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  1. ALSO.. From the description of the change it seems like the schematic container will allow us to load multiple schematics into one machine - does this also mean we will be able to control industry unit schematic selection from lua?
  2. I think this game NEEDS a wipe on launch - honestly. The people (myself included) who paid for early access have gotten plenty of value from this; hours of enjoyment, opportunity to influence development, knowledge of good tactics, and so on - plenty of benefit over any late comers. I think we should definitely retain blueprints for everything we have created - because these are not simply a matter of time/gameplay to recreate. At most, we could have a small quanta boost - so we can get started without having to do the very first initial grind to get going. Th
  3. I was originally referring to cost to build, not buy "They're made in an Assembly Line L and require more resources than the industry units which actually produce something."
  4. I believe it's only 1 output, just like all the other industry units.
  5. I think radar detection and lock time should also depend on the averaged cross section over time with range factored in. e.g. Imagine that each ship within the max range of a radar is given a score based on their cross section, distance, whether they're thrusting (per engine), braking (per brake), or firing guns (per gun). If the ship score is below the first threshold, they are not visible on radar at all. If it exceeds that first threshold, then they are detected, and the can be targeted for a lock. The amount of time a lock takes, depends on how many points below a second hig
  6. If they did this for anything over 100-200m in height, that would work quite well I think.
  7. I agree that we want more salvage/scavenge as a gameplay mechanic and that it needs to be more interesting than the current state of affairs. However.. the game still has a number of bugs, frame rate issues, slow load-in issues, and other things which can result in an "undeserved" crash. Until these are resolved, at least to the point where they are very infrequent, then I don't think we can expand the salvage/scavenge mechanic. However, once we reach that point... Sanctuary should not allow salvage of anything that hasn't been intentionally abandoned - or
  8. This post is about the experience of crafting using industry in the early game. I am fully aware that as you build resources these concerns decrease, but .. this still leaves us with a less than ideal early game experience - which is the issue I want to address. So, early game, you're building things in your nanocrafter and you're starting your industry... You build the parts for the Assembly Line S (skipping the XS as it's useless initially), then you build the parts and Assembly Line M, then you build the parts and a Smelter, Refiner, Electronics, Metalwork, 3D Print
  9. Yeah. In fact, as a programmer myself it seems likely that TUs and Industry are coded in fundamentally the exact same way. Take X units of A, produce Y units of B, in time T. In the case of a TU, A and B are the same resource, and X and Y are 1. So, rather than create more code to do something different, simply lowering the cost is the pragmatic solution.
  10. I think we need a better interface for managing links. As it stands it can be very tricky to pick out the links for a specific industry, or to a specific container. Perhaps a button like 'u' which highlights them would help. But, also, a screen where we can see all the industry and containers (a rectangle for each), click one (to focus it), and see all the links (and available sockets) in and out with the ability to delete and change these links (by clicking an X, or dragging the other industry/container rectangles onto the focused one, or similar. The goal
  11. They're made in an Assembly Line L and require more resources than the industry units which actually produce something. They only allow one item type to be moved at a time. They can pull from multiple containers/hubs, and place into one. My biggest issue with industry is running out of sockets on containers. For example, the container with my basic connectors has no more output sockets and I want to connect another electronics to it. So.. I could create another container, and electronics, and then connect to that. Or, I could use a transfer unit to spread the out
  12. Yes. I would like to be able to swap a core for another, increasing the build area. Even if this was only limited to increasing size (at first, or ever) it would still be a great help, especially to new players.
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