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  1. Well, that post of mine was in poor taste. I'll admit to that. Anyway, the zeal of the fanboys will keep them blind to any reason. There is literally no reason to try and discuss anything with them, even when facts and logic is presented. They will just go and toss out their esotheric beliefs at us till we drown. It's what they do best. At this point, I'm giving them till my 3m subscription ends before I just hang it up and ditch this dumpster fire. If they don't clean up their act, they can be sure that I'll be making the rounds warning everyone how this game that had alot of promise, decided to go full retard on the player base. Even if I don't, at this rate, the game will die out. I'll at least save other players some money and grief.
  2. I think Jim Sterling would have a field day with this too.
  3. Running a company isn't about flimsy things like "ideals" and "doing the right thing". On that much, I can agree. HOWEVER... Selling something requires to have a good grasp of the targeted consumer's interests. In this game's case, the common trait all customers share, is that they want to play a game where they can do what they want, only needing to fear repercussion if they break the rules. This event has shattered this concept. No rule was broken and a player has had all of his rights and progress revoked over something that was so ambiguous that the company's only defense is citing "common sense". This only shows that no player is safe playing this game. Forget PvE or PvP, at any time, if you end up doing something that the devs don't like, wether it be accidental or not, you will lose all your progress. This is pretty much a game led by an authoritarian regime. Tyrany at its best. And this is not something that will attract customers in the slightest. They need to shape up, or I'm not going to waste any more of my time and money on this failure of a game. I'm sure I wouldn't be alone in this.
  4. "An important aspect we are considering in all cases and investigations is intention. The intention behind this destruction is very clear to us." Yeah, that line also bothered me. Because all I see here is an assumption. And you know the old saying about when you "assume" something. All this line tells me is that their "investigation" was limited to seeing what happened and straight up casting their verdict. That line pretty much says that they never even bothered getting their side of the story at all. A perma-ban sent out on nothing but preliminairy observations. There was nothing done to get a "clear idea on their intentions". So I'm calling BS on that entire line. Try again NQ.
  5. You kids are too naive if you think the only proper response to this is "nuke him" Specially since it literally solves nothing.
  6. "We don't need them in the first place if all they want to do is ruin a game I have backed since day 6 of Kick Starter." And who decides that? If the game falls apart this easily, then who's fault is it in the end? If this is a beta, and an issue is unveiled in a way that can't be simply ignored, how is that "ruining the game?" If this was done to "YOU", how would you react when NQ just brushed it aside?
  7. I get that But perma ban? Again, they didn't break any set rules. Regardless of their intent, this paints a far worst image of NQ then it does of the players who did this.
  8. So it's ok to perma ban a guy for rules that are basicly left to the imagination of the person interpretating them.
  9. The thing is, this has been reported Several times. INCLUDING BY THEM It's been met with silence each time.
  10. Player: Some jerk stole my ship by using an exploit! NQ: qq more pleb. This is part of the game. Also NQ: Some jerk stole our market by using an exploit! (PERMA BAN)
  11. The guys responsible shouldn't get out of this scott free for sure. A temp ban at worst. Then, clarification to the rules, and a revision to these exploits should be made. We're past the period where a thief gets the death penalty for stealing from a noble, when he was only met with laughter for stealing from a commoner just prior.
  12. Except they do not enforce these rules when they do not involve the devs. edit: Also, just re-read those rules. There is nothing stating that this was an unlawful action in there. Just saying "leave it to common sense" can be interpreted too broadly to be valid, since as I mentioned, this can be defined in difrent ways depending solely on a person's perspective. If this was an argument used in any case related to a court of law, it would be immediately dismissed. Rules and laws only have any meaning when they are properly enforced. Because the only way people will respect them, is if they can trust that they will be maintained.
  13. This is the worst case scenario. Where the official response to an issue that has been plaguing the general community for the longest time is "It's not our problem" until the devs get hit by it. Can you see what kind of precedence you are placing by putting yourselves ABOVE the players this way? SPECIALLY since there was NOTHING in the rules stating that this would be a violation. Simply assuming that people will work by your own definition of "common sense" is folly. Specially when your view excludes the "common sense" of other people in the first place. My own interpretation of "common sense" here, is that if you allow one person to exploit the system in unintended ways against another player, you should expect this kind of behavior to apply to EVERYONE. you included. If you fail to protect yourselves properly against this, then it falls strictly to YOU for failing to do so. If you do not like this, then you need to apply and enforce stricter rules protecting EVERYONE from these unlawful exploits. Heed my warning: If you are going to play favorites, this project will end in bankrupcy. The proper way to handle this, would be a slap on the wrist of the people responsible, and working on fixing the issue for everyone.
  14. You know what else kills PvP? Death cubes. death cubes for days. I'd be more sympathetic to PvP players if the meta wasn't just "lol, I'm so good and orriginal at making ships, I made a box that goes pew pew" Once the game gets more variety in the weapon types and maybe even an overhaul to how ships can be built so as to give pros and cons to different styles of ships, then we can start talking about PvP. As it currently stands, all it is is "people with uninspired ships" cleaning out "people who can't reasonably fight back" or "negate the battle with warp drive". If the game persists in its current state, it'll either be one or the other. There won't really be ballance. But I have faith that the devs will come up with a solution. Till then, I could only recommend that you maybe try to fight other PvP ships to keep that bloodthirst in check? That, or you could just keep on fighting the plethora of ships that don't have warp or radars. Don't pretend you haven't. Till ship building is elaborated a little more, I'll just stick to the tried and true "never get spotted" method.
  15. Ok, but how does that "drag" unit factor in? Bigger number = better? I would have thought that it would be the opposite, but then stabilisers would simply be superior to wings in all respects. Does it simply mean the maximum angle at which the wing performs at its best? ex: Stabilisers would have some lift up to a 70 degree angle, but only give out max lift within a 5 degree angle vs. an aileron which would only give lift at no more than a 30 degree angle and give out its maximum lift at up to a 9 degree angle. Just noticed that ailerons have an "angle control" stat that the other two do not have at all. What does that mean?
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