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Dear Noveans, 

We have made some changes today on the forum. Here are the most noticeable changes to make our communication more straightforward with the Community and help the new players: 

  • We separated Forum Rules and Announcements forum sections.
  • There will soon be more threads in the Forum rules section to clarify some topics like Forum Warnings policy and a few other things.
  • Players will now have the opportunity to reply and give their feedback directly in the Announcements forum section. This will prevent doubling the number of threads each time there is a need for feedback to an announcement. Warning: many announcements threads will be unpinned very soon, so don't be surprised if an old announcement thread will NOT appear at the top of the list in this forum section. Remaining pining threads will be either about recent announcements or old important announcements that are still worthy of being pinned.
  • A full New Player Landing Zone, divided in 4 forum sections (Help forum section, FAQ forum section, Gameplay Tutorials and New player introductions.
  • A few new forum sections in the General Category, dedicated to specific themes.
  • The Gameplay Mechanics Assembly forum section will be closed soon. In the future, please use the new forum sections for specific topics.
  • The "Idea Box" forum section will be closed soon as well: we thank you for all your input and ideas you have shared with us. However, right now, we already have a (very) long list of things that we want to add to the game. It doesn’t make much sense to ask for more suggestions and keep this section open for now, as we won’t be able to allocate much time for new ideas in the near future and may give the feeling that the team doesn’t listen to the Community. So we prefer to close it at the moment, and reopen it later when the developer team will have some bandwidth to take into consideration new ideas. You’re still more than welcome to share your feedback and suggestions on what to improve among the already existing features in the game in the thread dedicated to specific features!
  • The opening of a PvP forum section. Please be aware that it’s an experimental section, so the rules about it may change quickly if needed and please try not to abuse the already more flexible rules for this section.
  • French forum sections have been merged into one for the time being, due to limited activity. We might redevelop a few sections in the future, depending of the needs
  • German forum sections have been merged into one for the time being, due to limited activity. We might redevelop a few sections in the future, depending of the needs
  • Many Beta and Alpha sections have been archived, when they were not really active for at least a few months.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new layout! 
If you have any questions or comments about these changes, if you think there is a bug about some forum access or posting rights, please let us know!

The Novaquark Community Team.


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7 hours ago, HollyDOL said:

A bit sad about ideas being shut down for those rare occasions some comes at all late evening, but overall changes look like improvement, time will tell.


Zero loss... The ideas section was where suggestions went to die, anyway. Like those catholic church Confessionaries we often see in movies, ("Forgive me father, for I have sinned") they are there purely just to help you get something off your chest rather than having an actual tangible effect on the person/game/world.

You could probably count the number of suggestions that NQ actually implemented from that forum's multitude of posts on one hand... and still have your middle finger spare.


If anything they warn NQ of what the players intend to do with the game and thus enable them to predict likely use cases so as to implement strict limits and downgrades BEFORE server load increases and also likely help NQ dissuade new players from damaging the servers by signing up for subscriptions.  

Hence the "Steaming" 150 concurrent players on... erm... steam.

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1 hour ago, Aaron Cain said:

Maybe it would help to get those and the organization reqruitment a bit higher on the screen. Also with this setup it takes more time to actually find the more critical posts in the general section.

The last couple of hours of extended forum down time set loose a band of dancing doubt demons for me.  Sure, we "whiners" (or so I've heard us called) balk at many things here but there have been improvements in the game that originated in the forums.  Not a lot, but... aw Hel, there's that one photon's worth of ray of hope again.  

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