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  1. First time I didn't realized how powerfull was lua script, then novaquark put this video on YT explaining that the tutorial of DU was made with lua script. I was like "WHAAAAAAAT !?". Lua script is an incredible and fun tool for the player. But isn't it too powerfull ? With this tool you can rewrite almost the codes of DU. And if lua script wasn't flawless ? If someone could "hack" it to disturb the server for example ...
  2. Yeah I know but I was just asking for your opinion in fac ! But thank you anyway for your answer !
  3. Will we be allowed to place forcefields on ships ?
  4. Hello, I wanted to talk about politic systems in DualUniverse 'cause it will be, I think, the most important thing (with economy of course) in DualUniverse. More precisely, I wanted to give some ideas about the ways the politic systems could work, like democracy or tyranny. -I begin with the concept of a "Room of debates". To explain, it's a room where the leaders of the organisations, or politicians, ministers, army comenders could debate about political decisions, maneuvers, management. I see that like a semicircle where all of the players could talk freely but with orde
  5. see g-mod ? think about it ...
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