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  1. Well that's a shame. I hope that one day the system will be able to manage wheels atleast. I can actually think of a few ways to simplify the moving bits of mechs so they wouldn't be as demanding on the system as rotors or pistons. Still more complicated then wheels though. XD
  2. I know, this is an outstretch from ships and space, but to me as a die hard mech fan, sci-fi and mechs are inextricably linked. That said, I would understand perfectly if it wasn't in this game's plans to add some at any point and it certainly doesn't feel like the game's built for it either. However, far be it from me to say what is or isn't possible. So this isn't a topic of "when can we expect this", but rather, can we hope for this at all in the future? I would absolutely go nuts if we could actually build mechs with the same system used to make ships in this game. I get that making the moving bits work properly would be a serious pain in the butt, however I'd be likely here for life if this was implemented. XD
  3. That's awesome! I think there was some confusion about the weapons part though, so I'll clarify. Would it be possible to build something that would allow us to hurl a mass of voxels at an enemy ship? From what I've read on the "Ask Us Anything" topic, it almost sounds like it'll be possible, just not intended or desired. If this is at all possible for the game, it's something the devs may want to keep an eye on when they try to balance the game for PvP. Because you KNOW players are going to make some crazy devices. Such as small automated ships carrying a lethal payload in the form of a guided missile. Or huge cannons that are actually printers set to make a huge rod to be flung out towards an intended target with the use of some gimmick like wheels or something. These weapons would go against the originally intended approach of having automated weapons shooting between ships and would add a significant layer of depth in space combat related to larger ships. But wether or not this would be a good thing for this game is up in the air. All I know, is that people (including me) will try their hardest to make such things happen if they are at all possible.
  4. huh. I didn't expect quiet as much of a response to my introduction topic. XD I get that this game's not going to be Space Engineers, but I was wondering though, what's the scale of the structures we'll be able to make mechanical-wise? I get the feeling we won't be able to make things such as player built weapons, transforming configurations or walking mechs in this game. (I.E.: the use of rotors, pistons and connectors in S.E. which is both its bane and salvation) Though I do think this game might atleast end up getting a logics system to allow programing or such. Any idea on wether or not this game will host similar features?
  5. Heya! Just heard about this project from a friend and can't help getting hyped about it against my better judgement. XD This game sounds too good to be true and is set on a massive scale, so you'll have to excuse me if I take a somewhat cautious approach towards it. I've been burned often enough to have learned. But appearently not often enough to give up hope entirely. XD Anyway, I'm a big fan of what Space Engineers has acomplished, but realise that S.E. will probably never be able to reach proper completion considering how shaky the engine is and how they can't afford to overhaul it at this point. But I won't dwell on that subject, since this isn't Space Engineers. XD Loving the approach this team seems to be taking at the moment, focusing on stability first and foremost and limiting exposure to the masses. I do hope this company won't be shy to take drastic measures when they need to during the development phase and won't sucumb to the masses. A game made late is 10x better then a game made poorly! (so long as it doesn't bankrupt the company ofcourse.) I wish the best to this project and will be keeping an eye on it! If I can help in any way at all, let me know. I may be a little cut and dry, but I always try to be constructive.
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