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  1. Rebalance: need. Categories: nice idea. PvE Ships will be 100% Concrete, Brick, Marble, ... Also warp-shuttles... Make the Stats of the "building Mats" same as T1 light Mats and you got a better ballance and no stone and wood only ships. time will tell...
  2. I'm just sad. What is the point? We need something like DU-Creators but ingame. Not a limited space in an NQ building to visit. There are so many player build shops and showrooms. Make a hub to advert and link them! Not this crappi crap crap thing. One step forward, two steps backward. Classic NQ. Soon we will talk about NQing something for "good idea, bad execution".
  3. B4nd1t


    It's not much, and since there are no survival mechanics, it's unlikely to have much game mechanic impact.... BUT it would bring a lot of immersion into the game.
  4. I hope NQ hasn't forgotten about this. I still want to get my t-shirt and my pets^^
  5. I thought about it as "engines" + "thrusters / exhaust". So you can link up to 10 engines on 1 thruster and build ships without the engine walls we all love. That is my point 🙂
  6. Transfer engines to... mhmm... engines and let them be linkable to an exhaust. The exhaust get obstruction areas and all linked engines lose there obstruction areas.
  7. Some curved window elements would be nice. ...or semi transparend voxel XD ... ok, that isn't possible I think.
  8. B4nd1t

    Hybrid Engines

    Engines that work in space and atmosphere (like vertical booster). Use space fuel (or new fuel like space fuel). Same power as space engines. 1.3 times bigger.
  9. Thx. Just 1 Point: >>"Following internal research, we determined that currently per active player there are approximately 25 constructs in the game at the present time."<< That's because it is much easier to push the org core limit (atm) as the players core limit. Thats the point why most (active) player got less than 25 constructs - there are all in a own org with 1 shared character with feats for the org core cap. Rest: good trade. First a pure no-go and now a downgrade that dont feel like that
  10. So we are very active at Seraph Design Studio, but we are only a hand full of player. So now we need to go from door to door and beg for Org-Slots to keep our MU, Showroom, Displayships and Buildingsinfrastruktur. Sorry, but i dont will create and pay for 3 to 4 alt accounts, just to keep nice looking streets. Changes are needed - ok. This concept is again not as good as it maybe sounds, cause to very different play styles. Showrooms, spacestations will be reduced and a bare core with lots of screens with pictures of "may be ships". ?
  11. taxes for tiles are ok, but not as this level of costs. We earn quanta in the game to fund progress, not exclusively maintenance. The issue with the possible adjustments to the airbrakes is additionally a thorn in the side. It can take 80% of all spaceships out of the game in the short term. At this point, we definitely need more lead time to consider adjustments in the design.
  12. Nearly every white material is now some sort of silverisch sh*t. Now there is no possibility to build white ships besides building it with plastic, brick or concret. Aged alu is more white than white alu and matte white carbon fiber is a silver flickering mess. I m very disappointed. Cache reduction to 5-10GB...wtf guys? Problem: Full market places. NQ Solution: more Parking spaces?! Rly? Seriously to reduce the lag you build more structures? I m a german game designer and dudes, you got some serious problems in your problem vs solution conceptions..
  13. Schade zu hören aber irgendwo verständlich. Schau mal im Profil auf der Website ob du den Account dort komplett löschen kannst. Ich weiß nicht was dann mit deinen Ingame Besitztümern passiert. Könnten dann die nächsten AFK Leichen im Spiel werden. Erschreckende Tendenz gegen die nicht wirklich etwas unternommen wird.
  14. Mit dem Update 0.24 kamen die neuen Voxeltexturen. Mir wurde seitens des Support gesagt, dass Faadback zu diesem Thema am besten hier mal "Diskutiert" werden soll... Nun... Matte White Carbon Fiber war früher matt und weiß. Jetzt haben wir da eine silberne Masse die bei 2k Monitoren wunderschönes Flackern hervorruft und auch so bei geraden Flächen unsaubere Übergänge besitzt. Einzige Alternative wirklich weiße Raumschiffe zu bauen, liegt nun bei: "Plastik".... WOW... Ich bin begeistert. Also entweder neue Materialien die für den Raumschiffbau sinnhaft sind bitte in weiß oder die alte Textur zurück... aber die neuen Texturen sind teilweise einfach nur schlimm. Die "schönen" Waben von dem carbon pattern sind nun klein und verwaschen. Das einzige was wirklich deutlich besser geworden ist, sind die Ziegel die nun endlich die richtige Größe haben und Pattern Alu, da es dort deutlich schärfere und bessere Kontraste und Kanten gibt. Also bitte NQ: Schnappt euch die Carbon Fiber Texturen und passt sie an, oder gebt uns adäquaten Ersatz!
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