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  1. I feel like it is long time already that NQ knows things that they don't want us to know. Probably they perfectly know the path of this game like probably they know since long time if there will be a wipe or not but seriously... who would play a game spending money and time if they know there will be a wipe? Of course they are not going to tell us and they would keep it in the clouds. Same story is with the server problems, is now long time they are trying everything to reduce the server cost telling us is for the game play, I was much happier when I could explore any planet and just dig and find something, now no, we are obliged to go always on the same spots where we placed the boring autominers for which we have to pay taxes for the owned territory. This wasn't for a better gameplay but to reduce the server load. Everybody want a server that runs well but can't everything focused to reduce the cost of it, it is not funny anymore. By the way we are paying for everything, paying to extract the ores, paying to refine them unless Tier 1, paying for the schematics to produce most of the items and getting crazy to understand how many schematics we need to produce something for ourself or to sell. Schematics that also take time to be produced so to delay the final production and discourage players to make industries. I repeat also that since the game play is completelly changed now I want to use my talents point for something else. After I see the dictat from NQ imposing the new systems I don't have much to say and I can't believe in anything anymore. What the community is for if it is not used to understand if a new idea is what the players want before to introduce it?
  2. I really don't wish to talk about schematics because for me are simply wrong anyway they are in the system so what I care is to redistribute my talents because I don't need anymore for the industries that will not really run anymore so are useless and wasted my time. You made a change that for many it means rethink completely how to play and what to do in DU, a talent reset for me is a must even if really boring.
  3. I want to redistribute my talent points after this change because I don't need anymore them to produce anything since I'm not going to do so. This modification killed the game.
  4. But only for me after the new schematics most of the talent points invested became useless since with this system I will practically not produce anything anymore?
  5. Hello, honestly the game for me received a big hit with the introduction of schematics. At that time we had to rethink or adapt our industries to the new system. This took not only the refunded credits but also a lot of time, for sure this time was not enjoyable for players paying a subscription that had to pay for it with real money. Anyway we adapted and we also had to redistribute our talents. Ok, first time not a big deal. We had to redistribute our talents again following the last reset... Ok, bothering but we did based on the game play that we knew at that time. Now you drastically changed the schematics. This had a huge impact. For me, for example, it I will not be really possible anymore to run the industry I have and with whom I was earning some credit. The new schematics are way too complex and too time demanding, need to follow any single industry, calculate how many you need based on the batch and you need to see (able to do so only when no schematics are loaded in the industry) how many schematics you need to produce a batch of what you are producing... all this checking if you may be still earning something and waiting long time for any schematic to be produced. For me this is really NO GO. The huge problem now is that I managed the talents based on what I was doing and producing, following your new idea you completelly messed up the talent distribution because now I don't need anymore the points where they are because I'm not going to produce practically anything and I find this really unfair. Such changing in the gameplay unfortunatelly needs another reset for the talents but honestly I don't like at all how the schematinc now work so at the end do whatever you want. The good thing is that I actually don't play the game but I just keep updating and improoving my flight system for other players to use. Good luck in the future, I think you need because the direction this game took it is not good.
  6. The schematics will be refunded at the current market value... if I check I can't even find in the market the schematics so what is the current price for them? To make the warp factory industry work again I spent a huge amount of quantas and a lot of time, How all this will be refunded? It is not that clear, the answer in the video was very fast and not detailed.
  7. Not useful suggestion, all these are pretty known. Still if for some time you can't play and make the boring and repetitive tasks you only see your amount of quantas going down. Like this the game is dead
  8. Too often is coming out the wiping argument. Judging on what NQ is doing to the game maybe is everything in the purpose to tell us they will need to wipe. I want to say that if a wipe will happen I will stop playing DU. But now... I'm relocating with only some normal internet connection (that is usually good for anything else except for DU) so how it is suppose for me to keep my Territories and not lose stuff? Before Demeter this was not going to be a problem now it is... it may happen to any player not having the possibility to play DU for a while so what? Do we lose everything because we can't pay taxes or because the taxes will take all our resources while out of the game?
  9. Mining on asteroids to me has a weird mechanic. 1) Asteroids spawns all together in weekend while they should be random and also disregarding the safe zone. Anyway who doesn't want to go out of the safe zone like me will not go, no matter what NQ does to push players there. 2) If someone approaches an asteroid this shouldn't be revealed (what is this? Why should be like this? Do you want to give us as food for the pvp players? It is not enough that they already camps areas between WPs?) Missions also have their problems. You can't warp so you should spend long time flying in space doing nothing and running the risk to be attacked. Is this the challenge? No this is just another attempt to push people in pvp. Mining Units... I don't have much to add here, it's already full of players that don't like the actual taxation system and how the Mining Units work. Be obliged to log in to do such a boring and repetitive actions will push players away, I can't understand why you didn't figure it out by yourself before to change the game in this way. Also what happens to player that may be for a while can't log in? Did you think about this? And don't tell me people have HQ because they are not enough to cover the amount of territories a player may have. I don't have many but still 3 more than what HQ can cover and are essential to produce enough ores. Sometime I've like the feeling that NQ wants to mess up everything on purpose to have an excuse to wipe everything. From my side O can tell if there will be a wipe one day it will be also the last day I play this game unless I already stopped because of these problems. Now is some time players complain, I wonder why NQ so far didn't say a word. Changing something it may be normal but if you see it doesn't work you should act fast.
  10. Seriously I don't have time to play the game in the way I was used to and in the way I want to play. I don't have time... Every time I log in I have to spend about 1 hour for the Mining Unit or time anyway related to pay taxes or have enough quanta to buy material I need or to mine them. Before time to time I was going to mine a bit and I was taking the opportunity to test some stuff for my flight system. Now I'm bored, need to calibrate the Mining Units and need to spend hours looking for a decent spot to get the ores I need. The market is just a mess, if bots were not existing we are all done. How can people sell something like Hematite that nobody needs since is everywhere? Only because of bots we can seel it. The last update is killing the game and I believe you, NQ, start to realize it but just wanted to go in this direction to save serever costs which still doesn't work well anyway. The damages are done, not much you can do to recover from this path except trying to minimize them. No progressive taxes has been implemented yet, no asteroids spawning randomly in any area and at any time, bugs that are giving players problems to get rocks fromthe ground still there etc etc... You NQ pretend that we play a beta and pretend that having bugs is normal and it is yes but you also pretend we follow the way you want we play and bugs and difficulties are not making this game a pleasure to play anymore. There is no support anymore in game because you are so busy with a huge amounts of tickets where people wait for a week an answer and this answer doesn't even solve the problem but started to be an automatic reply. So what is this? And you increased the price? You increased the price to give us this? A more expencive service with lower quality. I think I don't need to say anything else.
  11. Grabbing rocks is optional? Do you realised that 4200 L of ores the MU at the max rate I've it would take 30 hours to collect? And you say that is optional? Well yes if you don't care yes it is... that's why you only take 15 minutes (which is still a decent amount of time anyway)... also skipping the calibration is a possibility and you get the basic... so yes I repeat what game are you playing?
  12. Not sure which game you are playing... calibrating is easy yes but not fast at all, if I calibrate my units i waste at least half an hour, grabbing the rocks is so slow, not mentioning that is even longer when you start to use surrogate to do so.
  13. End oh... this rick harvesting is so slow... about 12 seconds of holding mouse button to grab 400 L of iron... so when you have to grab 4200 L or Iron it means you spend not less than 2 minutes doing something so boring and this is just for 1 MU, if you have let's say 4 on a territory you already spent more than 8 minutes doing nothing plus what is around them, going back and forward making the calibration bla bla bla... shit already 20 minutes playing and I didn't do anything I want... damn I need to go...
  14. Mining Units... yes, probably people were tired to mine but damn now the Mining Unit is even more boring. The calibration stuff it is just boring and tedious. It takes away lot of time that I would spend in a different way (at the moment even bugged and can't get the rocks that I should). Practically now I'm obliged to play how NQ wants me to play every single time I log in and not time to time like i was doing before to have some quantas to buy stuff when needed. Taxes were supposed to be an obstacle for those have too many Territories... not really a thing with the taxation system they made. Yes the single player is limited while the org less limited since can have now people calibrating the MU instead to send them to mine... well it will be even more boring for them anyway at least before they were organizing mining expeditions now only asteroids left that still spawn ONLY in weekend. The server is doing worst than ever, the only thing that improved performances is because now I can limit the construct to maximum 30 and many times not even enough (improving performances removing things it is not really a thing). The RAM always gets full and need to relaunch the game. I also wonder if actually this new system for the terrain voxels is increasing our CPU load since the shape is more complex than a simple cube, not sure about this but having still lot of problems with the loading of terrain and having more "pending operations" than before. Can't even use the smooth tool on Alioth while I can on Ion. Market is just a mess now. Prices are out of controls and if we can sell something like Iron is just because of bots. Other materials are difficult to find and need a too big investment. Before Demeter i was having about 90 mil now to align to the new style I went down to about 20 mil and I don't see the possibility to get back. This game now is a disaster, it's enough not to play for few days that your MU stops you don't get ores, you can't repay taxes and you can only play the card of HQ to don't lose them. Obviously they did all this to make people play the game and constantly pay the sub. To me this is now a system that will just make players stop to play. What this game is giving to player? I'm not sure anymore, someone playing because like to build but now can't spend the desired time doing it, someone playing because can be interesting to create systems in LUA but again distracted by the new game dynamics. I don't know actually other reasons why other people play DU and heard many players wants to stop so... Unfortunately I don't think after this big mistake it will be easy to recover.
  15. This is what I saw so far using MU. 1) The minigame is used only to get the bunch of stone to harvest and not to increase what you can get from the MU. 2) After a calibration (from the second one) the mining unit goes always to 100% and it will get the amount from the Base Rate multiplied by the efficiency. The result is then multiplied for the Adjacency if any. 3) Optimal is how much our mining unit is working respect to the maximum it can get and it is based on the Base rate. I still need to see some dynamics but more or less that's it. Kind of repetitive and boring and taking away the time I wanted to play DU. Also to make people sell the ores to pay the taxes they need NPC. With the small amount of ores we get it is hard to sell something to someone else. The market NPC practically set the maximum amount some ore can be sold since no one would sell it at higher price... which means NQ decides how the market goes. To save the server costs they are really giving this game hard time and players may go away. The story about performances I can't say it is true because to play better I can now set max construct to 30... but this is not due to the terrain reset....... it is something thay could do even earlier.
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