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  1. Yeah ganking and griefing isnt PVP content. Its catering to griefers because youre too lazy to actually come up with entertaining content.
  2. Worst case talk to your credit card company, they helped me in many cases.
  3. Volumetric clouds a basic feature of the unigine btw, as are many other features. Has anyone ever checked if they bought generic assets? 🙄
  4. You didn't play the game before release and now all high tier ores are gone?Clearly your fault.
  5. When I dug 50km deep I found several deleted nodes on the way with no player entry on any side. This means NQ mustve deleted them at some point in the game.
  6. 30 FPS is no enjoyment for me in any game, it feels clunky and unnatural. Whether it's a slow or fast paced game. A good FPS is 60 and I still can tell the difference between 60 and 90 in viewing comfort easily. Up to 144 FPS it even increases for me in a subtle way or in direct comparison. I'm not talking about my K/D. Below 60 is a pain to play.
  7. I think there is a difference if only an elite close to the staff circle can participate in world quests or if you create open and accessible events which would call for an actual group effort of the community and not a selected few. I don't think it's about winning but about being able to part take in a game. Events should cater to the masses indeed, especially in an MMO.
  8. More like 98%. And yes wonder why it's the same people? because they're close to the staff and some players out if this group became staff even. I think people really don't see the extend of nepotism here. I find JCs obsession with RPO really creepy and it doesn't fit into the concept of Dual Universe at all. There is absolutely no deep social focus besides trading in this game and very little incentive to leave your ship for anything than mining and selling that ore imho.
  9. There you have it. Even the most reasonable sandbox mechanics like trapping are forbidden. This is turning into a carebear theme park. Why give the player options just to cripple them again completely in hindsight. Exactly my thought why would you run into someone's property with a big sign on it or buy from a dispenser that says AGG 5k quanta... 🤣 It's like you're getting punished for the stupidity of others. Not what I call sandbox.
  10. "Remove hit points from voxels. Simple." And ruin the purpose of materials "other designs should do as well as cubes" But then you would need to have smart devs putting up smart systems and incentives.
  11. Clearly mods act as henchmen in every social platform may or be forums or discord so NQ doesn't look even worse than they made themself look already and they again escape responsibility. Mods are 100% representing the company or are you saying you were not officially put in place and you're acting against the companies guidelines, rules and intents? Please pick one. I dont see any trolling in calling out contradictions of people/arguments or stating my opinion/experience just because some disagree with it. I don't see where I went completely off topic either, but feel free to enlighten me and give some proof for your accusations. PS: your subtle threats and one sided blameshifting (I certainly wasn't the only one with a harsh or direct tone and there was even actual insults from other parties who did not agree with me) trying to make me responsible for something that NQ caused (very well known tactic by now) are of course very much appreciated at least you're making it obvious that censorship is based on terror not reason - complaints about certain moderation approaches go directly to NQ, do you really think they would objectively judge about them? Clearly silencing critical voices is in their utmost interest - not an actual discussion (which surprise surprise include contradicting opinions and also critical voices sometimes) PPS: Why, instead of blameshifting and threatening consumers, don't you try to give some constructive answers to the ongoing questions that many of us have regarding the CoC (as someone who is closer to the source than any of us and can also actually consult the devs for clarification)? This would certainly settle a lot of the ongoing confusion and show that NQ actually has some interest in working with the community. It would also flatten the waves which im sure is in everyone's interest.
  12. Lol at anything "within the game mechanic" you were one of the guys whining about how it's bugusing when players act within the game mechanics but it's deemed illegal by NQ in hindsight. Cut your hypocritisy.
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