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  1. Elements that can't be repaired after 3 times or whatever... what is? Super Mario Bors? E have lives? What the hel use a different system to evaluate an Element status. Bring instead maintenance land deterioration evel while using something.
  2. A test server is needed but no to take bp from there and import in the normal server. That is needed only to learn how to build and what we have to build. The building should be done in the normal server
  3. Saying "Motherboards" was just an example to say an upgrade need to be done software or hardware doesn't matter, the concept is the same. It is an upgrade to increase the level and not only to produce 1 single element.
  4. Industries should be bought or produced at a basic stage to produce T1 providing talents for T1 elements are achieved. "Motherboards" should be bought (not single schematics for each element) to upgrade to T2, T3, T4. Those should cost some. Once the industry is upgraded can produce elements still providing talents are achieved.
  5. Probably you didn't read the full story, they said they will refund if you bought schematics
  6. Are you serious? Your compliments are for something that are just conjectures on how it will be. May be I missed it but I didn't see that mining will be easier and if easier in which way? You are just assuming it will be almost like free ores all around easy and fast to get. I don't think is going to be like this. About your other requests... don't hope much in a more real environment. Just an example if they introduce life may be you see something moving around that other players can't see, the server is limited and those things would be probably only on player side. Not really realistic.
  7. I can't understand seriously. I was not going to bother to wait for the production time if I needed few elements to build a ship or upgrading my factory, I was going to the market to buy them... it wasn't this that NQ wanted? I was already doing it. Instead to buy a schematic then just allow us to choose may be once every month what schematic an industry can run according our talents. Makes schematic be part of the talents and not something to buy. If I've an industry and I've the talent I should be able to run that industry in the way I want. Buying an industry can already be expensive or upgrading it to an higher level buying "motherboards" that will allow you to produce, still according your talents, all the schematics for that level. Also you introduced something when the game it is not yet good at all in managing the industries, for example the talents that suppose to give more productivity to an element when "put down" how the hel we should know which are the industries affected and which are not when we have some of them? There is nothing that shows us the industries level.
  8. What NQ did to achieve their wishes it is just temporary, once people set down again market will be exactly like they were, it is just a matter of time. This will never be like a real market experience where prices are governed by politics, lobbies, enterprises. There are no countries, no borders, no customs. No import export. When even a single player will slowly have what he/she needs nothing prevent to go back to the previous stage. Actually this game if it was not for Lua it's pretty boring and repetitive. Hopefully they will introduce more stuff, giving players discomfort and troubles to produce anything and vanished all someone did until now it's just bad. It's not with market that people will keep playing. Give real exploration, real tools to scan the universe don't let us see planets that we have not discovered yet or whatever is in the universe give us tools to use and interpret to find places that hide good rewards and worth to be discovered, all these things will anyway move the economy naturally, if there is no reason to explore there is no reason to produce anything. I'm not going to play a game where I've to join at all cost some organisation that it is just using me as a stupid miner and few are leading everything else, there is no fun in that. We play games to escape the real world now you want to try to take the real world (in terms of single player possibility) in to the game. Challenges and what keep people playing are others, not tedious and boring grinding to get money to make an industry to work again.
  9. These things will not help my small warp cells factory to work again, it costs too much. These changes could come but slower giving the way to people to keep their stuff working. You cut out many players from trading and you gave too much power to few that will decide how the market will go. Above all for players like me concentrated in Lua not making a single quanta from it because you didn't include any script protection since the beginning.
  10. Hello, I think it would be useful if the Server Status is also reported in the launch menu. For example instead to receive the error code trying to log in and check what is about we can actually see that the server is not running.
  11. Aviator1280

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    Would be useful if the server time availability are also reported there.
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