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  1. unown


    Time to TEST!
  2. unown


    Come look
  3. unown

    Who is Uelbee

    Hi Interesting skillset
  4. This makes me think of eve onlines rorqual miner PANIC mode Anyway Routing of power would be cool we see it in star wars all the time why not here?
  5. implants as a alternative to this?
  6. Perhaps a large farm of somekind for the food water I am not so sure about as its very reasorce rich and can be gathered from air if needed
  7. This seems like laziness if more then anything as depending on how it is implemented it requires people to prepare before they do things whitch NQ has stated that they wish to do whitch can be inferred that the game is a survival game.
  8. Lol There are many orgs out there chose carefully or not at all
  9. Thats a Alligence somthing anyone can do it nor do I see a problem with it
  10. Eve is also 16 years old so that would not be a very fair comparison I think what may be better for that would be either keep stars or a Palatine Keepstar (as this could represent the cost of making a good to impossible deffence system as a reference however I see what you mean Now on the topic of alt spam That may not be possible do to future rules (NQ Banning it) And If they do Alt spam they still need to pay for dacs whitch may not be as viable as it is with eve
  11. unown


    Thats good I was beginning to think otherwise
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