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  1. Yeah.. charge for time usage then see how much worse people scream about lag haha
  2. Actually average most commonly refers to mean, which is the total sample values divided by the sample size, which does not imply 50% are lower than the average You are thinking of the median (ther value at the center of a sample ordered by value) I meant I agree with the message of "dont underestimate the stupidity of the masses, never forget there are alot of very dumb people" You could argue the average is also often used as a broader term to define mean, median and mode as a group of concepts, but then you have not defined what you mean by average and the
  3. I agree.. add pvp Just dont forget we are all novena and there is a central authority controlling our land, money, and market centralization and safe zones too probably. So murder counts should disqualify you from entering the safe zone, accessing the public markets, using your quanta, and disqualify your land claims.. just like real life where the assets and bank accounts of a know serial killer are seized. There should be an exception for kills in org warfare.. so orgs should be allowed to declare war. But murderers who just get to hide in the
  4. Easier would be to slash costs to near nothing (starting with community support, text support, new asset designers and new feature programmers.. sound familiar?) keep it on bare minimum life support and milk the current subscribers and new trickle of new subs over long period to bleed out as much cash to recover whatever lost capital they can Remember, du is a recurring subscription.. and i worked in ecommerce when I was young.. a very significant portion of recurring subscription keep collecting for months and years even after the user stops logging and forgets about their account
  5. I know lua scripts execute client side So when I'm at market, and see script errors from other people scripts and tons of lag... Part of me cant help but wonder... Are people mining bitcoin on my pc with lua the way some websites do with my browser?
  6. I admittedly did use reductio ad absurdum to drive my point home But that was used in an emphasizing way to further drive home the well argued points. Also your reductionist examples are all things I have seen on labels and instructions or would not be surprised to see.. even the chainsaw one.. I will bet you can find instructions for chainsaws that include many warnings about not touching/handling the tooth covered chain unless it properly disabled. I'm not gonna argue with you George Carlin quote, I completely agree with that. And personally I
  7. Oh, I won't be wasting my time or money on this... that's not my point here I'm just saying you cant argue "it's not a scam because you could have discovered the truth through due dilligence and researching third party info" A scam is defined by the actions of the scammer.. false advertising can even negate fine print and toa. The scammee lacking due diligence or falling for an easily avoided scam doesnt in any way make it less of a scam. "Yeah you honor, I robbed the vic at gunpoint in that alley, but it's commonly available knowledge that this
  8. Pretty much all developed nations have laws against false advertising.. the degree to which these are enforced, the way they are interpreted and applied vary from region to region, court to court and judge to judge But generally speaking, in this type of case you would dealing with 2 main arguments The plaintiff would argue false advertising in the promotional materials The defendant would argue the delivered product adherent to the agreed terms and conditions The false advertising claim is NOT undone just by a simple TOA argument The
  9. To be fair, the du website, promotional videos and materials paint a picture of a game which it not only fails to deliver but in all honesty is likely not possible to ever deliver. The scenes of mass close quarters combat and crowded areas running lag free are complete misrepresentation and you cant blame someone for feeling scammed. Saying "you should have done your due diligence" doesnt make the email from that guy claiming to be a Nigerian prince not a scam. Du is still luring in subs based on complete misrepresentation of what the reality of du is.
  10. Watching this all I could think was "this feels familiar... how much you wanna bet the new venture capital investor taking control of DU would see this video as a how-to guide"
  11. Force them all to play the game 1 hour per day, on a fresh account to understand how how broken the economy is And make them use a vpn connected to a random geographical location each time so they can feel our lag pain
  12. Yeah, cause ability to have cool lua screen animations is what should be priority right? That's what everyone wants/needs most. I guess if they break the previous standard it does mean a lot of old screens stop working so in a way it might help a bit when tones of those screens at market now do nothing... assuming the broken code just stops loading and rendering. if your priority is lua screen lag, how abou a toggle for "only load my lua and NQ lua", and/or "my, my org, and NQ lua" All these lua features and screens are SUPER NEAT guys... but you know what
  13. Twice people added D but in my mind D is just C with different wording.. plus C includes a marketing push to "pump" before the "dumpl" lol
  14. Well the "response" was so superficial and lacking substance I think most of us are hardly put at ease, especially with the hilariously positive comments on a thread that we cannot comment on. So... do you think they will A) continue as always, no real change In attitude or actions B)finally get it together, admit game is far from ready, made some big mistakes, and in need of rollback/overhaul/alpha state C)release a bunch of unrealisrically positive statements, do marketing push, and just cash grab anyway possible before running it into the grav
  15. This is the fallacy of many of those labeled "ahead of his time genius" JC was not the first to have this particular flavor of mmo dream, it has been independently dreamed up by tons of people. He just tried to do it way before it was feasible while other experienced and knowledgeable developers knew it was a wild goose chase with that eras technology Now the tech is arriving and others are starting in on the dream too, but they are not burdened by a codebase that was trying to compensate for older crappy technology and network infrastructure. Du
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