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  1. Back when i first got involved with DU, i decided to make myself useful helping the community by designing art assets and video promos for any orgs or individuals that might be in need. During one of these exchanges i got in contact with the Eldritch Nation. One thing led to another and the good folk in there even when they knew my intentions of running my own org, decided to make me an honorary member. As it stands now the Eldritch Nation decided to merge their forces with DSI. i wanted to take this opportunity and express my graditude for being part of such an awesome group of people and wish them luck in their new home. I know DSI has an excellent track record of organization and efficiency so i hope for the best! As for Triumvirate, we've been fairly busy grinding resources and getting ready for some larger scale projects. Our members have improved considerably on all fronts of the game making some awesome creations! This time's showcase is by @Eruend the SkyReaper and his ship affectionately called "Dorry" ... INTERIOR
  2. Usually i'm on NQ's side for most things but this is pretty much the definition of "righteous justice" . All this due to your horrendous RDMS system which is highly suceptable to exploits. You think losing a Market is a big deal but some of us lost days, weeks, hell even months of work from these holes in the system. We got people making tickets, creating Forum posts for days in a row only for our concerns to be met with absolute silence? Perhaps it's time to take a step back, if you want a system that rewards scammers and exploiters at least do the courtesy and offer some basic countermeasures.
  3. Following the events of last week, we decided to expand our base of operations and establish small outposts throughout certain points of the system. In regards to the spirit of the mission, we separated our forces into 3 teams where each picked a planet. Everything went without a hitch : the ships landed safely, TCUs were set and our members started work on setting up industry almost immediately. More importantly, the ore excavations were fruitful and we managed to secure a full haul. On a more private note, the success of the mission was a team effort, where cooperation and synergy of everyone played the deciding factor. I'm happy to report that on that front, Triumvirate has proved the most successful. If you are looking for an org that doesn't fancy itself on running a sweatshop while instead focuses on the values of cooperation and teamwork then you should totally give our Discord a go! We are small but friendly all around and highly active on Voice Comms. See you on the flipside Armedwithwings
  4. Like any good journalist monsieur mouse is speaking in riddles, so allow me to offer some additional context behind his train of thought. As i walked through the market and the ship shop areas in Beta i figured the importance of a good starter ship and decided to have my own twist in it... So in collaboration with @vertex and COPYCAT (CC0) i present to you Project egg : Project EGG is an acronym which stands for "Economic Galactic Getaway" It's a tiny vessel designed to be both atmospheric and space capable and above everything, economic! Below you can find an additional list of features and specifications : BUILDING REQUIREMENTS PASSENGER CAPACITY STORAGE PERFORMANCE Our organization deeply cares for new players and their needs. As such i have decided to make the blueprint publicly accessible and share it with the community. Come visit us at the TRI Assembly center located in Sanctuary and get your own copy FREE! Our coordinates are ::pos{0,26,41.5035,4.5834,4.0546} , I'll leave a full container open for anyone interested. I will also commit in supplying every new Triumvirate member an EGG as their first ship! See you on the flipside Armedwithings
  5. It's not a matter of principle it's a matter of opinion. Even with the constant interuptions i'm having fun and i think it's an extremely entertaining game. NQ has never disclosed that server performance is severely lacking, however on the other hand they did inform us that they're working hard on improvements. And with that information i have fully knowledge of the situation in hand and accept the current state of the game. As for the subscription model, game's in Beta and doesn't charge you a single dime yet. However if we get on release and no fixes are made while NQ charges you a fee on top , then i can wholeheartly get behind your sentiment. If u wanna hear me out, consider not refunding yet and pick the game again on a more developed state.
  6. I'll tell you something that may be kinda hard to accept given your negative feelings towards the game. There's no other game out there that even comes close to what Dual Universe aims to be. Right now we're sailing on uncharted waters where anything is bound to happen. Server crashes , bugs and countless more gameplay interuptions. In the end of the day it's all a matter of faith, and whether you trust the game succeeds or not is entirely up to you. One thing is for sure tho, NQ's customer service has been impecable even when it comes to refunds. Make a ticket on Support, i'm confident you'll receive all the assistance you need.
  7. Howdy! A year has passed since the founding of our small (yet in ways – mighty) organization. A year of fun and memorable encounters with the people of DU community. First of all, I want to thank those who supported us in our clumsy early steps – rescued us when we were stranded, helped with parts and advices. Your help was not in vain! Being too lazy for creating our own empires, we ended up… well, returning the same good back into the Universe! The mission statement of Triumvirate is simple: "Have fun and help others, when you can". In my mind, this goal has already been achieved – we trained some newbies to be relatively decent astronauts (most of them survived are now conquering the stars somewhere), generated a healthy mix of enjoyable failures and successes and now looking into the wider roads of Beta to come. This is an open invitation for everyone to visit the campfire of our Discord. We're a colorful bunch of international space adventurers (with pinch of special humor) ready to welcome newcomers for stories and doing some galaxy-saving quests in non-optimized, but memorable party. We have no cookies, but will gladly treat you with big bowl of baked beans. See you on the flipside Armedwithings
  8. Here's my 2 cents on your train of thought... On launch, Alpha testers with their already functional blueprint designs will hold an edge over the common folk. Due to lack of experience, new players will shift focus on the market and make the "Alpha blueprint owners" a decent penny. Most of the stuff you'll be seeing flying around are most likely designs created during Alpha tests. Getting to make an actual space worthy ship takes time and on the race to leave Alioth, time is of the essence! Those reputable builders will always be popular candidates among orgs, and that's to be expected. Despite offering their skillsets to the cause, corporations will view them as a source of income. After all, having a certain profession in anything is always expected to be rewarded at an equivalent price, whether it's quanta, DACs or even status. Many people often find loyalty to that and act accordingly. But when it boils down, there's no right or wrong way to play the game. Poacher orgs are always gonna be a thing and whether anyone wants to be a part of them that's their own choice really.
  9. Personally speaking, winning is the ability to enjoy myself regardless of the outcome. I'll give an example... Couple of sessions ago, i volunteered to drop some folks on a nearby planet. I'm not over-reacting when i say that anything that could go wrong - went wrong. Had one poor guy lose his speeder, ship being too heavy and crashing like a million times and to top it all off, a passenger somehow ejected out in space. Yet regardless of how much suffering we had to go through, it was a one of a time experience. I fondly remember the motivational chants when trying to break off the atmosphere, enjoyed the view from space and chatted together for 3 hours about random stuff - everyone had fun
  10. Gamers are like fine wine. The older we grow the better we get. Cheers friend, welcome aboard!
  11. Nice to hear you got a happy ending. Welcome aboard bud!
  12. Well Aaron, making trailers, designing symbols and formulating faction structures is the easy part. The beginning of the real struggle is finding individuals who believe in your vision and are willing to dedicate themselves to the cause. As of right now, i"m still looking for key leadership figures to fulfill that purpose. The nature of Triumvirate requires a more "invested" crowd, which is certainly not for everyone. But at the same, i''m patient and prepared to invest twice the endeavour to make this concept come to fruition. I accept your handshake in good will and respect, thank you for the kind words.
  13. Introduction The primary mindset behind our conception is to promote and establish strong bonds through unity and order. Triumvirate functions like a Brotherhood. We teach and learn to cooperate in a Tri-force fashion instead of isolated singular units. Symbolism The three colored triangles stand for individual Faction members and the triarchy among our ranks. Their position inside the circle is a reflection of the teamwork required, to support each other. The circle represents the Faction's Unity as a whole. Everyone in line within will find support and sanctuary. Last but not least, the central white triangle reflects the fruits of everyone's labor through unity and cooperation. Recruitment We are looking for people that strive for teamwork and dedication. If you want to be a part of your own small crew then Triumvirate is the right place for you. Here, all new recruits are divided and organized into three manned squads in relation to their aspirations. Form an application through the Community Portal or join our Discord Server and pm @Armedwithwings directly. Choose your Specialization All work within Triumvirate is divided into three specializations. Members are encouraged to dedicate themselves to work that's related exclusively on their respected profession. Architecture Designer Builders and Architects of all kinds. Members part of this profession specialize in everything construct related. From structure designs to room decoration they are responsible for providing the Faction's living and working facilities. Excavation Specialist People in charge of Ore Prospecting and Resource mining are part of the Excavators. Through their hard work we create the essentials to operate our Faction. They are the heart and lungs of Triumvirate as without them nothing would be possible. Ship Engineer Created for ship designers and haulers alike. The Mechanized Division is in charge of maintaining crafts and run resupply missions. Constantly on the move, there is always something to be done. Faction Structure First Echelon - Triumvirate Company Squad Members - Supervisors ────────────────── Second Echelon - Triumvirate Officer Party Commanding Officers - Administrators ────────────────── Third Echelon - Triumvirate Central Command Chiefs of Staff - Legionnaires ────────────────── Senate - Triumvirate High Command Legates - Triumvirs ────────────────── Tri-Squad Members Tri-squads are tasked to cooperate united at all times towards a single goal. Triumvirate Brotherhood detachments share the same workspace,living quarters and remain unchangable for their remaining enlistment period. They are charged one vessel and perform duties as a single entity, never divided. Each Tri-squad will be assigned an elected Supervisor. Among other duties, they will be tasked of keeping their squad present at all times and conveying orders from their superiors. ─────────────────── Commanding Officers A Commanding Officer will be overseeing one Tri-squad and assign their daily work schedule determined, by either through "job boards"or Administrational orders. The job of a Commanding Officer is to keep a detailed log of his squad's completed assignments and report them to the "Administrator". ───────────────────────── Administrators Administrators are individuals in charge of the Faction's needs by coordinating the Brotherhood's workforce/military. Their tasks among others include holding responsibility for two Commanding Officers,regularly updating their designated Platoon's job board and formulating their activity reports. They receive their orders from either the Chiefs of Staff or the Legionnaires. ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Chiefs of Staff Command of each legion lies in the hands of two Chiefs of Staff along with their Legionnaire. Being the cream of the crop of Triumvirate,these highly skilled individuals hold tremendous authority and equal responsibility. Through their Ranks, a Legionnaire is elected in power though the legion's favor. ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Legates Generals/Senate along with the Faction Leader are the ones who make the plans to shape the Brotherhood's future. Behind any major decision,a council is organized to determine the best course of action. Each General/Senate party will be held responsible for a Major Faction Asset. ──────────────────────────────────── Triumvirs The central leadership role of Triumvirate is in the hands of the Faction Leader and two prestigious legates called Triumvirs. These influencial parties can be elected in power through the Senate only once every year
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