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  1. No way, your here too?

    Another one i know from Interstellar Rift and other Spacegames ^^


    Nice to see you here o/

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    2. ReplicCheegon


      Awesome, which one do you have? if you have the biggest one then we can play pre-alpha together?

    3. BiGEdge


      Okay lets play together, because "Patron" is the biggest one xD

      Contributor 60€, Sponsor 120€, Patron 180€

    4. ReplicCheegon


      All in huh? :P it's worth it though, but I'm still having trouble getting even from the ground the right way xD

      Also still waiting for my clan to pick up this game, but for now they find it to expensive and already used the money on Star Citizen (which I also heavily invested in)

  2. Oh it looks better now, awesome!, pretty good setup! Hmmm, well, for some it may, for some not... It was not the intention at least, I was just curious what other people had, there should be no right or wrong, we are a too good community for that, but I respect your point though Mine is actually out of date now, I added more to the desktop to make it more clean I mounted both monitors on the wood, to make more space and made a shelf at the center for the small things and side for the lights and other small things, the cables you see there are now gone actually, needed to make a bigger hole to remove those from the top and in the picture I forgot to store away the cables at the tv to the center Not sure if I should add more now, I think it's pretty good now...
  3. I also don't see a picture here Fun Fact, I thought this topic never got replies so that is why I didn't respond yet About people not feeling good about posting their rig, I don't get that, I've seen many do it and it should be fun! anyways, Happy holidays guys ^^
  4. Hey, that video is not available for me :/
  5. Looks amazing, nice job! It would be a very deep desk though, but I like those! The more space you have then ^^ your monitor will be far from you though, depending on what size you have. Will you be making another one?
  6. Yeah, I was a bit late with this, haha, is the org you are in, furry related as well? maybe an alliance could happen!?!
  7. You can buy them yes, but then you need to make resources first, with the ships I have, I cannot do that, since they are high lvl, I either need to sell them than or buy new ones and then mine a bit, before I can get omega, it takes to much time
  8. Will the map only be updated when a org has more than 1 or 2 players in them? since I don't see mine yet? how do you update this :O?
  9. Yeah, the free to play is wonderful, for beginners, I wanted to play just a bit today and saw most of my learned stuff is locked since I don't have a subscription anymore, but it still costs 20 euro's the month for one or 39 dollars for 3 months, bit expensive to only play for some time... even after 10 years
  10. Hey guys, it may or may not have been done yet (couldn't find it) but lets have some desktop shares.. I'll start off with my desktop and a bit of my friends one: The Battlestation With daylight The inside Alright, so, what's in it you say? - Corsair Crystal 460X RGB case - Intel i7 7700K 4.9ghz (overclocked) - Asus ROG strix z270h motherboard - 16 GB RAM (3200mhz) ( 2x 8GB ) from Corsair - Nvidea GTX 1080 Ti (11GB Vram) from Asus - NZXT RGB Watercooling - 27" Acer Predator 1440p 144hz (165hz overclocked) monitor - Logitech Z906 5.1 speakers - Razer Mamba Chroma Mice - Razer Ornate Chroma Keyboard - Razer FireFly Chroma Mousepad - Razer Kraken V2 Chroma headset - Saitek x56 Rhino HOTAS (for them ship steering) What I would've changed is the Ram sticks since they are not RGB (wanted to make a full RGB build, maybe next time) How does it run? it runs Battlefield 1 in 1440P with 140 fps everything ultra ^^ I have not seen how much FPS I had on the Pre-Alpha, will hopefully know later on. So... let the sharing begin!
  11. Oh <3 love it, gave me some idea's too to do next keep it up guys! Also, let those people on twitter be crybabies, they don't know!
  12. Yeey, good to hear from you guys, can't wait to see the download link ^^ To everyone going to join the pre-alpha, happy testing and good luck!
  13. I do have the Vive though, just because I felt that the controllers are better and even coming out with a second version of that, I'm not sure how oculus looks like though, but I do need to say, if they both do the same thing (and I thought the roomscale was not available for Oculus) than the 400 seems more appealing
  14. You can now also get the HTC Vive for less than 700 (200 less), but even then, the 400 sounds really nice, not sure what makes the difference though
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