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  1. Ayyyyy, I was wondering if you were interested in doing another breakdown of organizations by members like you did in this previous thread. 😄



  2. I feel that security will be the biggest issue in game. with many small security forces contracted to protect a certain player or small org, they will have difficulties banding together to protect against a large professional military entity. We need to make the marketplace as un-enticing for orgs to attack and control, how do we do that? If there are no market fees or transaction fees, and that is hardcoded into the marketplace the incentive drops considerably. The best strategic move is to not take any fees or taxes which will attract a disproportionally large amount of players. The large amount of players will create a network effect, at this point you can make money off of all the players by providing optional goods and services. (rent, special quests for Myriad members, etc.). You it will be too inconvenient for players to go elsewhere. Whoever saves the player the most time and hassle will win big. ((think amazon or Uber) both of which have only very recently became profitable companies.)) Don't eat apple seeds in winter, plant an orchard and enjoy the fruits of your labour forever.
  3. It will turn into a game of attrition for the attackers, which will be deadly if you focus on short term profits. If it is a longterm game you are playing blockading will be more costly than the rewards gained from blockading a city. Blockading will be a bad business decision.
  4. Even if you cannot profit from it you can sell fuel much cheaper and make your profit on another, non contested item. In general, people will adapt or die.
  5. As long as the two constructs are not touching each other. One "floating" inside the other we could have complete customisation and rights management of the internal construct. Key point is that they are just two separate constructs, not just parts of the same one. Therefore one could assume each could have a different owner.
  6. You are right. A good plan is needed to survive in PVP zones (which we don't have at the moment), and we can pull this off with enough thought. As a new MMO player the thought is daunting. But of course it is a Risk/Reward game.
  7. Redesigned the Myriad Logo, Simple Yet Powerful!



  8. Say you have a large megastructure planetside or in space it will be useful to have this ability. People could rent and customise rented rooms as they please or build a certain part of your structure with no risk of them griefing your overall project. This way people have more autonomy and it's less risk and work for the megastructure owner if these people just have permission to edit a specific core rather than the main core. Somewhat Similar Post -
  9. something I never considered, alts A.K.A Swiss bank accounts for your assets. I am learning so many things, this being my first MMO
  10. What a great initiative I've checked out your website too! You say you have helped people already in alpha? I wouldn't want to be an active member but maybe you can build an outpost near us and you can help our guys who get lost, for a cost of course!
  11. The discord is https://discordapp.com/channels/584431482651541518/585506494171316225 if you want to join, we are slowly gaining members To be clear, not our city, we are simply a marketplace, the city will grow organically around us, so joining early you will get a spot close to the centre
  12. You're in the top 13% of organisations, congrats! I'd say a good portion are dead and long forgotten, a lot are going back to 2016-17 I currently have Three members in mine. Which Org is yours?
  13. I think it would be a good way to start out though just in case. When you calculate in the cost of private security it would be very costly and risky (only for first settlement, from second settlement onwards). You can take risks in non protected zones while having a protected trade hub to fall back on should things turn sour.
  14. A quick breakdown of how many members DU organisations have. The vertical purple sliver represents organisations with 100 members and above, of which, there are 15. I can post the exact numbers if anyone is interested. Where does your Organisation stand?
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