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  1. would be an useless project since a construct can't be seen from very far distance which are like only 1 or 2 km and the ammounth of cores needed would be ridiculous. But what would be cool would be lore based on player civilizations example player organizations.
  2. and trust me that game would benefit from that because it's lacking in other aspects and customization of character attracts alot of people when it comes to huge liberties in customization with player meshes.
  3. It would be a tool that let you draw a line around the area you want to fill water with.
  4. Actually org with players that already played will know exactly what industry to make.. They'll be the first to go back to space they'll prob build a small spaceship to get their sanctuary moon before others haha and you stressed me out lol I really want the best spot for my city atleast some people have STus right on release! I also expect NQ to open the release earlier for Bakers only like 48 hours before or 96 hours before..
  5. you mean org that copies others? by Poacher org?? And now I understand you more!
  6. if it can run 30k players in the same area without any lag it is feasible.
  7. absolutely wrong that's why MMos are boring after a few months.
  8. Actually that would be a bad idea.. My opinion is that the core itself is too big in size it should be smaller not the construct size the item size.
  9. I hope you understand people will target it.. Prepare a big line of defense or a defense ring
  10. Tranquility has to be a ship.. it must .. if not it will be static.
  11. We can sell blueprints so don't worry there will be a real estate and architecture economy running haha.
  12. I think that being able to upload hair is the best you can have since it lets you build whatever character you'd like.
  13. example you are on a planet in the X solar system and you have a space background image different than someone in the Y solar system.
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