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  1. If you are referring to my current employment in the IT support industry, yes. All tickets of Normal priority must be responded to within 12 hours, solution or not. High - 6 hours, Urgent - 4 hours. So yes, 7 days (now 13 days) without a response is utterly absurd. But, I have my answer now. If moderators wish to close this thread, please feel free.
  2. I'll give it another shot, thanks. Thanks for catching that, I had quit paying attention to the discord.
  3. I recognize that I am not the only individual with issues, nor do I think the world revolves around me. I do, however, believe some form of contact from the team should have occurred regarding my ticket, rather than letting it simmer in their queue. Everyone else has been pretty helpful, but here you come white-knighting for them refusing to acknowledge that slow response on support is an actual issue.
  4. Whilst I have previously opened a forum thread regarding the issue I was having and with little to no result, as well as hitting up the help/troubleshoot on discord with no result, I guess I shall indulge you.
  5. This is the most absurd answer I have ever seen, typically one who doesnt understand or work in the support industry at all. I am not even looking so much for a solution at this point, just a simple line of communication. Which has still failed to have been established.
  6. Would just like to update everyone, its been 11 days and still not a single response from the support team on my ticket. It is exceptionally absurd.
  7. 7 Days for an outstanding ticket is absurd and horrible support for the community, there is no reasonable excuse for this.
  8. I really wanted to avoid putting this up here, but alas here I am a week later with an unanswered support ticket and lack of any faith whatsoever in NQ's ability to actually solve anything. That's right, ladies and gentlemen! I have had a support ticket in for an issue that has prevented me from even launching the game and was looking for assistance from them, as it is only their product that is acting like this. Yet, like I said, here I stand a week a later without even a single communication from NQ acknowledging that they have even LOOKED at the ticket. I work as an IT support technician , and I can say most people in this industry would lose their jobs for not even bothering trying to reach out with a simple "We are looking into this" or "Thanks, we will start looking into this." Proof that I'm not just ranting: I have never ran into a support team who has blatantly refused any form of communication with the end user, and it's down right awful when it comes to company image. Do not try and tell me "well their ticketing system is busy" or "they don't have enough people to handle the tickets," It takes two seconds to type "We are looking into this issue."
  9. Developer intervention ruins markets and dynamic, player driven economies. Look at Eve for example, increasing taxes thus decreasing margins on trading. I hope the devs dont intervene. This is a sandbox, use your imagination and let the devs focus on developing and maintaining the game instead of implementing a sub-surface NPC enconomy.
  10. Whilst I appreciate your input, this has to do with the executable failing to actually execute. It does not even start the process, which is on the client end and typically an issue with the exe itself, not the server.
  11. WoW, Eve, FF14 none of them give back time spent waiting on queues. Where on earth did you get that idea? I have played mmos for 20 years and can not once say a single one gave me time back for waiting for any of the aforementioned. Only time I have been given any type of compensation is for extended outages (4+ hours) and that is only for outages. Not to mention MMO access plans or service based subscriptions do not guarantee 100% access on an on-demand basis if it is not defined in a ToS. Also, welcome to a beta! Here we find issues and determine server scaling to handle the influx of people willing to participate, and before you tell me to "read what a beta is" this is exactly what a beta is: Beta: Software is tested for bugs, crashes, errors, inconsistencies and any other problems (note the any can denote scalability issues such as this)
  12. I have tried multiple times and even submitted a ticket regarding it, haven't received a response yet. I know they are busy, but I put my money into this. Hope we can find a solution.
  13. Hey everyone! I just bought into the beta today, got the installer downloaded and ran it. I tried actually starting the launcher and it just doesnt do anything. No process is running at all. I've tried running as admin, uninstall and reinstall and even rebooting the PC. Anyone else experience this?
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