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  1. Getting the DL for PTS but the message at the screen bottom is Server is down....... But you can log in even the the message at the bottom says it's down
  2. Mhaijik


    Testing that a topic still can be created!
  3. Screen shots of some of the stops and the Sleigh!! https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah6qVu8DVaEQmGleq_Idbtv0i3Wi?e=wBxvsk
  4. Ok here is a link to all my screenshots from all 3 tours, A, B, and C. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah6qVu8DVaEQljpBFXT_VFoDI_jR?e=SnkrPd
  5. Sadly there is a limit to how many images we can share...... I have a lot but the thread here will not allow me to share any more 🤕
  6. Geo may not be around - But I will try and stream some of these.
  7. Because of the taxes that force you to use MUs on your planet tiles in order to pay the taxes - I pulled up all my TCUs on planets and only have my Sanctuary Moon tile. I do not need a game to be work, I play a game to get away from work.
  8. Tons of ground anomalies back with this release. Ground chunks appearing where they used to be b4 they were terraformed away. These disappear when you get closer.
  9. You obviously did not read my post. I was asking for a New Tool added to the existing terraforming tools that would allow us to restore things we terraform. In simpler terms so that you can understand: I smooth a hill to flat with the smooth tool.... I would like a restore tool that I could use to restore that hill to they way it was before I smoothed it, if I changed my mind.
  10. @NQ Is there any chance down the road we might get a 'Restore' tool to let us put back the land we terraformed to how it used to be?
  11. Trying to see which side is the face that you can pull a line of voxels from is also very difficult now. I find looking for the voxel I am trying to place in a specific location is very difficult now they are too transparent.
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