only so I didn't   
    I was going to play this game but subscription is auto renew only so I didn't
    Why are companies forcing auto renew in 2020
    If I stop playing the game and forget to cancel my subscription I could end up paying for years, seems fair.
    Shady af... ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Ven got a reaction from GhoStalker in Org theft carried out today - 22,500 KL , 70 Ktons - nearly 200 Large containers worth   
    So you stole a bunch of stuff you did not even have to fight for what a pussy
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    Ven reacted to sHuRuLuNi in Why should i play this game?   
    Well, there are some of us who do play solo. Should we be forced to join an organization? The game is about rebuilding civilization. Take a look around, at the current civilization -- is everyone part of some organization? No.

    Look, as a simple example: Let's say we could fish in this game. I would build a nice cabin near my Twin Lakes, then I would go out, relax and fish. Then some of the fish I would use to make food for myself, while maybe some I would go to a market and sell.
    Now, someone who does not want to fish, or does not know how, but likes fish for dinner, would buy a few fish from me.
    And that would be nice.

    THEN YOU WALZ UP with your ORGANIZATION, BOMB the bloody fish from the air, kill a million fish with one stroke and overwhelm the market.

    See what happened now? Why the hell would I fish anymore, when you with your organizations flood everything with millions of products. There is no more specializations, different skills and tasks different people would do and thus CREATE A CIVILIZATION.

    The whole game is turning into a GIANT INDUSTRIALIZED CLUSTERF*CK where there is no place for actual roleplaying, skills and specializations per individuum.

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    Ven got a reaction from DarkAster in Why should i play this game?   
    I feel you bro I just can't bring myself to log in and dig a bunch of holes in the ground I have had enough of that. and other than playing ship builder there is nothing to do in there at all.
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    Ven reacted to joaocordeiro in PvP is Broken aka Pay to Win   
    Well he does have a point in XS weapons being 100% useless with current meta. 
    Those XS weapons should have a huge disadvantage but not 100% useless. 
    But its definitely not "pay to win" . More like "socialize to win" 
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    Ven reacted to Haunty in Not Punishing Desolation was weak and poor from NQ   
    I'd agree more if this was release and not beta, but NQ should be quicker with declaring if something is an exploit before it goes on for weeks.
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    Ven reacted to sHuRuLuNi in Why should i play this game?   
    He is mostly right though, at least for now ... there is nothing to do, just dig
    The only way to earn money, so that you could, say, build cool stuff, is to mine. So that's apparently what everyone is doing. There are endless ships and container clusterf*cks parked on every market, so much rubbish parked there, I cannot even enter the bloody market often because of all the Ad displays and "Join us!!! We are the best!11!111" panels everywhere.

    Carrot on the stick. Still missing.
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    Ven reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in "DSI / TSU / UEE" investigation   
    Dear community members,
    A few weeks ago, we took a stance regarding “out of the game”/IRL-related practices to discredit, threaten or shame publicly another Community Member (even if the involved person is guilty of several infractions) that could be an opponent in-game.
    As the DSI (Dark Star Imperium) / TSU (Trinary Star Union)  / UEE (United Earth Empire) case blew out of proportion during January, we investigated.
    We are really serious about differentiating real life from the game itself. Unfortunately some didn’t take our stance seriously. We gave them a chance to come clean in a private discussion and restart on an healthier basis. They didn’t take the opportunity for what it was: a last chance.
    As they preferred “playing dumb” with Novaquark staff, we can’t have any trust that they won’t continue. Therefore we have decided to ban permanently those Community Members for various reasons (all not being banned for the same reason(s)):
    Not being honest towards Novaquark staff. Making and encouraging ghost accounts. Abusive recruitment practices. Practising real life harassment and/or threatening another player. Making false report to Novaquark’s Customer Support in an attempt to make ban someone they dislike. Spreading real life information without the involved person’s consent, aka Doxxing.  
    (strong reminder: even if a person gives you real life information about him/her, it’s not okay to share these information with ANYONE else without his/her consent. You can’t predict how the other person(s) will use this information and if he/she/they won’t share it again. If some trouble occurs following this sharing, you can be held legally responsible).
    This might seem an extreme sanction but this shows how serious we are when we say we are not going to let toxic attitude and practices spread in the Community. Our goal to build a healthy and friendly community isn’t just a figure of speech. Anyone caught to spread or encourage any toxic behavior will be removed from the Community as it will be considered as damaging the Community and negating Novaquark staff efforts (without saying that it’s time consuming and a waste of our resources).
    Saying it’s a long time grudge coming from before the arrival in the Dual Universe community is absolutely not a valid excuse. If someone has a personal grudge with another community member, he/she should either:
    Leave it at the doorstep and/or settle it in private and peacefully with no one else involved. Contact directly (and only) Novaquark staff if the issue persists.
    The moment someone uses the Dual Universe community as a tool for IRL revenge, he/she is not welcome anymore. We’re all here to have fun. It should always stay that way.
    Therefore, the following Community Members have been permanently banned from the Community:
    Lime / Fullsend / mmtheboss / Sakej99 [DSI] Primarch Zelevas / TharisUEE Melkor_Morgoth
      In addition the DSI Organization member list has been reset, and the Novaquark Team has appointed CN_Firestorm as the new owner of the Organization, should he accept to take a fresh start on a healthy basis.
    We also give a warning to all those who were indirectly involved (with the evidence we found) but not actively participating in the recent community troubles. Next time, there won’t be any new warning. If you become involved against your will in some shady real life activities, you have only two healthy options:
    Leaving the group doing such activity immediately. Report it to Novaquark staff.  
    If you stay in such group without leaving or reporting it and the group is caught, you take the risk to get the same sanction as those actively involved.
    This investigation has taken (or more precisely wasted) a lot of time from Novaquark staff. We really don’t like to intervene in players affairs. However, if there is a chance that such affairs damage the Community by toxic behavior, you can expect Novaquark staff to step in. We hope we won’t have to take the same measures again.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Ven reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Recent Bans: Clarifications   
    Dear Community Members,
    As some of the Novaquark recent moderation and sanction actions haven’t been clearly understood by some, here are some explanations and clarifications. We are aware that members from “Dark Star Imperium” (DSI) and “New Genesis” think that the decisions taken by Novaquark have been unfair and/or feel like a punishment. It’s not a punishment and we limited the inconvenience to the minimum possible by just resetting the member list of the Organization. This has been done to remove all ghost accounts and make the involved Organizations restart on a healthier basis.
    We also made sure that at least one person in each of the involved Organizations can re-invite real members in the Organization:
    - CN_Firestorm for “Dark Star Imperium”
    - Chipfromearth/SpaceKitty for “New Genesis” (until the end of TMA’s ban)
    You are more than welcome to contact them to join theses Orgs again if you wish to do so.
    Keeping in mind that besides the cleaning of ghost accounts, nothing else has been removed. All community work/content related to these Organizations have been left untouched. We are also going to send an email to all ex-members to inform about the member list reset and offer them to join their former organization again.
    Regarding the ban of the leaders of these Organizations:

    We understand that seeing your leader banned might be frustrating. However, we want to make it clear that being at the head of a big Org does not give a free pass on toxic behavior and/or bad practices that could damage the Community as a whole. Being passionate, being young, creating quality content is no free pass for such things either. That’s why all the permanent bans decided recently are final. We are not giving such heavy sanctions with a light heart or on a whim. In more than four years, the number of community members who have been banned permanently from the community can still be counted on the fingers of one hand. We think it speaks volume... Some recent rumors say that the bans may be reversed or canceled. There is no ground to such rumor. It’s just disinformation. The fact that a banned member will “not tolerate that” has no weight either. It’s the Novaquark team’s call and the Novaquark team alone.
    Now, we want to give a fair warning to anyone wanting to challenge Novaquark’s decisions openly, directly or indirectly. If a community member has been permanently banned from the Community, he’s excluded from the game, which means he shouldn’t be in any Organization anymore. Reinviting or keeping a community member banned permanently could have serious consequences (such as Organization disbanding but not limited to that, as this could trigger other sanctions for those actively supporting banned members).

    Now to address some specific questions/rumors:

    We exceptionally give some details to the Community to show that we are not banning randomly or without a serious reason. We do it only because some banned members try to take advantage of the confidentiality policy to enforce their own narrative and play the victim, and attempt to misinform other players. Don’t expect the Novaquark team to give anymore information on this case or the possible future ones.
    “Banning Sakej99 was a mistake. He’s a different person from FullSend/Lime”.
    The Novaquark team is aware that Sakej99 and FullSend/Lime are different persons. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the permanent ban affects FullSend/Lime will also affect accounts he may have access to (by account sharing, which is forbidden in our EULA). This is one of the main reasons why we are so serious about forbidding account sharing. If someone sanctioned got access to your account, the sanction can be extended to the said account even if you haven’t done anything wrong.
    “FullSend/Lime has been unfairly banned, with no prior warning.”
    First, for the infraction this community member has committed, there will never be a warning as it was obviously utterly wrong: if a false report is sent to the Customer Support in an attempt to make another community member banned, the one getting the ban is the one who sent the false report. And in this case, indeed, there is no prior warning.

    Second, FullSend/Lime is probably the person in the community who would deserve multiple permanent bans (if it was possible), due to previous infractions in addition to the most recent one. Playing the card “no prior warning” is just complete dishonesty and denial of assuming the consequences of his actions during the past couple of years. Here is a short list of the infractions he has done in the past:
    - Asking members of one of his former organization to give login and password of their accounts to him.
    - Using accounts of other players.
    - Creating ghost accounts.
    - Using a loophole in the organization management system on the Community Portal in an attempt to sabotage/destroy an organization by using the account of another player.
    - Participating in a doxxing attempt.
    - Always denying the facts or trying to minimize them, to the point of reaching self-absolving, to avoid dealing with the consequences (a practice reiterated with his last infraction).
    Due to the history of this community member, there was no reason for “prior warning” with his last infraction. He has been warned too many times already. Mistakes are not erased just because it happened “long ago”.
    By default, Organisations where FullSend was the founder have their ownership transmitted to the oldest member with the ability to create an organization, which gave the following results:
    - CN_Firestorm becomes the new owner of “Dual Insider”.
    - Gravetender becomes the new owner of “Project Azimuth”.
    If you are a member of one of these organisations and you want to discuss these changes, please contact the new owner of the Organization.
    (About DSI) “There has been a total wipe of the parties to kill the conflict”     
    Wrong. If that was the case, we would have dismantled “DSI” directly and ban both DSI leaders, which would have included CN_Firestorm. You can assume that if it’s not the case, this is precisely because there is a difference between CN_Firestorm and Primarch. This sanction wasn’t against DSI. The sanction was against Primarch.
    Some of the banned members may say “They will be back”.
    It’s up to them. However, if we catch them, they will be banned without further notice.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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