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  1. Your right it does make it harder, but couldn't you get someone else(or several people) to test the ship for you?
  2. Hello... Fellow HU-MAN. I, like most of you, have a skin covering and bones. I am most definitely not a gelatinous block from outer space or a cat. From Jackw2As A fellow HU-MAN.
  3. Instead of saying a day could we use hours. As in in game hours of time. Here's the thing. For one person it should take 10 in game hours to make a small engine. Maybe more so. For one person it should take an hour to make a door. But for a company dedicated to making small engines? They should be able to churn them out by the 100s in a few hours. Then you buy your engine from them to save time. Thats how this game should work. You shouldn't join a sandbox MMO game expecting to craft everything yourself. It should be grind if thats what you want to do to encourage an economy. Otherwise why would you buy goods in the first place?
  4. Jackw2As


    External. There are many more reasons companies pay taxes to governments beyond currency regulation including: Security Public Services Access to markets business with the government Governments might control access to rare resources If you need to pay a tax to access a large market you'll pay the tax. Security is expensive and difficult to maintain. Its simply not feasible for every company to support a large enough force to defend themselves. In fact I could see corporations forming a unified government to protect their assets from a threat that they can't deal with alone. I can very well see companies paying taxes to protect their assets. Governments have lots of money. They are rich. Working with them might require paying taxes to them. Governments can still provide public services like public transportation, space ports, access to markets, access to natural resources on their land.
  5. This is cool on a broad scale... But I'm not too sure about the policing limitations. I think people shouldn't be restricted by what defences they can put up to defend themselves by some arbitrary mechanic. Really the cost of making, maintaining, and powering them should be the limitation. Also the way I see a system like this is also includes a regulations type system for different organisations and governments: Organisational Authority(Controls the organisation polices) Local Authority controls Hex tiles or a space station(A city, Factory, whatever) Regional Authority control Region Tiles(which are a collection of Hex tiles) Global Authority controls the planet. They are then able to create polices on other organisations who use their area. For example The Global Authority should be able to set policies which affect everyone on the planet. When Creating a New Policy Leaders Give it a name & Description Choose how the policy is applied(Forced, Citizens vote, Senate votes on it, city majors approve it etc) They then pick what Policy they want to change from a list and can insert the values. Its done. What Kind of Policy changes should be available: Trading: minimum/maximum price; generic tax on trading; specific tax on good or organisation; blacklist an organisation or product from trading(including galactic markets) Production: ownership tax; tax production of a specific product; blacklist production of a specific product Ownership: Tax on land ownership; capital gains tax; Income Tax; Death Tax Governmental: Set regulations on voting etc. How to avoid taxes: Go to war with the taxer Or leave note: Taxes should be applied as a markup so companies don't have to set prices based on them. They set a base price and then taxes are automatically added on top to the price. Sorry for kind of high jacking the thread, but I think this falls under the thread tile "Municipalities and Governing System" as this is a "Governing System". If people feel like this should be its own thread I could do that.
  6. I don't think hex claims should be hidden when your on top of them. Perhaps you could hide it from people flying about, but I really don't think you should hide it from people on the ground. Otherwise people are just going to be annoyed when they can't make changes to the hex. And as always any feature needs a counter. If someone has a better scanner then you have stealth then they should be able to see you.
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