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  1. Lol so lets say they get rid of stacking and go to jankyism vs janckoism. The next logical step is then to delete all ship blueprints since NQ probably does not realize that most of this stuff is baked into the fabric of the game at this point and even if all ships that exist now are unstacked and janky like they seem to like it. Whenever this delete hammer is done and the coast is clear people are just going to bust out their blueprints once the coast is clear. Here is a thought instead killing creativity to make things that look good or fly good why not restrict the number or size of military weapons that can go onto a ship? Stacking normal elements is not the problem as much as limits and size classifications of weapons on military ships in a supposed futuristic sci-fi game that is devoid of most futuristic parts that it being supposedly hundreds or thousands of years in the future we are still stuck with sub par parts that barely function as is with what we have to work with.. If PvP is all NQ cares about they do a really bad job at implimenting it while everything else in the game is lacking.
  2. Personally I think the only elements that should not be stackable are military based elements. Obviously stacking attack or defense elements break PvP when your opponent has multiple weapons they shouldnt have. Beyond that I think everything else should be stackable. Hell there should be a talent to stack up to 5 elements. I look at it this way. NQ has made some terrible elements with all sorts of useless appendages, angles, etc in addition to sub par stats that require having 100 wings, engines, adjustors, hovers, etc which lends to stats bloat, weight bloat, and power creep for no real reason because they dont understand what players need vs the inefficient parts just to burn resources and cause more inflation. This doesn't even include if you even think about voxels or any form of appearance based visualization to any ship that further increases the stats bloat since NQ dosen't understand the principal that hey if you smooth a voxel it should reduce the weight and hp of the voxel with each click so that you dont need to add as many parts needlessly just because you use voxels vs just having a base parts ship. But when you look at parts like engines for example the XS Atmo engine is how all other engines should have been. They have no wierd angles, they dont have needless added weight, they have no wierd appendages that make their spatial constrains or the finnaky placment system. All Atmo engines are a waste of space beyond the XS. The S version up to the L version basically have 4 XS engines in a triangle or X patten which being the thrusters. Everything alse is just straight up space wasing fluff that exists for no real reason or purpose. If the 4 thrusters were condensed down to 4 XS thrusters it would litterally take up 1/4th the space it does now. And honestly if you think about a car engine in that aspect its not like a 4/6/8/12 valve engine dont fit into the same engine compartment space. They dont get massively huge unless you add turbos, super chargers, air intakes, etc and even still the engineering behind it fits into the same space. Engines and parts should follow the same logic. I get they didnt really plan the parts out well and basically we have XS-L Fighter class parts and not even Frigate, Corvette, Capital Ship, or Carrier class parts that actually give a range of power that actually makes any sort of sense we could work with instead of needing to make ships that look like the wright bros plane with like 12-100+ wings which leads to all sorts of useless dead weight and parts bloat. Or hell take containers. Beyond L containers you basically get more weight, the space of 4 L containers with the space of 8 L containers for potentially more links. It makes no sense that it shouldnt scale efficiently or all the metal wouldnt multiply rather than being factored into the construction of the existing metal to be efficient enough to actually use anything beyond L containers. Its rediculous that NQ makes it more overly complicated then it needs to be by making the most inefficient parts, voxels, etc that they can and punish people for trying to make anything that actually looks like something you would want to fly since everything is barely useable as it stands and made worse since we have almost no real sized parts that make sense for how far the game is at this point. We should have XXXL parts where if you have a L core ship hey maybe you only want say 1 engine instead of 50L Engines or 10 XL space engines to actually move things that is actually efficient. NQ really has no idea what is going on with this game.
  3. The addition to the mission system is a good start but like all NQ updates they lack depth or thought into what the system needs to be fully viable or to tempt people to leave the bubble runs. Considering if you have anyy ship that has more than 1 L Container you are wasting resources. And really you only need a S Dynamic Core ship since it has enough space for efficiency/expansion/optimization and really anything larger is overkill or totally inefficient for what the mission system requires. Not to mention that once you get a ship optimized for bubble runs you pretty much make just as much or more then not going outside the bubble since you cannot warp and you face a 90% chance of being PvPed by scripts and the 8hr roadtrip you can make just as much ore more just avoiding it and staying in the bubble and keeping 100% of what you make vs losing 20mil in the process to make potentially 9 mil. Nobody in their right mind will do that. The other issue is that you should be able to choose when you take a mission how many packages you want to take for that mission and at the very least allow people to fill a 10 link worth of containers and make 10 L-XL Containers a viable option for running missions to allow for larger haulers to be a thing instead of S Core ships only. This needs to happen as it presents challenges and added difficulty to the missions with weight, gas, etc for the benefits you gain. Also for the out of bubble missions NQ really needs to double/tripple the rewards to make them a tempting viable option for the added danger you face with a 90% chance to lose your ship or with the above mentioned option to pick up more packages and fill a 10 link of 10 L-XL containers it makes it much more lucrative if you get through but also gives PvPers more than base min 20mil S Core ships to fight. The other thing that needs to happen is that if you cant warp then the 30K speed limit needs to go if Warping is being phased out and you are just giving PvPers a fish in a barrel shooting gallery. If you are flying through deep space you should be able to go as fast as your ship can go and potentially outrun PvPers sitting in a lane who dont have to do anything but run their PvP scripts and blow up everything since missles seem to not be bound to speed limits and can catch up even if the ship launching the missles is sitting still. Seeing as warping adds more cost to the mission then you would make doing them there really is no reason to not allow it since you can make 9mil and PvPers make at least 20mil base doing nothing but sitting and running scripts. It needs a lot more work for sure.
  4. NQ if they are coming out with bots should really come out with drones like Repair drones that use gas/scrap and act like a pocket bike you can take out of your inventory when needed that just repairs your ships tbh. You got off easy OP with only a 1hr repair lol some of our repairs on crashes no fault of our own have taken 10hrs with multiple people working on it. Personally I refuse to use anything other than T1 scrap as it is a waste for the time when you can just macro heal and do something else healing L stabilizers or some of the other 30+ plus hp elements.
  5. Its still not to say that there arent other forms of propulsion that does not involve fossil fuels.
  6. We use a space station but the problem is the need for elevators, teleporters, container ranges, and the overall tedium of getting things up from the ground to a station that is yet another issue entirely. Efficiency of doing so is a huge chore based on NQs idea that everything needs to be some kind of painstakingly long drawn out process for no other reason but to keep you bored as it it makes it looks like you are actually playing the game somehow. Considering that even transfer hubs need larger scales as well is another issue imo. Or the fact that you cant even transfer materials between cores even if they are all within your tiles. Seeing as the tile size from the core to the edge of space gets exponentally bigger or that you can build an elevator and it can drop down into other tiles before it touches the ground it should be possible to have transfer units move things around from a dynamic core ship automatically when in range to a static core structure then keep transferring it to wherever you need it to go without the need of making massive elevators to do the same thing adding scripts, lag, etc or just teleporting it there with a vehicle somehow. Seeing as you need multiple teleport pads to even get across a single core let alone anywhere in your own tiles is pretty stupid too and scaling teleport pads is yet another thing that should be added for size or grade to increase the range or size of dynamic cores you could move since they said we would get a star gate at some point which now seems unlikely.
  7. Mining bots if they only get 4-5 liters per tier is a huge joke even if they run 24/7 for passive gains likely are not worth the lag they will introduce to people who actually spent the talent points who will now have to suffer more lag to mine what is left of the mining pool. Depending on the limits of the number of bots vs the size of people's wallets or number of accounts some people have with the keys that were handed out there could potentially be hundreds of thousands of these things chewing up what is left of the finite resource pool in no time depending on a full resource repop/dirt reset that will be required on some planets/moons. Im not sure if these bots will be a physical NPC or just a ghost that just takes from what is left of the resource pool on tiles but it will negate the need to mine to some extent especially if it does not add a new type of core limit or take from your core count in some way. That being said I also think that these bots should also take into account a players mining talents from teraforming, mining, and dredging trees to make actual miners competitive vs some industry titan with an unlimited wallet who can just buy up all the juice tiles that are left since the whole game has been scanned and they know or have already bought them up and are sitting on them already in anticipation that they just respawn the ore right where it was. I also hope that at some point that these bots are a physical NPC that has a parts scale (XS-XL+) as well as Grades (Basic-Rare) that requires additional investment for more performance in addition to talents or taking into account a players existing talents. But I also hope that NQ if there is a mining bot that eventually they add NQ only bots that just wanter around and heal the damaged landscape so that there is some degree of world healing going on each planet and moon where there is so much destruction from mining that it restores some performance from the millions of tunnels and jagged edges killing game performance. Or that alternatively these bots do not take from the resource pool as much as they just sift dirt without destroying the remaining rsource pool or that they just introduce a sifing stationary machine so that if you are out mining you can just gain mats from the dirt nobody uses in trace amounts without any form of AI required or just doing it in the nanopack while you ar mining to make actual use of a useless resource people just throw away or dont collect at all.
  8. Devs always preach better communication to buy time then do the opposite. There are few teams that practice what they preach. The mission system is a waste of time, money, and resources vs what this game really needs at this point. Since NQ does not seem to like money or want to make more and rather seems to enjoy the dwindling 1k player population it has left without adding meaningful content vs DOA systems like the mission system for example vs creating more servers to simulate other solar systems you can go to since apparently a single universe let alone 2 is beyond their capability. There is so much going wrong I dont think this team has a chance of turning this around before the lights go out. Dont expect anything until it drops. Roadmaps and timeframes are only a best case scenerio at best. Getting mad or bothered about it when they have been saying for years now they have no budget to work with you really only have yourself to blame with expectations they cant meet. Since JC has run this project into the ground there is a lot of damage to be undone and or system redesigns that need to be fixed before it is fit for general consumption.
  9. its obvious they used some kind of script to populate all the nodes when they generated the planets. So there has to be some kind of script that they already have that they can use. Its just that their concept of finite resources kills this game for a vast majority of people since you can spend days or weeks for a handful of mats you need to progress but cant because large orgs have pretty much tile scanned this game long before they ever got here. The only thing holding them back is rescanning periodically to update their grip on what is left. It was a stupid idea when it was concieved and the 1k players that still play this game for whatever reason are a testimate to how stupid is is. NQ really needs to consider either doing a full pass on generating ore under the 1km surface layer down to the core for starters to rejuvinate this game. But not only that it should contain larger deposits of what is abundant for that planet but still spawning random nodes of all tier ores on every moon and planet to loosen the grip of large orgs and allow any size org to actually continue to progress or that you could potentially work a tile for months or years if depth made for more dense ore nodes to where even if it looks like a 1kl node it could still produce 10kl+ or that larger T1 nodes could have the same swing as a T5 node in time for more per grab. After that NQ needs to make a script that resets random tiles and dirt to its pristine condition per maintenence/patch to take out all the faces and jagged holes which create lag to some degree. They could reset like 25 tiles in some kind of area that are un-owned with an earthquake persay without respawning resources. For the resources they really should tie the respawns into the mission system for various materials that send people to some respawned area based on game generated missions in addition to the player generated ones. They could also add random ruins or alien bases or those gems they spoke of a long time ago. Not all the caves are bad imo since they could be a source of content but just the amount of destruction to the landscape for a handfull of mats is the real issue here since it seems absolutely unnecessary if they would have stopped and thought about it when they were designing the game for no real purpose but permanant destruction with no function or purpose.
  10. Honestly they just need to go through and add more nodes from the surface down to the core with more density that adds pretty much an unlimited amount of ore below the surface to work with that runs from the tiny 1-2kl nodes up to the massive ones and it would be fine even if they also added more talents to get more from less. All the ore has pretty much been scanned on every moon and planet and larger orgs know where everything is and its just a matter of time before they get it. The only thing really stopping them is having to do periodic scans to update the deposits and that pretty much destroed this game for a vast majority of people who do not have that capability. Tile scanners should be removed not mega nodes if they ever repop the resources.
  11. Honestly I wish NQ would have planned the sizes better in terms of modularity from some things like the XS fuel tanks or even other versions of things that come in N or nano sizes smaller that XS or G class giant sizes that are bigger than XL or even T class things or Titan class which you can strap things like a single atmo/space engine to a ship instead of 50+ atmo engines or 5+ XL space engines to something. But seeing as instead of using the same exact style and look just bigger they had to make it harder on themselves for no apparent reason. Sure it would have been nice to have like 3 styles of circle, rectangle, and square parts that look the same just double the size and power with the grades making them even more powerful. It just seems unnecessary to need so many engines or wings for no real purpose. Seeing as we are still missing a ton of scale parts for many things im not sure that NQ is even still making parts at this point.
  12. Personally I dont care for PvP anymore. Its mainly ship building and building structures that keep me here. What I dont get is that we have XL parts but still are missing XL or even L parts for a ton of things like wings (M) vs Stabilizers (L) vs Ailerons (M) for instance. Personally I dont get why they had to go and make new styles of the parts when they could have litterally went and just scaled up the sizes of the parts to be the exact same thing just bigger and just had a round, square, rectangle version of that part that is exactly the same from XS-XL+. The main thing here is engines are fine and if you dont have enough you probably arent using the Rare Military grade versions. Still with that said it would be nice if NQ actually made parts to scale with the sizes of the cores so that you just needed a single engine even if its an L that is 2-3 stories tall but can move whatever is in that core vs being forced to use 50 L atmo engines to do the same thing. As always their short sighted nature of modular building is coming back it bite them in the ass again thanks to JC.
  13. I have been off and on been teraforming a cluster of tiles with 3 central tiles which will be my central hub as well as a ring of tiles around those and flattening it all down to a flat base before I can build it back up again to make the best use of teravoxels and core limits to get the best bang for my buck without having to buy multiple accounts. I have learned a lot spending the last 8+ months trying to build the central 3 tiles up to the 100m limit before realizing that it was not the best way to go about it and needing to flatten it all back down to the base which I am still in the process of doing. But throughout this project many things have become clear that the tools are fairly lacking either on purpose so you have to do a lot more mining for precision or that the devs seem to want more jagged vertices for whatever reason adding more processing power. Outside of the memory leak that forces me to restart 5+ times a day when I am lowering terrain the max amount allowed there is certainly many tools that need to be added or talents to make teraforming more viable in general as a round about solution to voxels vs teravoxels in general. First I will say that Teraforming in general is very terious work unless you are brining the terrain down. You can bring it down quite a bit at a time but unless you want to add teravoxels to the landscape it takes 10x longer to do so and the spherical nature of the voxels or not having any kind of voxel land grid can be quite infuriating at times since you are flying blind and it is nearly impossible to get nice clean straight lines. It can be done but it can also be a pain in the ass to accomplish on the correct grid which does exist even if you cant see it. But also that replacing voxels of a large scale is even more of a pain in the ass using spheres which create all sorts of pockets and cracks that seem unnecessary if you are trying to change the base color of the terrain to match what you want or need it to look like and having to spend an absorbant amount of time to place down blobs and smooth them out to get any sort of desired result. This new texture change as far as teraforming and replacement of voxels goes looks entirely different from when you gather the materials to what they look like when placed down and often times they look exactly the same with little flecks or differences but the colors are pretty much exactly the same regardless if it looks like the color should be much darker based on the icons and it is all pretty dull and boring vs the older textures which actually looked different in gradient from all the same texture types. Not to mention only having tundra, snow, and sand without stone, dirt, grass, or plant items you can place as organic props to spruce up an area without requiring a core and mashing together a tree of some sort outside the forest biome is kinda puzzling as well. Additionally there is and should be a difference between metals and stone minerals and things like limestone, granite, etc should be what the land itself should be made out of not a node like metals. There should be mountains of the stuff since the dirt teravoxels are pretty much useless and are either discarded or never actually collected. There are moons that are pretty much destroed to the point where it looks like an unfinished deathstar they are so destroyed and dirt should really have some kind of value in sifting to get trace amounts of metals or stone in which to build with. This finite resource system is not working out without some kind of solar system wife healing via earthquakes. Lastly you should be many more textures and options for teraforming in order to be able to make your tile(s) look better without requiring cores and building the foundations of the cores first. Any stone based voxels should also be included in what can be placed down via teraforming to accomplish this. With that said here are a bunch of talents and tools that need to be added to the game which are absolutely necessary: Teraforming Build Mode: If you are the owner of the tile you should be able to hit B as if you were looking at a core and have all the same tools as building and using voxels on a core. There is no need for cores unless you need to serve some sort of purpose or function like a factory or you want to use metal voxels. If Teraforming Build mode is not possible then there should be a sepperate tool just like the flatten tool but instead of being round should be square to make it easier to make clean planed surfaces or add back terrain back to the landscape in the same capacity as the flatten tool takes it away. Teraforming Chisel: There is a need to be able to chisel out fine details from the terrain and a tool like a chisel in which has the ability to go down to 1vx x 1vx is really needed in a square perhaps up to 5x5 vx in a square could really go a long way with the ability to hit CTRL and scroll the size to the desired look Raise Voxel Tool: Since you can only really reliably raise the land by either putting down blobs of teravoxels then planing it off and then flattingening and hoping you are within the 5vx meter threshold to where it makes a flat surface before the rebar type voxels appear it would really be nice if there was a tool to raise the landscape properly and efficiently or just increasing the height that can be raised by the flattening tool since 5 meter layers are a huge pain in the ass especially when you are doing a project that is multiple tiles in nature. Teravoxel Replacement Tool: There is a huge need for the simple ability to just replace teravoxels with something else rather then putting down blobs and creating pockets and micro voxels aritfacts in the process. Just simply being able to replace even the top 1vx layer on the surface would be a huge step forward in what can be done using teravoxels as a viable option to using metal voxels. Talents to also shring the size of the mining tool in addtion to increasing the size would also be a good alternative to some tools listed above.
  14. I really want to like PvP in DU but at this point I dont think anything they do will really ever make it fun enough to want to throw away millions of credits to even enguage in it or that there is no ground game or even hand to hand combat to be had that would ever make this fun in any capacity. !: Scripting The first and biggest gripe I have with it in general is that NQ needs to either disable PvP scripting as its basically devolved into aimbot hacks to where you can target people from much further than your radar should be able to see the target, tell if its a friendly org member or foe, pull a full health/diagnostic report of the ship, match speed and course correction, and just autofire faster than people should be able to rail things in space. PvP scripts should either be disabled or be required to be submitted for review and put into a repository that everyone can buy with credits in-game to even begin to make the PvP in this game fun. Hell NQ can even charge for submissions regardless of approval and if they are good enough attach them to actual parts rather than having the game within a game mechanic of secret personal guarded scripts that will ruin any sort of progress the developers make to try to improve DU PvP. 2: Target Lock The second biggest gripe I have is with how target lock is handled in general and the overall tab target RNG feel it has which requires no skill or longevity to combat that this system provides. It is akin to modern day fighter jets using radar and other systems to spot enemy jets long before yu ever see them and launching missles and destroying them before any sort of real combat can be had or any chance that you can turn the tables after somebody tries to jump you because there are probably already multiple vollies coming your way. In DU its is pretty much full auto scripting with no chance on the recieving end. Its like the Aegis drones to where they can aquire targets before taking off, go to the location, destroy the enemy, fly bakc, land, and park without ever needing a human to do anything since it does everything itself with perfect precision. There is a reason nobody likes PvP except for those who have these scripts and using the target lock to their advantage since again they are pretty much hacking the code through scripts and even if they arent target lock still destroys the fun of PvP since it requires no real skill to use or any form of line of sight or actually maintaining the lock to keep the missles going towards their target. There is also a reason EPs like Star Wars have target lock but it still maintains a sense of WW1/2 dog fighting nostalgia so it appears that the heroes or villians have both skill and a chance of survival unless you have ships behind you and still they rarely use missles/torpedos instead of just using the lazer cannons since it would be stupid if the epire rolled in with and destoyed the rebels with the tools commonly used in DU with target locks and scripting. The only way to fix this is to make the nature of weapons actually require skill like everything else in this game requires and disabling the tab target RNG part lock system and require the attacker to be in visual range to actually both fire the weapons but also to maintain a visual lock for missles and moving to a system that relies on more lasers or physical ammunition to actually fight with instead of the garbage going on and needing to lead shots with lazers or to maintain your aim on a target for it to go to where you are aiming and have the possibility to miss if you lack skill. 3: Sliding It does not matter if you are in space or in the atmosphere there is a slide when you change direction. In the atmosphere the stabilizers are meant to keep your ship from sliding and is meant to act like the fletchings of an arrow in order to maintain a true trajectory. In DU however no matter what you do if you dont start off with a perfect course you will inevitably slide off course and unless you come to a complete stop you can never truely fly in a true straight direction. Since there is no wind in DU its like always sliding on ice and it is no different in space even with the space adjustors or atmo adjustors which should stop this. It is even worse in space because you cannot ever relly correct the trajectory without coming to a full stop or you will slide many SU off course. This ruins any chance for combat in space since you either are forced to use an autopilot script or the PvP variant and it turns it into more of a drag race than allowing any kind of space combat dog fighting from occuring ever until this either is taken out oof the game or somehow lessened to allow for some slide more like a rally car would handle on snow or drifting but still allowing people to maneuver in atmo/space to open up the door for evasive maneuvers based on the mass of the ship. 4: Speed Speed is very important if this drag race type system is to stay. Its like your ship could go much faster but there is a governor placed on your speed for no real reason but allowing gankers to catch up even if you leave the bubbles at max speed you still cant go faster than 29999 which gives other place the ability to jump and with the rediculous range scripts or target lock has and the equally rediculous range on missles which are not bound to the speed cap just blow you out of the sky. The first thing that needs to change is the cap and you should be able to achieve warp speeds if you are consistently using the space engines as well as even if you let off the gas you should still maintain your desired speed without slowing down unless you hit the space brakes to slow down even if yur ship is blown to bits it should still slide and keep drifting through space and require the enemy player to have to match your speed and board your ship. But also that there shuld also be different warp tiers which go faster than the initial warp spped and rangin from Warp 1-5 depending on if it is T1-5 or even more with basic-rare. It should not also be an instant o-shit button either as much as just a faster way to move and if space engines could be used on top of it to gain more speed if the cap was abolished it should allow players or other PvPers to catch up to you based on the masses of both ships to make warp speed battles a thing rather than just ripping people out of warp which keeps getting proposed and rather requiring the attacker to actually desroty the warp drive to disable their warp. The other thing that needs to happen is the ability through talents or part variants to have atmo burn resistance in the atmosphere to make it so that you can go faster than 1200kmph and open up mach speeds based on aerodynamics rather than some artifical hard cap of planetary speed. Its not like planes burst into flames doing this in RL and it seems pretty stupid that you cant take full advantage of speeds in DU if there were parts that added heat resistance through parts/talents. 5: Turrets/AI based Turrets The lack of any kind of turrets that players or AI can cantrol which arent fixed is appauling. Even AA type turrets akin to the AI based ones you encounter around the large TUs or the giant planet teraforming Tus that actually do something or that you as a player can hop into like the turrets in WW2 bombers is rediculous or the fact that even if you put them on a ground based construct NQ has to know that you will never get someone to man it 24/7 and some kind of AI is required to make it possible to defend yourself when you are offline. This goes doubly so for PvP in atmo/space in a dynamic core based ship in the fact that haulers/freighters need heavy defenses even if they are AI driver auto turrets that arent as accurate as a player. 6: Power/Overheating The lack of power to run heavy weapons without a downside to just constantly being able to fire with no charge time or power consumption to do more damage or that if your power core or overheated other systems go offline or require different systems to be turned off to trade off on attack/defense/radar/detection/stealth meta and just all system go all the time needs to change. There should be some form of balance between Attack, balance, or defense capabilities and what you can reliably take onboard or power or trade off lazer or energy weapons with physical machineguns, cannons, or missles and having things like shields or warp drives rely heavily on power or overheating based on usage or duration of usage to where you need energy based weapons to creack the power keeping a shield up before physical weapons can be used and resistances added for various weapons to parts which might require multiple weapons to take out a ship or that there could be different types of propulsion which again require different weapons to disable before destroying that do not require fossil fuels. 7: Nature of Weapons vs Voxels The weapons themselves seem way overkill for the sizes they can destroy in terms of the voxel damage they can cause or the splash damage they do. Something like a simple laser cannon or even a physical machine gun or cannon should start out with XS size being 1vx in size with L sizes doing 5vx worth of damage to whatever it hits with no splash damage. Beam weapons on the other hand or rail guns should go through multiple targets with beams acting like metal cutting lazers in RL to where it needs a sustained direct stead beam to cut through metal vs a rail gun which should do some DD damage but go through everything in the ship and do less and less damage with everything it goes through with the 1-5vx size from XS-L weapons and again requiring tremendous amounts of power to opperate and requireing either an equal dynamic core size or clever engineering and placement of parts to accomplish the right to use it to the mass/power/thrust/lift to make it work. Where as machineguns/cannons/missle should actu in the same way as well to where machineguns or gatling guns should put out a lot of fire but do little damage to pepper a ship doing 1vx size with XS-L putting out more shots but it ships away doing basically DOT based damage with sustained fire and missles doing heacy DD damage on the initial hit and then with the splash damage doing much much less damage to surrounding parts in a cone rather than a full AoE. If NQ keeps doing more of the same without meaningful changes before TU warfare comes in without ground weapons, hand held weapons, or any kind of reason to fight in the first place it will never be worth the development time. If it is allowed to be fully automated via scripting no matter what they do its still DOA. Its kinda a lost cause at this point anyhow.
  15. It just needs rival solar systems fighting against each other to work with two factions. They missed that boat and unfortunately its likely not going to work at this point in the way they want it to since honestly the big orgs dont really have to fight at all. Sure you got some people blocading planets every now and then but nothing will really ever turn this into a good pvp game unless they just stripped all the pvp protection zones straight up, took away speed limits, and make it non tab target to actually require some kind of skill requirements in combat if not just completely ditching the whole talent system. They dont have the money or resources to do anything meaningful at this point so its kinda a moot point to have a civ since they wont/cant make this game a success with anything planned on the to-do list.
  16. There is nothing stopping a solo solo player from starting a pocket org like everyone else for 500k-h. It can also be handled just like if you dont have anything qued if there is a research exp as their is personal growth exp. Most of all any researched technologies should be massive and require much larger cores or zoning to place down such as industry units that are XL and higher should require massive machines to make or ground based defense units like surface to air batteries, nuke silos etc. But also for things like giant reactors for a zoned power plant, solar arrays, Communications satilite dishes, and pretty much modular things you can build around with voxels. But it should be more like a landlord type thing where it does not matter if someone is in your org they can still live in residential areas or industrial areas where they get taxed for living there but get better taxes if they are part of your org but are still offered the same protections for living on your land. If the org is targeted they should be expected to help especially if they are invested in the providence/sector/region. There needs to be some kind of governmental structure of voting or building/planning for things like setting height limits for air travel or whatever is needed.for the area or getting permits for stations/elevators etc.
  17. @op I have been also suggesting that Orgs should have their own tech tree that add both higher technology/upgrades but also that it should also unlock new features or functions to the table that makes orgs more than just an industry but that they can provide civil functionality such as city halls, police force, ship yards, player markets, military bases, powerplants, etc that require zoning but serve real pusposes that are lacking in the game for territory wars. But also that Orgs should have their own versions of TUs that range from a 7 cluster tile to regions/sectors that are much larger than 7 tiles but cost a lot more. I also think that the Org tree should act kind of like a group Age of Empires kind of research tree that each player in the org should have a sepperate Exp Pool and Exp per min to help their org research but also that if you leave the org that exp goes with you wether you start your own Org or go to another larger one. This game has a serious lack of needing an org as everyone can do the same thing. I wish that there were no pvp protections at all and it required massive org factions to watch each others backs because your property can be stolen, hacked, or damaged/destroyed at any time to facilitate the need to work with huge orgs to gain ally protections where your orgmates cant attack you or that anywhere anytime outside of the alioth homeworld is full danger besides your orgmates. I think also if they got rid of the tab target random bas and had actual aiming/leading of shots this game would be much better off. Until there isa need for civilization I can do everything a large org can do and I dont need them as they dont really need me either. I would rather play this game solo or in a small group the way this game is as there is no real point to anything DU/NQ has built or added to the game so far. Its a solo building game with crafting imo not the PvP game they set out to make. Until its unsafet outside alioth everywhere it will never materialize just look at the StarWars PvP event lol.
  18. Been asking for rotors or drone rotors/tail rotors myself for a while now. We need some kind of hover engine that goes from hoverpad height to 1+km. +1 from me.
  19. Lol thats pretty stupid and completely ass backwards way to put a band-aid on the problem. So because megaorgs are destroying the market and the bots are automatically buying their ore already for super cheap and then adding it back in when the market actually starts moving to anchor it in place when actual demand hits the solution is to kill the competition of the mega orgs so that it forces you to join one to further help destroy the market through more hyper saturation of items nobody really needed in the first place because they took out the one thing that actually made sense that got the market moving but in itself created hyper inflation due to destructive elements? It does not matter who has an industry if that is 1. 3, or a 1000 person org the scale is exactly the same in terms of what you can make and how much you can process and craft and the quota the machine demands along with the talents needed to do so. All these mega orgs with the KS, Alpha, and multi key backers who likely had a miner, pvp, and industrialist accounts are the ones to blame for this and got to take advvantage of that for quite a while. For instance our 3 man crew was putting in 12-18hr days pulling anywhere from a minimum of 2-4 boxes a day, 12-24+ a week with 36-72+ boxes collectively because our industry we built had that high of a quota. We were not trying to destroy the market or even sell anything tbh as much as we wanted to keep ourselves stockpiled like every other org in the game is doing hoarding everything they can. Most of it was just being put into company vehicles, structures, and so on. But apparently our 3 man crew with a quota of like 750kl a day is going to destroy the game somehow vs a 1000 man org with the capability to scan moons in 24hrs or a whole planet in a weekend with ease and dispatch potentially hundreds of miners to clean it out then flood the market with mass goods and things nobody needs at cut rate prices is not the real issue here... The problem isnt 1 guy who can keep up with an industry they built just because you might be entitled to their effort or market share to what they can reliably produce or work the market at rock bottom prices. The problem isnt a small group of people having fun and working hard exploring or mining vs huge mining orgs with completely broken system mechanics raping the resource pool as fast as they can to snuff out their competition. The problem isnt small crews just trying to experience the game and build something of their own vs an army of people creating marketing analytics scripts for them and their cronies to fill holes in the market vs a small pocket industry of people who cant see the trends before the larger orgs drop massive quantities of goods to force people who dont have that capability to lose money they dont really have in the first place. I can keep going but nobody really needs anything as is and even if they did its as cheap as the market bots allow it to be with nothing to take items out of the game beyond the limited number of cores a person or pocket org can put down. The enemy isnt the bogeyman goliath titan of industry lone wolf guy out there destroying this game in every aspect, its the megaorgs who have exploited this game on all cylanders without limits, without reason to fight, and who dont need the massive hoards it things they create since they already won the game and have no reason to fight in this solar system even when TWs come into the game they already got everything during EZmode. They are stockpiling for what comes next to kill off their competition in T2 solar systems since there is likely only 1 jump gate in and 1 jump gate out. If this fake monster rambo solo industrialist supervillian can only do so much damage vs 1000 other people doing the exact same thing regardless of scale in a shallow progression game. Nothing here is special at all its all basic shit tbh with no reason to really do anything in a game with like minimalistic combat, mining, and crafting.
  20. Non tab targeted combat is a good start that isnt circa 1999 game mechanics.
  21. "Its not personal, Its just business." There needs to be a sepperation of church and state as it were. They arent your friends as much as you think they should be or want them to be if you get up close and personal with them in your org. I have seen in at least a half dozen games where gms or devs have summoned items, mats, and stacked the deck as it were. In this game they didnt even roll back the markets with the schematic debacle what do you think happens if Naunet gets honeypotted into giving an org build mode, unlimited ships, and things they didnt otherwise earn? It happens more than you think. If you desperately need the attention of devs or CMs or GMs they should throw events. But seeing as they have no budget to do simple shit or develop anything in a timely manner im not against it but they have way bigger things to handle to keep the lights on into next year.
  22. I just wonder how he got those kid gloves on when he recorded that. I think my fav quote was: "I will say though dual universe has impressed me. It really has pulled off something amazing and if this is what we can expect from the next generation of massive multiplayer games I think that our future is probably going to have a lot of games like this that are almost science fiction it is amazing that this is even technically possible and I think dual universe is setting the bar for a whole new genre of games." /kneeslapper Been hearing that same thing from hucksters for years mostly the company spokesman but this guy does just as good of a job. bravo.
  23. Im not shy about my past. Its precisely what happens when devs, GMs, CMs, and anyone with an ounce of power is allowed to mingle with the masses and are allowed to get close enough to be friends or more with the GP. If they want to look into me go for it I played this game 100% legit, though some of those PvP scripts people are using are kinda suspect tho....
  24. You would be surprised how many gm's/guides/cm's whatever have been fired over the years for befriending and doing personal favors over the years. I used to have multiple pocket gms who would rez me or just teleport me to wherever I wanted or lock the other way hacking. Lol favoritism is real and there is a good reason to avoid it at all costs. You wouldnt also believe how many guilds have also had their own pocket gms doing their bidding for pvp or territory wars as well in other game. When devs takes sides everybody loses. But hey this game is going down in flames so enjoy it while it lasts I suppose. Solo is the real experience. If you have beta keys you got your own crafting core and dont really need people. Its a shallow game and as much as they try to force group play it changes nothing in the end really. If there was any sort of actual danger in this game. When the market is the only real aspect of danger in a game something has gone terribly wrong.
  25. Their current plan is dead in the water any way you slice it. Nothing short of a full re-design will save it in the condition and future content they plan to impliment. Some things are salvageable dont get me wrong but this is by far a failed concept. There is only so much time left to change course or they wont be able to keep the lights on at some point. PSS: Dont really care.
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