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  1. NQ: "Oh no, you've got level 3 in most refining and smelting and almost was tier 3 at all industry but that's worth absolutely nothing because today, today we've lost our freakin' minds and opted to make you train that industry ALL OVER AGAIN and dump HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of credits into the market just to make the same stuff you could make and skilled up to make faster and more efficiently yesterday." Honestly. Yesterday I could happily build ship parts to build ships to build blueprints to give away for free. Yes, I run FELD. Today, I have to not only buy schematics for everything I need to build to build ships, but I also need to "train up" to the correct level of industry to actually build the schematic. And to refine ore. And to smelt the actual mats to make the parts. PICK ONE! Either train or schematics. I am being punished for wanting to design and build ships now. I'd not minded schematics as that didn't require me to work with the terrible training queue. (Move to TOP/Highest Possible button please!). Now I need to fish through the markets, spend what little UEC I have, and hope I can find what I need to continue making free and better (yep, no design is perfect) designs for FELD. But NQ did both. Which is pretty lame since TRAINING only slows down industrial player's OTHER training by about 3 months so they can train in the higher tiers of... industry. If NQ wanted to stop everyone training for 3 months then NQ should have just paused everyone's training queue for 3 months. AND WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT FOR THE MINERS? Really - they just OCD raw ores all day with ZERO cost and ZERO need for industry. They have ZERO training to do to know how to mine ores. They have ZERO things to buy to actually mine the ores. They just sit back and reap profits. That's been my biggest beef with this whole thing - miners have strip mined almost ever l of t3+ ore out using multi-boxing to run multiple scanning rigs and mining alts that the prez of NQ ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO DO. If I want to get T3+ ore via mining as a single boxer I am forced to scan areas in hopes I can find something that strip miners have missed or deemed "not worth their effort." Toss in that this just means multi-boxers just need to set their alts to train the new skills and wow, no way for any soloist to compete even as a niche industrialist. Well thank you, NQ. It all adds up to a major excuse not to play. I am debating just not playing. I liked to build stuff and give away the designs but now it's just work and doing what I hate most - WAITING for something that should be nothing to get done. The only gameplay I am thinking about doing now is scrapping everything, freighting it all to my plot on Sanct, and uninstalling. Industry is just to punitive now. I might revisit in a few months to see if NQ came to some form of reality.
  2. No, no salvage skill.. it makes players keep in mind how much damage they are doing vice how much it will cost to fix a victim's ship and definitely cuts down the speed of which a single player can decimate people not borg cubing and ya know, playing everything else in the game on one account. With the borg cube being the PvP "thing" I don't think the OP has the right focus of what's wrong with PvP which is min-maxing with no drawbacks. The current info I got from skimming the information on the borg cube is essentially it is a dual box set up with an L gunner seat with L guns and all of it's components squished into a cube of the most durable voxels in-game all running on an XS core. Toss in the "it's ok to multi-box" mentality so that the borg cubers can just alt account, camp the atmo zone border, and script radar pings while their main mines, etc while waiting for some poor slob to get scanned and PvP is really really broke. A higher priority would be revisiting how radar (why the two types of radar?) and radar sizes works (to reduce the core min-maxing boon), how PvP points work (tie the max points to the core), and revisit armor (maybe make the best armor too heavy to be useful in a cube and make the use of voxel armor more of an art than a jar of paint). Have a stupid armor scheme, win stupid prizes.
  3. Orgs, you can join 5 (heard in chat), cost 500k h to create (did so myself) and you can get a bunch of extra cores - just remember to change the owner when you put them down - as previously stated by others. I have 3 hexes dedicated to giving away free blue prints. It's pre-alpha and some of the ships need to be re-scrutinized for simplicity as a starter ship, but still.. best way to go if you plan on making a show room.
  4. Respawn timers would be great in PvP - it will keep ships from turning into cockroach repair farms.
  5. Scripters, is there a good lUA plugin for visual studio that you all are using with DU? I looked and there are about 20-30.
  6. Carebears with guns like easy targets. The same folks complaining about a safe zone would camp the Sanct #'s and snipe n00bs as they got in their free speeders. They don't want PvP - they want to grief. To further the point current PvP requires a little more than a head start on rare ore and the ability to fill a cube up. Toss in an extra account and you have it the way carebears with guns like it - a formula of "you can't hurt me, but I can take away 4 weeks of work from you in 2 minutes".
  7. Even though DU has far more tangible jobs there are folks who would use SC getting a second system as a rallying point to not play DU. Sure in DU we don't have missions, but we do have meaningful jobs. Jobs not being destroyed when the server crashes and wipes out our inventory and resets us to some nearby spawn point. Granted sometimes the DU server boot out does cause us sometimes catastrophic and expensive repairs to our ships and does cause us to respawn at a nearby spawn point, it's usually not a 100% loss like that "other" game. As DU grows, more SC disillusioned fan bois will focus on DU and adding another meaningful system before SC will be a big "come on down" as honestly, even SC's first system won't offer more than 1-2 planets and some base.
  8. What do you expect? Where as it requires ore, time, resources, a ship, and a static base to run a manufacturing line It only costs fuel and time to mine making mining a hugely imbalanced profession. Miners don't have to keep a static base, miners don't have any resources requires to mine (aside fuel), miners don't have any real effort to sell their goods. Mining needs to have some sort of material cost beyond fuel. Some sort of overhead costs.
  9. NQ isn't planning on any more wipes barring a huge game breaking exploit occurs that can't be backed out of any other way... That's pretty much in the forums somewhere and I'm too lazy to look it up for anyone.
  10. It depends on how much your org screwed up, if the people who took it were exploiting, and whether their actions violate the current TOS.
  11. It's bad enough that we can get lagged into a crash. It's bad enough that if I accidentally right click while in a landing that my keyboard inputs get ignored when that little interact menu pops up, but it's absolutely abusive to have to hold down a mouse button forever while I am stuck repairing the damage afterwards. At least with space braking I can put my phone on my ctrl key (toggle plz, thanks) but with repair I am stuck in a long period of holding down a mouse button, mindlessly, until the magic stick heals the ship. Really, make it like mining and have the middle mouse button lock the repair tool to "on".
  12. You can't do it while sitting in the ship. You need to be not in the ship to do the reconfig.
  13. NQ is holding a vote where one of the items is power management for factories.
  14. And I didn't realize how big the penalty is for being solo until yesterday. Not only can you only control XS from the single player seats (cockpit and hoverseat) but you are limited to 1000 points of "PvP". Each weapon has a "Capacity" which translates directly to "PvP Capactiy". Lasers XS for instance are worth 300 points each and a small radar is worth 500 points. So you can have either two xs lasers (600) points, or a small radar and one weapon. Dual boxers running a Command Seat (12500 points) and a Gunner Seat S (10000) up to a L seat which clocks in at over 1 million points. And yes, you can easily control a gunner with a second controller on a slave account while you pilot with your main account. Still, Pay to Win (P2W).
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