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  1. Armedwithwings

    The right to be evil

    The thing about PVPers especially pirates, is that it's a low effort - high reward situation. As natural,pirates profit from other people's hard work. So if stealing another man's cargo is not considered a high risk situation,we risk running into a gameplay inbalance.
  2. Humble and to the point. Good luck with your endevours!
  3. Armedwithwings

    I am human

    Greetings,i feel happy to meet new organic life. However please refrain from downloading mass data on the Forums my fellow human. The last unit following the same procedure resulted in an internal Hard Drive overload and his proccessor corrupting.
  4. Armedwithwings

    New kid on the block !

    This is pleasant suprise,thought i'd never come across anyone that tried Wurm Online. A very underated game but with an awesome community! Hope DU meets you expectations,welcome aboard!
  5. Armedwithwings

    Question on losing inventory upon death

    This would be the best course of action. I'm a firm believer that it's fair to allow an element of risk for the ones that are willing to take that chance.
  6. Armedwithwings


    As a fellow man of culture i too like my ships big) Welcome aboard Fangh,good to have you with us!
  7. His disability could not contain his thirst for knowledge. A great mind but twice a greater man May he rest in peace
  8. Armedwithwings

    survival mechanics?

    Despite this being a controversial opinion i'm totally in favor of such implementation. As long as it's not tedious and adds to the overall gameplay,it would make a welcome addition!
  9. Armedwithwings

    Can a Organization control a complete planet

    You could make it happen granted you have a bazzilion worth of resources to upkeep every single TCU of every planetary tile. But given the size of a planet this is something of a Heruclian feat and very counterproductive. Keep in mind that it would take hundreds of people just to utilize every single block - a huge sacrifice with minimal benefits.
  10. I suspect the more powerful and effective weapon systems to be only viable in bigger vessels due their large size and weight. As far as idling goes,that's entirely up for the player's decisions to act upon and avoid at all costs. Like everything else DU related - good organization is the key factor.
  11. Armedwithwings

    Revive-Resucitation Mechanic

    And this is why the combat medic playstyle would be extremely useful. The ammount of resources ressuplying every fallen soldier would be tremmendous. There should be obvious benefits in well organized squads and besides,it's not easy trying to revive fallen allies in the middle of a large firefight. You'd need several people dedicated to this task and most of the times they'd find themselves exposed to enemy fire. From what i gather the problem lies with overusing this mechnanic to the ends of turning PVP into a COD-styled fast paced shooter. There are ways to achieve a fine balance between "strategy" and "tactics" one of which involves players to only be revived once every 20-30 minutes.
  12. Armedwithwings

    Lasers Are Overrated.

    Should we really consider scraping an important gameplay element in favor of personal aesthitics? This sounds extremelly unreasonable!
  13. Armedwithwings

    Hi, I'm '13'

    As of now Alpha Supporter Packs are suspended until further notice. Since you're concerned about territory defences,i would advise you to look through the latest Devblog about territory protection mechanics to get an idea about the systems involved.You can find it here : https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/ Welcome aboard 13!
  14. Armedwithwings

    What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    Arkedians sounds way more cooler than plain ol' "Arkers" Suprised why nobody mentioned it... Anyways my vote still goes to "Arkers" Enjoy the perpetual tie!
  15. Armedwithwings

    PVP timers confirmed! What should we call them?

    I kinda agree with the whole less "hi-techy-pseudosciency" general consensus. So how about we just call it a "Territory Defence Matrix" or "TDM" for short?