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  1. Sorry guys, did not realize this was an existing discussion. I guess you are right. I did not think about this aspect.
  2. The problem is literally built into the lore. From the official lore bible https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/11/16/official-lore-bible/ "One of the key functions of the ship once arrived, is to deploy a 20km radius safe zone area where colonist would be free from any form of aggression from the outside, or… from themselves. It was indeed decided that the potentially violent nature of mankind under stressful situations should be mitigated with appropriate supervision. Within the safe zone, Aphelia is in charge of maintaining order, and providing support and information to colonists."
  3. I feel that some people that don't plan to play often will be turned away by the monthly payment system. It obviously wouldn't seem worth it if you could only play for three hours a month but still had to pay €10-15 a month. That's €3-5 per hour, and that might not work out for some. A solution to this could be the option to buy hours rather than months, because it would allow the player to spend their time more spread out. It would have to be a lower value than the monthly payment for most, but for people that don't get to spend a lot of time in DU, it would probably be a better option.
  4. However long it takes to get into space, that shouldn't give us instant access to the entire universe. From there, we should need to spend periods of time between milestones like getting to the moon and beyond.
  5. You had to get me curious about those comments, didn't you! I read them. Now I'm going to go and cry in the corner.
  6. According to other answers you either have to be selected or have a gold status. If you have a gold status then it doesn't matter if you get selected or not, you will get access to alpha. So don't worry, you will be there from day 1.
  7. I hear that people are hoping for automated turrets. So will they have to be scripted? Because I think that would be a pretty good way for scripters to make some money. So... Sensors would be needed, like infrared cameras, that could tell the turret to shoot at the hot spots. This would also make it possible to trick them into shooting maybe a hot object nearby rather than the people, like a decoy, which would be much more realistic.
  8. For all the people who disagree with copying things: they are ideas and inspiration. You don't have to copy them. I am not a fan of copying either. They are just to give you ideas of what we could make, to boost our imagination. At least mine, anyway.
  9. Bubble ship from Oblivion X-Wing from Star Wars (obviously) Tie Fighter from Star Wars The Interstellar Ship from (of course) Interstellar (I don't know what it's called) Feel free to add your own suggestions.
  10. I am guessing that it is coming out on the day that it is released.
  11. 5. What he meant as a dick was an actual structure that is shaped like one
  12. Plus, it would be cool to have all the little ships flying next to the big ship at the same speed after they jump through a stargate or something.
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