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  1. brucethemoose

    Benchmark App

    Dual Universe should have a public benchmark that's separate from the main game, and not under NDA. Why? It would benefit NovaQuark! It would give the gaming press a demo to run themselves, to show off DU's amazing engine in a safe, controlled, media friendly way. It would give potential backers a way to assess DU's performance on their computers, without buying a pack first. Not only does this encourage backing, but it reduces NQ Support's workload and reduce player backlash. It would give NovaQuark a constant stream of objective, repeatable performance data throughout development. It could potentially show the game to a whole new audience, as I know hardware review sites/streamers would love to get their hands on a demanding game benchmark for GPU/CPU reviews.
  2. brucethemoose

    Custom Music Support

    Yeah I saw that too. Custom sounds from speakers would definitely be impractical, as such a system is just asking for abuse. But I'm strictly talking about client-side sound. Just the ability to change the background ambient music, which isn't shared between players. There's no potential for abuse there.
  3. brucethemoose

    Custom Music Support

    I'm not sure if this is already implemented, but will DU support custom music? I want to mix DU's official OST with some other soundtracks I own. So I'm basically asking for one of two things: An uncompressed/unencypted OST in the game files. That way I can just turn the in-game music slider down, and use those files with an external music player. In-game support for custom music. So basically, I would drop new (properly encoded) music into a folder, and the game would recognize and play it like the official OST. A custom player like this would be even better: But let's not get ahead of ourselves! I'd be happy with any custom music support during the Alpha or Beta, even if it's barebones and finicky,
  4. brucethemoose


    Hey, I'm brucethemoose! I'll be around here more for the alpha very soon.