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  1. Also NQ can directly control asteroid Fields because they re-spawn.
  2. I checked the last podcast no mention of it ;(
  3. A SSD is not required and would still run fine without one
  4. You are correct and I agree the main point that someone else made was that yes Large orgs can slam smaller orgs but automated deffences make it so in doing so they lose (if the smaller org took the time to do it) A substantial amount that it won't be Meta. Also the more time a Org has the less likely they can be (removed) from there home. And yes Large orgs will have the same Homeland advantages however other Larger Orgs will also be more likely to hit you because you have more to take
  5. Reminds me of eve's botting issues
  6. I am a little hesitant on automated methods of money making as that can be game breaking balance wise however overall I really like the main idea
  7. unown

    Solar Panel

    A energy system was referenced in the new road-map
  8. Gas giants would be interesting BRING BACK GAS HUFFING
  9. It has yet to be stated by NQ (or post a reference please) As I am curriuse if that's the case.
  10. From my point of view I believed they were referring to Bounty's player hauling missions ect not NPC variants of it. I also believe NPC's should be limited or shorted out from the game entirely (prime pump of the economy excluded) because this game was made for players interacting with players not players interacting with npc's. On the Flip side I could also see this being the prime quanta faucet that many in the community have been speculating about. However as it stands this will not be the case. But its possible I am wrong
  11. The roadmap Fast travel is mentioned under exploration in Beta Also https://youtu.be/efu_129hI9o Durring the kickstarter ask me anything event duel universe was mentioned to be infinite. Because of that this is what I envision currently I suggest that Asteroid fields should spawn outside solar systems in the dead space zones referenced above. This is because resources at some point will dry up in say Solar system A and because of that people will move to a new systym strip it and keep going this way it is possible to introduce new resources into the game and reintroduce destroyed resources into the game. I would also expect that this would be place after release. Thoughts? and Addition?
  12. This is specified as Static defense designed to protect things such as space station's and non movable objects like planet side bases and were not intended to be placed on ships because NQ has ruled against this already. However I disagree that small orgs are not able given the time and reasorce's to defend themselves against a larger threat. I believe they should be able to the defender should always have the atvatage and that only builds with time.Its also a deterrent for large orgs to roll small ones.
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