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A "Corporatist" System means that the Corporate Group is the basic unit of society and 'is' the State. The problem with this game, is there is no Fiat System. The supply of Quanta comes from Marketplace-NPC, and it's cap (total supply) is Centralized (regulated) by the game itself. So what does Financial Planning (Capitalism) and Physical Planning (Socialism) mean to Private individuals in this game?

The Public Government doesn't even regulate the currency! There is no Central Bank that prints and distributes money. Why would the Private Sector want to be governed by a Public entity and pay it's Tax if it doesn't need a Central Government, and instead, can govern itself corporately using it's Investors' funds, develop financial planning, and handle all the budget allocation for the interest of the Corporate State and it's Employees?

The Employees who earn their wages from the Corporate State do not need to pay any Tax. They receive their wages without a single Tax Deductions. There is no Tax System. Spend all those Wages all you want. There are no Public Assets here. We only have Corporate Assets (funded and owned by the corporate Shareholders. A "Share" is a unit of Stock or ownership of the Corporation and it's entire Assets) and Assets of Employees (funded and owned by the Employees. They can pool their money to acquire Assets and share it between themselves if they want). Land and space distribution as well is divided by these ownership of Assets (Employees can also purchase and own land and space).

Who should fund the Military budget for the Security of the State? Well, the Corporate State itself and it's business is an Investment. It is the responsibility of Investors and they should fund them (Investing in Security doesn't make you any money. It is not an Income-generating Asset. So how does Investors make money from that? You give them Stakes in the company for Investing in Security! You still need to fund necessities such as Security, it is vital to the operation of the company, therefore it is deserving of it's Stake!) How about the Employees who are benefiting from the Security which is a necessity for the protection of their Assets? It is one of their Employee Benefits provided by the Corporation! With benefits like these, it makes their Employment attractive, and so Employees are more willing to stay and keep working for the company.

Employees can also choose to Invest in the company using their earned wages and money. We have Portfolio Investment and we have Equity Investment (with or without Dividend). If they do choose to invest, they become Investors or Shareholders in the Company depending on what type of Investment. Investors (except Passive Investors) have to manage the risks of their Investments (it's their own money!). Their responsibilities in the company grow by choosing to become Investors. What happens when they mismanage? They lose their own money due to their own mismanagement! Nobody will manage the risks but the Investors themselves.  

Employees can also choose to be a Creditor to the company and also get paid Interest per time. Creditors are Stakeholders like Employees, they are not Investors. They don't have the responsibilities of an Investor.


ROI (Return on Investment) and Interest Rates are incentives for the Employees to Invest their money in the State (which is the company itself). They have the option to participate in the business by funding it's expansion (if they don't want greater responsibilities, they can just offer Loans or be a Passive Investor). It's a good incentive for Investment (you will be rewarded with more money if you Invest rather than spend in Consumption). 



Thoughts? Also, are there any existing Orgs with a system like this?

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1. The game is currently in Alpha 1

2. Alpha 1 means no actual economy in the game

3. A testing economy system will be implemented in Alpha 2 - Dual Evolution with the introduction of factories and markets 

4. An economy system which will then be enhanced Beta - Player Nations having more freedom with the RDMS system fully developed.

Lastly 5. Kinda of hard to categorize a basically non existing economy in Alpha 1 as a "Problem with this game" can it having a missing fiat system. 

Just my 2....5 cents! :P




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A Fiat System is printing currency and regulating it. There is no central planning because we don't have a Fiat System. Businesses and Consumers can just freely trade in the Free Market of the game. That market is decentralized. Tell me, do you still need a Central Government?


If you can't print money in this game, if the currency is Quanta which is standard for us all, you don't need a government. That's where I got the idea of Corporatist System for an Org. It's just Corporations doing business in the Free Market of the game. My problem with the Public Sector, is they control the Private Sector, when you look at the structure of this game, you don't really need them. People who think privately think about equity.


What I learned in business, is "think of your company separate from you". A company is an entity of it's own - you are not your company. As a Businessman and Investor, I think about myself as a Businessman and Investor in a company. Same thing with Employees. Executive Employees in real-life do receive Executive Compensations based on their performance on top of their Salary (you don't manage some people's company like that and just take the Salary). Stakes and responsibilities here must be distributed fairly. If you are contributing more, you deserve a bigger Stake.


A financial Stake in a company is Revenue Shares in a company. Employees are Contributors to the company, they are entitled to receive Revenue Shares of the company (they get paid Salaries and Compensations). Anything that is entitled to Revenue Shares of a company such as Creditors, Employees, Government (the Taxes), Shareholders (Dividend), etc. are all Stakeholders of a company. You don't need to own Shares in a company to receive Stakes. Shares are Stocks owned (Shareholders are entitled to Dividend of the profit if it is a Dividend Stock).

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5 hours ago, Eternal said:

, you don't need a government.

exactly. and we don't have any too because there is no central government.... So I don't quite get your point.


ppl can do whatever they want in terms of how they run their org: be it via shares, taxes or salary. The players who run an org decide that and how they want to distribute org-assets.


And yes, this talk comes way too early. Wait for alpha 2 with economy, then A3/beta for a proper RDMS system and see how it works out. just too early for economy when we don't rly know what it looks like

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@Eternalgo look at EVE. They have the same basic idea for the economy and orgs, and that game is doing well. I suspect that, though these are two seperate games, the economy’s will be basically the same in both

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