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  1. I wonder if they could make it that things will only load if we see them? Like if there is a tunnel behind we won't load it until it's in front of us.. it would look bad to see it load but could increase performance I guess..
  2. I agree they would just need to find a solution for curves because cities are not all made in square shape.
  3. I think it's a bad idea it would be too hard to manage and it could have bad consequences. Altought eyesores policy could exist example if a territory is unused or left for months inactive or inhabited then the player would receive a notification and have 3 months to change that if the player doesn't the core and construct will vanish. But what if an hacker exploit that they could destroy anything or a bug happens .. I think it would make the game too heavy and could scrap everything sometimes player can't be active because their pc broke I think it should only be applied to bad looking things that are left inactive with inactive owner.
  4. Yeah colouring terrain in black with white or yellow could do the job.
  5. Just like on minecraft we could select extremities or draw the outlines of where they can build and outside of that they can't edit so example you touch the walls voxels all around the room whatever the room shape is it will block them from editing beyond that line and under it we could have different colours like red for floor outlines then green for second floors so example they have two floors apartment they can't destroy the ceiling of the first floor then a gray line for the second story floor then a blue line for the second floor ceiling outlines limits. Or a simpler way you select surface that can't be destroyed .
  6. A city without road is ugly plus people actually walks on them.
  7. These shields would cover 1 km in height in the sky or whatever the territory unit covers in height in the sky and it would allow big cities on sanctuary moon to have landscaping and trees and such and to be able to hold artificial lake on moons. Maybe even control who can enter insids of the dome or protection shield like in some sci fi movies.
  8. The idea would be to simplify city creation by making it easier to build streets without having to place hundreds of cores.
  9. All territories are pvp when they are over 1 km in height.
  10. I know it is possible but a territory unit would not protect it completely since a unit cover 1000 meters in height only it would be appreciated if the limit would be raised to 2 kilometers or find a way to make it possible without worrying about pvp example on a sanctuary moon ..
  11. discordauth:5AjE5LvkGc2Xu2N4R6Y_cwisjJvBUX99kLaWyMuV_5I=

  12. You buy them and then don't have to worry about spending more money on them or you have to keep investing in them? if that is the case that sucks lmao.
  13. A vertical capital ship would it be possible without having to put wings on it? just like this one for example : But not as big but of great size like a skyscraper.
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