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WIP DUA Forum Signatures


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Finally got around to being able to show ya something decent.  Just a simple forum sig for MasteredRed, more to come for other DUA members (and myself).  I'm also working on helping out TSE and AI with their own forum sigs (different styles and stuff to suite their needs).

Sooo... yea.  Soon I should start to post some 3D stuff as well!



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On 9/21/2017 at 4:34 PM, ShinyMagnemite said:

*sweats nervously*  Yeaaaaa, ofc I do!  Jeewiz...haha.

oh ok :lol: so how's it coming along? I'm not rushing you or anything, I know you are busy with other stuff, I'm just wondering if you have been able to start working on it :)

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