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  1. In RL the hauler is required to have insurance to cover loss or stolen goods or to show the ability to replace the lost or stolen goods. Of course with all systems the paying of such insurance is passed down to the end consumer as always, but thats our world today.
  2. No real infrastructure is in game even tho many players have requested it. Just shooting out thoughts. Maybe it's like @Daphne Jones says and we front 15 mil quanta to make 100k? But I imagine a tax or fee is taken off the top, so you get 90% of your deposit back. End up paying to do a mission 😉
  3. I can't help but wonder if the accounts that have had access during the time of the issue get charged for that time after it is fixed. No rollbacks dictates they shouldn't.
  4. I see now lol. So no aliens involved or tin foil hats required.
  5. How do you think it would work reversed? Like if say.. a german citizen had identifiable info pulled from him and sold to a third party advertiser, BUT both the server and the advertising spam companies reside in the US? I know we have treaties, but not sure if the GDPR could be enforced since hidden clauses are uber popular with US companies. Ha! What happened there?
  6. This would be the perfect time that a big rich org create online insurance for cargo.
  7. In this instance isn't it the other way around? The fellow complaining is a US citizen and the collector may or may not also be a US citizen? I am fairly certain that California Michigan and Florida of the US have the closest laws to GDPR. North Carolina for instance doesn't. Then you get into that nasty "prosecution across state lines" thats why so many scams are based in a handful of states because they inadvertently protect the criminals from the victims. Unless there is some bylaw I missed, it seems even if the server were in France it would not apply. Here is something of note, unless there has been a new treaty I am unaware of, citizens of certain countries, Russia for example, can do whatever they wish. No extradition laws. Most popular example I can think of were the Sochi 14 games. I know it's gotten a bit off topic but I do find this a nice discussion. Especially after compared with earlier ones.
  8. This. When I built my first building, I realized I needed to raise the core to utilize 100% of the space instead of starting low. I went to delete it to start over and It took me an hour of frustration to realize I had accidentally pasted a strip of carbon BELOW the ground a fair amount. Being able to lay floor in one fell swoop would have saved that time as well as being quick and convenient.
  9. When that was being discussed, it was under the laws of the USA, not EU. I admit that I know little about the GDPR, but I do know the US laws are woefully behind EU laws where this is concerned. I think I will read your links to at least gain knowledge in comparison.
  10. So you think you will be able to take a mission just anywhere? I would think having a centralized mission control where we can pile more junk in the way was the way to go.
  11. @blazemonger Do you even think any new systems or units introduced will be viable, playable and stable after the patch release? Or do you expect it to be so mucked as to be game breaking? Or maybe somewhere in between?
  12. I WOULD justify it by all the success of the many games that already DO have illegal activities in the game and state "it's just a game", HOWEVER since the act YOU describe is NOT illegal, there is no need. By the way, all your bullying tactics roll off me like water off a ducks back. Dude you don't get it, I really just do not care. 🤣
  13. Originally just wanted to point out a mistake and not getting to a pissing contest. Right there is when you allege that if it's illegal in the real world it should be illegal in the game world. you were the one that related the game world is being the same as the real world as such you stated erroneous information. Not once did I say you specifically said in NQ, you in fact stated: Which is incorrect information. If you were correct, NQ, Google, Tesla, Apple, Samsung, would all have pending lawsuits. the lawsuit that you referred to that went against Google was many years ago and dealt with Homeland security as well as private info and violating witness protection programs because of the real time access of satellite information as well as vehicle tags and people's faces. Completely unrelated to somebody tagging IDs and times. As far as laws being the same in game as far as real life then you have never heard of Grand theft Auto Watch Dog or so so many other titles. it's quite simple you're going to think the way you want to think you will look nothing up because you wish to remain ignorant that's on you not me. I personally don't care if you see truth or not. USA is about choices, even if it is the choice to remain ignorant. Your aluminum foil hat is a bit crooked, better straighten that.
  14. It's all in every agreement you make all the papers you sign. All EULA has it as well as loan agreements, phone app installs, literally everything. Next time you get a chance read through the license you agree to that is 20 pages long and nobody ever reads it's there. At best you can opt out of some of it with a written statement towards the company in question but not always. Depends on state you live in when it comes to the United States of A.
  15. Just chiming in. No this is not illegal. Ask Apple, Tesla, your local electric company... List is large
  16. Agreed. As I have seen for myself, as well as many others here have stated. Touching a production model is verboten except by a specific person. The only time I have ever seen servers touched like that is just when they're in alpha state.
  17. I view it as a form of standing on the bow and screaming "iceberg" because the ships initial course looked like a destination that I would have enjoyed.
  18. Fair. 1 - My subscription time is not yet up. Won't be much longer now. 2 - Watching and seeing if new players coming in feel as I do, and so far quite a few do. 3 - Truthfully, @Lethys has a point, it is funny/sad watching the forums. TBH I thought I was attempting to keep as calm and objective as I could because there are far worse things I could have posted than I already have. That is, considering I feel misled by ads among other issues. Mistakes will happen, but the depth of the mistakes and the handling of the mistakes is what matters most. https://www.guru99.com/alpha-beta-testing-demystified.html The above should help illustrate some of my concerns as well as a final duty I have as a beta *cough* (alpha) player... As such a player, I am supposed to provide feedback.
  19. Has nothing in the world to do with being poor.... I hadn't played for a couple of weeks, so I decided to log in and check out the markets before I replied. First, I will say that prices you state on Alioth are 'close enough for our discussion'. But that was for the items that were on market. Hell there wasn't even any basic atmos engines at all. So what does the new player do about that? Wait?? Back to more mining for more money for machines, schematics, containers, etc. Hey, I get it, you enjoy it, thats fine. I do not want to do a mining grind. When I spend 2-4 hours on a game, I want to feel like I am achieving something. This game doesn't do that for me. It falls into a specific type of game player, voxelmancy and mining. The only players that seem to feel this game offers more are those that were here pre .23 You have to remember you were here in alpha. You have resources, connections, elements long before the .23 drop. You have your position established. Makes a difference.
  20. Watching the forums over the last couple of months show more than one division in the community. As a matter of fact, it appears there is far less angst between the community itself now than when I first jumped in. Most frustration and anger has been directed at NQ devs and not individuals.
  21. Thanx for the intro. SB looks intriguing.. not sure why I hadn't seen it before but... just wishlisted.
  22. But wait, somehow the top of the ranch dressing bottle fell off. Way too much now. And what's this? Those aren't olives! Those are onions! Oops! Maybe if we just look away when we serve this, no one will notice...
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