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  1. well, Im at the point where I need to transport 30 tons a day AGG makes it so I can do it AFK even if it takes longer. wait 30 minutes to get into space, wait 30 minutes to get back down. If anyone has atmosphere autopilot that would be my substitute.
  2. Please make it so I can get off my anti-grav -ship and still have it hover before fixingthe freeze exploit. Please.... pretty please.... with cherry on top.
  3. With you not being able to freeze your ship no more with Disconnecting, have they fixed anti-grav gens? They should not implement this until anti-grav is fixed. One bug counters the other.
  4. Even if we don't know everything. MMO is a community driven game. They are making an example out of this player. This is upset the community because how do I know when I might be breaking the rules when the rules are like a maze. Could I be Perma banned next when I find a wrecked ship with incorrect RDMS because it was an NQ ship?
  5. Different views sir. Not retarded. Double standards that are not clarified in a document way is what is causing the anger for me and probably others. if you say theft via RDMS is allowed then when it happens to a non player entity it is not? There is no clarification on that. Look at that quote: " Not every player has your best interest at heart. " They know that the mass of players will want to cause harm, they know they have trolls in this game. In the end I find it to be NQs fault for not setting up the RDMS system correctly(a very hard system to use). Why is it OK for destruction of player entities but dev entities are the sacred things? In eve there are events that have destroyed entire alliances and cause players to quit. Losing some items in the market could happen eventually anyhow when we get player made markets. I just don't see the punishment fitting the of crime. At the very least, reduce his ban till we are out of beta.
  6. You are forgetting that theft VIA RDMS not being set correctly is allowed. This was far from an exploit if it is allowed. They are setting a double standard here. I do imagine its not them not having a blue print, but having to relink those market modules to the market database manually. Even still, they should not ban a player because of "Theft via RDMS is allowed". NQ quote here, " RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. " its hypocritical. Look here. You can't have it one way and another. https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016890940-Clarification-Regarding-Bug-Exploits-and-Griefing
  7. If we had muti-block-systems would that not encourage team efforts in building a ship. People could specialize in a specific engineering role like weapons , shields , power systems. I could see groups of players forming clans or something of the sorts just based on this. would make the industry side of the game more involved and cooler if there was a team and social element in it.
  8. only Down side is you can't get the muti block damage dynamics. Example if you shoot off half the barrel you lose projectile speed and or accuracy. But I guess that is not really a big deal.
  9. Im just saying If Duel universe does Multi-Block structures like From The Depths I would probably play this game non stop. I Spend hours prototyping weapons systems and defensive systems then build a hull to fit it all.
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