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  1. You missed solo player and casual... they will not be able to play this game.
  2. You understand that lot of people will never play the game if its like that? The majority of player are casual, have family, work and cant play so much. Lot of people want to do there own things, because they paid the game for that, and not play for other like i already said... lets just pray the game will be for casual and solo player too, because we are a lot! I will remember you when the game is on Beta (i have access to alpha actually, but i dont understand a lot it...) if you have discord, lets talk in private message to add me.
  3. Hello, sorry for my bad english, but there is no french forum, so... Actually we know there is lot of casual gamers, lot of people who like play alone, for lot of reason i think everyone know. I am one of them, because i like to do what i want, and i am bored to follow other people idea or plan, and when you are casual people dont care about what you want, and i can understand it, why someone who play 15h a day will follow someone who play 10h a week. So, how its will work? is it possible to make city? big ship alone? is there safe zone where we can play lik
  4. Hello, sorry for my bad english, but there is no french forum, so i will try it: How is the size for ship? is it possible to have a ship like a battleship? or only a fighter like we see on video? You speak about city on earth, stars base, but what about big big ship? Thanks you.
  5. Je pense que tu es maladroit, mais tu as tout de même raison. Pas parce que la société est Française, car le patriotisme passera toujours en dernier quant on cherche à gagner de l'argent, mais parce qu'il faut éviter de discriminer les personnes ne parlant pas bien l'Anglais. Aujourd'hui on a des jeux en plusieurs langues, forum inclus, et ils tourne très bien! Dire à une personne d'apprendre est immature et stupide, une personne de 40 ans (ma génération) ne va plus apprendre, on est sur un jeu, et on le paye, on attend un service derrière, personne ne va retourner à l'école pour un jeu!
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