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  1. I saw a screenshot of at least one player trying to report this. So there is that
  2. I am moving DU into the this had so much potential category I bought 2 silver accounts if you are interested in having them post here and I will choose who to give them to after I read some of your post to make sure you are not some kind of scummy exploiter running around stealing peoples shit and exploiting this cluster fuck. I could post endlessly about the things I don't care for in DU but this is not the place for that. Maybe someone else can find some fun here, I already got my moneys worth and I thought it was going to be a game I could invest lots of
  3. So you stole a bunch of stuff you did not even have to fight for what a pussy
  4. I feel you bro I just can't bring myself to log in and dig a bunch of holes in the ground I have had enough of that. and other than playing ship builder there is nothing to do in there at all.
  5. THis is VERY important!!! Every MMO needs the ability for the "landowner" to eject other players property/objects left unattended or griefing and chaos will ensue. I can think of 10 examples that became serious issues on other games. Example: In ARK where some people would surround other people's house with water pipe preventing them from entering or leaving the structure. There are many other examples I will not bore people with. the only fix the devs could implement was to make the pipe non collidable and it sorely detracted from the emersion.
  6. Hi and welcome! I live Just north of Cocoa Beach next to NASA Florida ROCKS!!
  7. I like the idea of having a way to determine your orientation. It would be a more simple fix to add a HUD indicator like when you turn on the lights you get the inclination indicator.
  8. I think the dynamic or static core regulate the size at which one may build
  9. I have played enough "survival" games and I do not want DU to become another one. In the codex it is laid out the suit provides all your needs. While I am all for farming and the like in other types of games I do not think it has a place here.
  10. discordauth:AfTEjFfs6REKCo7mB2Y5S-r3NCQubN2oOlZ_yNR8KoM=

  11. discordauth:AfTEjFfs6REKCo7mB2Y5S-r3NCQubN2oOlZ_yNR8KoM=

  12. Hi, I am Vendar known to my friends as Ven. I have been playing computer games since 1980. I hope to find and help support in Dual a friendly, fun and helpful community of like minded gamers.
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