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Transfer Units are too expensive for what they are

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  • They're made in an Assembly Line L and require more resources than the industry units which actually produce something.
  • They only allow one item type to be moved at a time.
  • They can pull from multiple containers/hubs, and place into one.


My biggest issue with industry is running out of sockets on containers.  For example, the container with my basic connectors has no more output sockets and I want to connect another electronics to it. 

So.. I could create another container, and electronics, and then connect to that.  Or, I could use a transfer unit to spread the output from the first (which is keeping up with demand just fine) to two containers.  The former solution is a lot cheaper than the latter.. but it irks me because it's less efficient in terms of space and optimised production.


If transfer units were cheaper, it would be ok.

If transfer units could handle multiple resources, it would be ok.

But, as it stands, it's just plain annoying.


I realise that if reached the point where I needed 2 electronics producing basic connectors full time it would cease to be a problem, .. for basic connectors.  But the same issue will simply happen again for something further down the chain.


For me, the fun here is building a well oiled machine and to do that I need a bit more flexibility with things like this.



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19 hours ago, joaocordeiro said:

I completely agree. 

Any regular industry already moves items from one side to the other and also crafts, why woukd something less complicated cost more? 



In fact, as a programmer myself it seems likely that TUs and Industry are coded in fundamentally the exact same way.  Take X units of A, produce Y units of B, in time T.  In the case of a TU, A and B are the same resource, and X and Y are 1.


So, rather than create more code to do something different, simply lowering the cost is the pragmatic solution.

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